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"The Claw"--A Documentary on Baron Von Raschke

Evildoer #2

League Member
Mar 13, 2013
Fans of old school wrestling might be interested in this...it's a film about Baron Von Raschke, one of the top stars of the AWA back when the AWA mattered. It's a project put together by his son and filmmaker Phil Harder (who I knew as a punk rocker back in Eau Claire, Wisconsin...and he later went on to direct some very cool music videos and commercials.)

There is a clip on the site linked below that shows how cool looking this film is going to be. It is a Kickstarter campaign--and it looks to be fully funded, but they're still looking for more contributors to really do things right...but I'm not posting this to shill for their campaign.

I just think the movie looks like it's going to be cool.


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