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The Burden...


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Jan 1, 2000
[[Another remarkable Revolution had concluded... The fans had been pleased with the show, as they were now stop with the screaming, hollering, and just standing on their feet all night long. Most of the wrestlers had been pleased, as they went out and performed a top notch Revolution, up and down the card it had been great... Everything seemed to be rolling smoothly not a dent in the armor of what is known as Global X-treme Wrestling... Everything all around was, dare I say, ‘perfect’... Except for Dallas Winston’s world...]]

[[“The Messiah’s” world seemed to be crumbling... A man that had rolled with the punches so many times. Faced burden after burden and became stronger after each and every battle... But it seemed that all the weight of the world started to push on the broad shoulders of Winston at once, for the first time he didn’t look like himself... Sure he went out their Revolution and gave it his all, he battled Kin Hiroshi to the limit, but in the end it was Hiroshi who made Winston tap out... That heart Winston once possessed wouldn’t allow him to tap out, but now it failed him...]]

[[You could read his face as if it was a book after that match... There was no emotion no anything. It was just blank after a loss, as if he accepted the outcome, as if he was destined to lose. Winston, rolled out of the ring and walked out with his head hanging down, almost to the floor... It just didn’t seem like Winston... It didn’t seem like “The Messiah” that once was...]]


[[After everything that has happened in Superior Championship Wrestling... and what has happened so far in GXW... Now more than ever the fans needed something to cheer... With all of the villains running rampant in GXW... The fans need someone to root for, cheer, to love... The glory hound that was Winston would have took this ball, ran to the basket and scored several times... It was a set dinner, and the starved for attention Winston, usually ate...]]

[[The hunger was gone... The hungry eyes that vaunted out at every attempt to get ahead in this game, was dead... What had happened?]]

[[“The Messiah” has faced so much... The names of wrestlers and stables could go on and on, but maybe just maybe it is the man that gave Winston an opportunity... The ultimate evil, a man that was a friend of Winston and never really an enemy...]]

[[Edward Brown...]]

[[The evil genius had broken down bigger and better in his day, maybe it was him and his reason turn against Winston? Maybe it wasn’t? The predictions could run for days, but only one person knows what happened to the bright eyed, cocky grinning, smart-mouthed, Messiah... and that is Winston himself...]]

[[How he lost his spunk, it can’t be told... will he regain it, only he knows... I don’t think this is the end of Dallas Winston, but if he doesn’t look for or find what he use to have... It could be the last we see of “The Messiah” Dallas Winston that once was, and we’ll continue to see the Dallas Winston of today, the mere shadow of himself from the yesteryears...]]

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