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The Brutal Truth 1.2


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN to a floating metallic GLCW logo in the
darkness. The logo explodes and is replaced by the
words "BRUTAL TRUTH" in sharp red contrast. CUTTO:
Maelstrom holding up the GLCW Heavyweight Title
victoriously over his head. CUTTO: Jared Justice
hitting Anarky with a Sidewalk Slam. CUTTO: Jarod Poe
hitting Larry Tact with a belly-to-belly suplex.
CUTTO: The Unholy Alliance hitting the Devil's Drop
Powerbomb on Steven Slayer. CUTTO: Jobber nailing Jean
Rabesque with a suplex. CUTTO: The studio audience,
carrying signs as always. One sign says "ANARKY RULES
GLCW" while another reads "JAROD POE = UNSTOPPABLE."
CUTTO: The set of the BRUTAL TRUTH, where BRANDON
LARSON and CYRUS sit in front of a large oak table.
Cyrus is, as always, wearing a loud, bright suit, this
time colored blue and red, as Larson wears a tasteful
blue shirt and black tie.)

BRANDON LARSON: "Welcome, fans, to the second
installment of the GLCW's hottest new show, THE BRUTAL
TRUTH. This is where we give it to you live and
uncut, just the way you like it. We ask the tough
questions and with any luck, we get the tough

CYRUS: "Yeah, Brandon, you said it. If there's an
angle to see it from, we're on it. We perform the
in-depth analysis that you EXPECT from the big

LARSON: "So without any further adieu, let's go to
our weekly feature... our Top Five lists. My Top Five
starts with the obvious choice, Maelstrom, who will
retain the spot until someone takes it from him.
Number Two has got to be Jarod Poe. After a tough
match with Larry Tact, he retained the GLCW Television
Title and continues to bring a lot of respect to that
belt. Number Three... Jean Rabesque. He continues to
wrestle well and it's only a matter of time before he
has some gold. Number Four, former GLCW Heavyweight
Champ Michael Manson. Whether or not it was fair or
even a one-on-one match, Manson pinned Maelstrom in
the ring, and that's something not many can say they've
done. Rounding out the list at Number Five is Stephen
Morgan... Mr. Morgan has quickly shot through the ranks
here and it's only a matter of time before he's one of
the biggest names in the sport!"

CYRUS: "Well Brandon, I'll at least agree with one of
your statements: Maelstrom stays on top of the list
until someone takes him down. At Number Two, though,
I've got Jean Rabesque. Why doesn't he have a title
right now? Number Three is actually none other than
Nikolai Ash. He's the ONLY man in the GLCW to hold a
victory over Maelstrom in a one-on-one contest, and he
may have recently lost in a title shot, you can
believe there will be more where that came from!
Number Four is Jarod Poe. The TV Champ showed a lot
of guts in a victory over Larry Tact and I expect
great things out of him in the future. And at Number
Five I've got none other than Anarky. Until somebody
stops him he's just gonna keep climbing that list."

LARSON: "Alright! With that behind us, let's welcome
our first guest... LARRY TACT!!!"

(The fans boo as Larry Tact walks into the studio and
sits down next to Larson and Cyrus.)

LARSON: "Welcome to the Brutal Truth, Larry. First
of all, let me say that you've been most impressive
thus far here in the GLCW. But one question I'm sure
that's on every fan's mind is why did you turn your
back on them? They supported you loyally in your WWL
tenure and yet here, you continually disrespect the
very people who pay to come see you."

TACT: "Let's set the record straight on that, right
now. Yes, in the WWL I had been praised by the fans.
Those people appreciated me for my abilities and saw
exactly what I spoke of. Of course....those people
were also from the Eastern coast. I don't believe we
went further west than Illinois very often, if at all,
and for good reason, too. The people here are very
fickle. They don't want to see wrestlers who are out
there to wrestle their all, every night, for the sake
of upholding the traditions of wrestling. They want
bloodbaths, garbage wrestling, and forms of
entertainment that require a minimal amount of
attention span. I'm speaking from experience, as
well. For a time, I wrestled in the Colorado region,
and though the fans were behind me at first, they
quickly turned. If they won't appreciate good
wrestling, then I won't bother to waste my time taking
them into consideration."

CYRUS: "Larry, you've made quite a big deal out of
how you've come to the GLCW to save wrestling, so to
speak. Yet against Jarod Poe, you resorted to the
very tactics which you claim to despise. Why the
sudden change of heart?"

TACT: "Change of heart..? Change of tactics..?
Where did you see that? What, was it the brief spots
where we brawled? Or perhaps the time when I was
grinding my knee right into Poe's head, against the
steelsteps.... no matter. A wrestler such as I, and what I
aspire to become, is multi-versatile. As I told Jarod
Poe, I don't look to see a return to the fifties and
sixties. But even he said that was a joke from
him.... but his delivery needs work, which he also mentioned.
Anyway, the point is my brawling with Poe was not at all out
of my gameplan. I wasn't tossing trash can lids at
him, spraying a fire extinguisher, or doing some
garbage tactic as that. I am reasonable... I look to
see more wrestling in matches, but I know it is
doubtful wrestling will ever be like the amateurs. I
can accept this, just as long as the focus of matches
is on wrestling, and there isn't a match filled mainly
with people slapping each other around, like little

CYRUS: "As I'm sure everyone knows, Larry, we like to
ask a lot of different questions here on the Brutal
Truth. With that being said, if you could tag with
one guy here in the GLCW, who would it be?"

TACT: "To tag with.. ? *laughs* Oh I don't know about
that one...as of right now, I don't know if I'd really
want to tag with anyone. But of course, there is a
difference between wanting and being forced, as I've
seen when the GLCW bigwigs pair up the talent from time to
time, in some odd form of amusement for themselves.
If I was put in such a position...then of course I'd
want a skilled competitor, who wouldn't let himself
think he's any better than his limits would allow. I
won't name anyone in particular, though.... that
narrows the field down."

LARSON: "Is there anyone here in the GLCW that you
look forward to fighting?"

TACT: *laughs a little* "At home, I have a wall that
I post up those who I wish to face. In the GLCW,
there are a few that adorn that wall. Nemesis was
one, and I already have faced him...not to say it's
the last time, though. Jean Rab***que is certainly
another.... and Golem. Who else.... ah yes, the man
with his 'reality,' his 'empasse,' Maelstrom. And the
modern-day rehash, Jared Wells, as well... soon
enough. Those are a a few...there are others, but I
will face anyone without a second thought. I'm here
to make or maintain wrestling as the focus of the

LARSON: "Larry, what first made you decide to become
a wrestler? And was there ever a time when you
doubted you could be successful in this business?"

TACT: "My exposure to wrestling came when I was a
teenager, watching it at home. I was enamored by the
psychological aspect of wrestling, and I still am, as
a healthy mentality is very important. As for
success? I'd be lying if I said I never have had
doubts. Anyone who doesn't have doubts about whether
they can be successful or not in this sport is
ignorant, to the limits of their opposition as well as
their own, whether they are successful or not. Doubts
about such things do not make you any less of a man,
or deter your abilities. It makes you more aware,
more prepared, and on another level, it's only human.
Though I'm sure there are those in this sport who'd
eagerly defy that last one. In fact, we have at least
one right here in GLCW! His name starts with M...and
ends with I..C..H..A..E..L..M..A..N..S..O..N. At
least one...."

CYRUS: "If you were the Commissioner of the GLCW,
what would you change about the league?"

TACT: *laughs* "I'm not much for all these
hypotheticals. I haven't put a thought to such a
thing, so who knows. I'd probably find some
things...um....*smiles* I don't know. *pauses* Well,
at one point in the past few weeks, I remember Jarod
Poe told me to go be a trainer if I wanted to improve
the quality of wrestling. Now, if I was Commissioner,
rather than sitting on my *** waiting for a brawl to
break out, I'd try to actually help the boys train and
improve their wrestling skills. Of course, that's beyond Krusher...since he never really learned to such a level,
himself. Ouch!" *snickers*

LARSON: "You talk a lot about how mat technique and
skills are underrated in today's wrestling world. What
are some of your favorite moves to use or see someone

TACT: "What I enjoy to see most in a match, are moves
that are executed crisply, effectively, and in the
proper situations. I've seen some pretty nasty
maneuvers executed well, but at the wrong times, which
can really hurt their potency. But if you've got the
skills and ring presence, you'll be able to think on
your feet and come up with the right moves, for the
most part. Nobody's perfect, of course. Personally,
I have my trademarks that I always look forward to
using. The bow-and-arrow lock, the Sambo Suplex, and
the Inverted STF are all up there. But again, timing
is everything, and I don't expect to use those moves
in every match, because they aren't worth applying all
the time. To me, people don't seem to realize that
enough these days. I hope to show how much more
effective wrestlers can be by putting simple thoughts
like these into their strategies."

CYRUS: "If you could no longer wrestle, what do you
think you'd do?"

TACT: "Again with the hypotheticals, heh? Can't get
enough of them? Although, not so much so for me, as I
actually came to that crossroads not too long ago. I
was a profitable businessman a couple years back, but
that went to the gutter thanks to a well-thought
framing I got set up into, by a wrestler whose name I
will leave in the past, where that scandal belongs.
But since that option has all but vanished for me,
what did I do in my absence from the ring? I made
some deliveries as part of a friend's trucking
company...I did a little advertising, and a few
commericals. It was a little fun, but nothing like
being in the ring. I don't look to go
that route, for primary income, again."

LARSON: "Why do you harbor so much resentment towards
Jared Wells? What'd he ever do to you?"

TACT: "Oh come on. Just say it, the man's a prima
donna. The man doesn't know when to stay away. He
thinks he can just waltz back into the sport, after
YEARS away from it, and again act as if he's reformed.
Please... it's a soap opera waiting to happen. It's
freakin' 'sports-entertainment' at its finest,
wrestling at its worst, and the fans are so pathetic
that they eat it all up. Probably because a lot of
them are prima donnas, too: undependable,
unpredictable, conceited grunts who want the spotlight
and will go groveling back to make a quick buck. For
Wells, of course he'll come crawling back to
wrestling. Why not? The fans are ready to be goaded
again; the hierarchy doesn't mind as long as they're
amused and making profits from it; lo and behold, the
fangirls are back in the seats, screaming with their
shrill, valley girl voices for this guy. But even
worse, who's gone up to him and made a point of
telling him how much of a total *** he is? I haven't
seen many, aside from myself. It's ridiculous, too,
because I know there are people here who were around
when he wasn't pulling his weight, instead
manipulating and crap, but they don't seem to mind
he's back and probably ready to do it again. It's not
what he's done to me, but what he's doing to
wrestling. Maybe they don't care, or they'll deal with
it when the time comes. I don't intend on letting it
get started, though. He should go take his antics to
Hollywood or the porn industry, or something."

LARSON: "Well thank you for being on the show, Larry.
It's been a pleasure for myself and Cyrus, I'm sure.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?"

TACT: "A couple of things, actually. I think it's
pretty amusing that some people just can't grasp that
I'm not about winning titles around here. I'll have
my success, I can assure you, and if a belt comes
along the way, then that's fine. But primarily, I am
here to show what wrestling is about. To me, that's
focusing on grappling and not on brawling, but knowing
how to mix in what you've learned. I'll admit, as
dedicated as I am to being a pure wrestler, I will mix
in some strikes now and then, or go toe-to-toe with an
opponent. Let's just get it cleared up now: Larry
Tact was a brawler before becoming a pureheart
wrestler. So I know how to brawl, and yeah, it might
show up on occasion. But that doesn't make me any
less dedicated to wrestling, and being a technical
wrestler. Even the best of them knew how to do
something as simple as brawl, and if it's necessary
then that's how it is. But the focus of my style is
to wrestle, it's no secret, and I'll use those skills
to take me through the ranks of the GLCW. Will there
be a title around my waist? Maybe, maybe not; more
importantly, who cares? Wrestling, first and
foremost, isn't about shiny straps of gold. If it
comes to pass, then it does, and that's nice. I'll
also say this much....about Maelstrom. He thinks he
needs a belt to draw the best competition. That's
foolish. In fact, I'll go on record as saying that,
as long as he holds the GLCW Great Lakes Championship,
I would hope not to get a title shot. Why? Because
if he is going to let his ego drive him in that
direction, and cloud the true nature of the
competitiveness of wrestling, then he is not worth
beating for the title. However, let me make it
crystal clear, also, that I'm not saying I'd turn down
a NON-title match with the man. But I look forward to
seeing when he loses that strap. Not because he
needs the belt, or holds it dear. I doubt that's
true, what with him dragging it around most of the
time, and doing the equivalent of spitting on it and
in the faces of the GLCW roster. Instead, because
then, he willsuffer from his own 'brand of reality,' or
he'll have to change the boundaries of that 'reality.'
But thank you for the invite to the show."

(Larry Tact walks off the show as the fans boo. He
hardly notices.)

LARSON: "Well folks, that was ceratinly something
else. Larry Tact will certainly be a force to be
reckoned with here in the GLCW."

CYRUS: "That's right. But let's talk about something
else: the upcoming GLCW Pay-Per-View, Ringlords 1:
Minnesota Mayhem! And that Main Event War Games
match, holy cow!"

LARSON: "I couldn't agree more. GLCW Heavyweight
Champion Maelstrom, Jean Rabesque, Jared Justice and
TV Champion Jaord Poe versus GLCW Tag Team Champions The Unholy
Alliance, Michael Manson and Anarky! All in the steel
cage! I can't even begin to wrap my mind around all
the different possibilities!"

CYRUS: "Well one thing I'M looking forward to is
seeing Maelstrom and Anarky finally go up against each
other. It's been a long time in the making and it
isn't for the title, but with those two competitors,
you know there's going to be some serious blood

LARSON: "Absolutely. I don't think that anybody
knows who's got the upper hand in that match. So
instead of continually speculating, let's get to our
next interview. Folks... JAROD POE!"

(The fans cheer as Jarod Poe comes out and sits down, the
TV belt slung over his shoulder.)

LARSON: "First of all, Jarod, I'd like to say
congratulations on finally defeating Jobber to win the
GLCW Television Title. Why do you think you were
victorious this time, as opposed to previous

POE: "Well I think the simple answer I stayed on him.
In our previous match he got himself disqualifiied for
which I beat him to a pulp and left him laying with
his title on his chest. Hey I could have walked away
with it, but I knew I could beat him so I just waited
for the rematch. I got it and I did what I knew I
could do."

LARSON: "Jarod, as the GLCW TV Champion, you are
technically the No. 1 contender to the Heavyweight
Title. Do you think you have what it takes to beat

POE: "To be honest I think I have what it teakes to
beat any man...at least in a fair match. If I got a
shot against Maelstrom I think in an even fight that I
do have what it takes to beat him. I'm sure he
beleives he can kick my ass too. There's never a doubt
in my mind when I wrestle anyman that I'll win. I just
need a shot at him."

CYRUS: "Jarod, forgive me for bringing up the past,
but as many people already know, your family was...
they suffered a horrible tragedy. Do you think they'd
be proud of your success here in the GLCW?"

POE: "I really can't tell. I know I've spent more then
a few nights asking, but I've never recieved an
answer. I don't wrestle for thier memory or anything
like that. That's my past, a part I can't forget, but
dwelling on it is no way to live. Who knows maybe
someday we'll meet again and I'll know for sure."

LARSON: "Are you satisfied with being the GLCW
Television Champion or do you have your sights set a
little higher?"

POE: "I think anyman is a fool if he tells you the
World Title is not his goal. As of right now I'm the
TV Champion, the belt is mine and I'll defend it with
everything I have. If in doing so I'm considered a
contender for the Great Lakes Title, well then I'll take the
shot I'm given."

CYRUS: "If you could have a match with anyone, past or
present, with any stipulations, what would it be?"

POE: "You mean a wrestler?"

CYRUS: "Yes...why?"

POE: "Well there's alot of people who I'd like to get
in the ring and give a good asskicking too. Although
if I had to pick a wrestler (pauses) I'd say Violence

CYRUS: "You mean Hellion's brother and your best

POE: "Yeah, Our friendship aside I know in a anything
goes match that he can take everything I can dish out
and I can do the same. Ah, he's the toughest man I've
ever seen and I'd like to see just how far that limit
can be stretched."

LARSON: "Jarod, you certainly have an unorthodox
wrestling style. How would you describe it in your own

POE: "At heart I'm a submission wrestler. I want to
get in the ring and just wear the man down. At the
same time I've still got the mentality of a soldier.
That means adapt and conquer or die. So if someone
wants to brawl or cheat then that's fine with me. I'll
fight fire with fire anyday."

CYRUS: "Is there anyone here in GLCW that you look
forward to fighting?"

POE: "I take one match at a time and focus on no
other. right now I'm looking forward to wrestling my
next opponent. That's where my focus lies. When that
is done, win or lose, then I'll turn my attention on
whoever the sign me up against."

LARSON: "Earlier you mentioned your background of
being a Soldier. What are you thoughts about what's
going on in the Middle East and do you wish you were

POE: "I think what we're doing is right. There's alot
of bad guys in the world and I think there comes a
time when you need to thin the herd. I know we have
the best trained warriors in the world and the job
will get done. There is a part of me that wishes I was
there. However I took a stand when giving bad intel,
punched the wrong man and discharged for it. At the
time it was the right thing to do. I just hope as many
of our boys and girls come home safely that can."

CYRUS: "If you could give a piece of advice to up and
coming wrestlers trying to make it big here in GLCW or
anywhere else, what would you say to them?"

POE: "I'd say make sure it's what you want. Then learn
your craft, take one opponent at a time and above all
kick ass when you're in the ring. After all there's no
such thing as a good loss."

LARSON: "Is there anything in particular you'd like to
accomplish in this sport before you retire?"

POE: "Well as I said earlier I'd be very happy to win
the Heavyweight Title. I'm sure some day I will. For right
now...I just want to pin my next opponent, collect my
check, stay as healthy as I can and move on tot he
next match."

CYRUS: "Tell us about your theme music. Why did you
pick it?"

POE: "The lyrics have no personal meaning to me. I
just love the opening guitar rift. when I hear that it
get's my blood pumping and by the time the drums kick
in I'm ready to go. By then I'm out in the ring
looking at my opponent and most nights I don't even
hear the lyrics being sung. Also I think the song is
just a great entrance music and the fans seem to
always connect with."

LARSON: "You bill yourself "The Torture King." You've
had your tongue spliced in half. You have numerous
piercings and tattoos. On top of that you've done
numerous body modification to yourself. Why?"

(Jarod rolls over his arms to revealed the feathered
patteren made by the implants below his skin)

POE: "You mean this."

CYRUS: "Damn...yes...didn't that hurt?"

POE: "Yes it did it hurt alot. I spent a long time
after losing my family not feeling anything. Just dead
inside. The pain of getting my family tattooed on my
chest was the first thing I felt in a long time. Pain
was better then feeling nothing, better then the
emptiness. After awhile the tattoo needle wasn't
enough...so I went to piercings and then
modifications. Um, it's all a transition an
enlightenment for me. I like to push my threshold. I
enjoy the pain. I really can't put it exactly into
words, but I'd be more then willing to show you the

(They both look at each other)

CYRUS & LARSON: "No...we'll take you word for it."

LARSON: "Finally, Jarod, let me ask one more question:
as the GLCW Television Champion, how would you like
people to perceive you? Do you view yourself as a
Fighting Champion? A role model? Or just another

POE: "Giving my choice of lifestyle I get quite a few
wierd looks. If people think I'm crazy...well then
fine. I'm just me. I don't consider myself a role
model. While I never had a good example parents should
be your role model. If in my case they aren't then for
me the military was. I am a fighter and I'm a fighting
champion. I'll step into the ring with anyone at
anytime. I'm happy with he support I get from the
fans. Yet I don't thrive of it for success. I'm just
me..I'm Jarod Poe...I'm waiting for the next opponent
and I'll show him my world of pain."

(Poe walks off as the fans cheer.)

LARSON: "Another interesting and in-depth interview
here on the Brutal Truth! You heard it here first,
folks... the kind of information you can ONLY find on
the GLCW's one and only talk show!"

CYRUS: "Absolutely. Poe is so focused and brutal. I
wouldn't be surprised if we were just talking to the
next GLCW Heavyweight Champion!"

LARSON: "Well we will certainly see, won't we. Now
for our other weekly feature, our Dream Match of the
Week! Mine has to be GLCW Heavyweight Champion
Maelstrom versus GLCW Television Champion Jarod Poe.
Poe has been one of the hottest wrestlers here in the
GLCW and I think he's become the legitimate Number One
Contender for the title."

CYRUS: "My Dream Match is an interesting one, as
always... Michael Manson and Anarky versus the Unholy
Alliance. The two most evil and untrustworthy tag
teams against each other... I think if there was one
duo who could take out the current Champs, it would be
Manson and Anarky!"

LARSON: "You just might be right! Well, without any
further adieu, let's get to our final interview...

(CUEUP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson as
Manson comes out to an eruption of boos. He ignores
the fans and sits down smiling.)

LARSON: "Manson, you've recently allied yourself with
the Unholly Alliance and Anarky. What is the purpose
of this relationship if you clearly don't think that
highly of even your allies?"

MANSON: "I've actually known Anarky for years. Far
better to work with someone you know. Besides, I don't
think that highly of anyone, so what difference does
it make who I work with?"

CYRUS: "Why do you feel that you haven't been given a
one-on-one rematch for the Heavyweight Title?"

MANSON: "There's only been 2 something 2 title
matches since. Obviously, King Krusher has to change
his pants at the thought of me not getting a title
shot, but it will come. I don't really need the title
to be the focus of the promotion which I inevitably

CYRUS: "Indeed, Mike, if I can call you that. But
here's a question: if you are the God of Wrestling
that you claim to be, and yet you assured us all of
victory, doesn't that make you fallible? Not very
Godlike if you ask me."

MANSON: "I never called myself that. Other people have
because they obviously see that I play at a higher
level than most of the trailer trash around here. It's
odd that most people would like to call me Satan,
maybe that's too cliched. Certainly, that's Krusher
thinks since he always wanted Maelstrom as his
champion to appeal to that special olympics audience.
But anyway, being a god is a subjective thing to begin
with. Everyone loses some of the time. Even in
mythology, there's gods that die and are overthrown.
Besides, if I were a god how do you know I didn't just
let it happen for whatever reason? Then again, I am
the last person you should be arguing theology with. I
do have a penchant for crucifixion though.
Understandably, it's hard getting a cross through
airport security these days let alone my keys. But
suffice to say, God or not, I wouldn't be the one
hanging. And by the way, you can only call me Mike if
we're close friends, which means I'm allowed in your
home whenever I want to be and I know your family
well. Very well. In fact, I do recall knowing what
your address is..if you'd give me a moment to check my
cell phone I could check."

CYRUS: "No, that's alright Manson. Thanks."

MANSON: "Are you sure? It wouldn't be take much
effort. I do have everyone on the roster's address,
not to mention family pictures, credit card and social
security numbers..high school yearbooks... "

LARSON: "Alright, Manson, that's enough. Back to the
questions. Is there anyone here in the GLCW who you
particularly look forward to fighting?"

MANSON: "Mister Larson, let me say that you have a
lovely wife. I stopped in the other week while you out
at the studio. She makes a wonderful apple pie and
told me all about the vacation you had down south last
year. That's a fine woman, there. You take care of
her, you hear me? Or else, well I'd say the GLCW
roster would want her but they're all sexual deviants
with addictions to phone sex. Fear not, if Mrs Larson
is ever in need of companionship I have a black box of
men, women....some inbetween willing to fill the

CYRUS: "Manson, people have accused you of being more
of a sideshow than a main event. Had it ever occurred
to you that if you were to take your career more
seriously, you could be more successful? Dominant,

MANSON: "I'm the highest-paid person in GLCW. More
than Krusher. I win the main title in every promotion
I'm in and some I'm not even in. You can't be more
successful than that. Who am I supposed to compare
myself to? Maelstrom? He stammers like spastic who
never left 3rd grade. Jean Rabesque? Golem? How many
of these people are in the same notoriety as I am? Who
the hell is the person that sells out the seats? Not
Mister Charisma or the Latin Scholar masquerading as a
champion. King Krusher hates me. If he could, he would
have me killed. But he can't fine me, he can't suspend
me, he can't fire me. Because he knows the GLCW is
crippled without me. If he doesn't, I'm sure Malec is
sending him memos on it every day. There's no one
really in the promotion let alone rednecks and minor
leaguers who wish they were me. Hell, a quarter of the
roster does try to be me. That's dominance. The only
person I'd really like to have a match with is King
Krusher. Then he would show everyone just how full of
crap he is and a hypocrite when he climbs into the
ring to fight me because he's a failure as a

CYRUS: "Obviously you're a big Marilyn Manson fan...
tell us, have you ever met the Reverend?"

MANSON: "He's tried to meet me. I don't remember if
he did or not. Most of the people who come up to tend
to all look the same. I did King Krusher's brother
once though. It was night and it gets cold in Chicago
so I saw these homeless guys lighting a fire in a
garbage can. I walked over and behold...there he was.
We had a nice conversation about him being dead and
his brother a disappointment to his family and all. A
real nice guy."

LARSON: "That's totally out of line, Manson. Don't
you you have any respect for anything? Even a monster
like you must have a family. Or have had one at some

MANSON: "Don't you know? I adopted everyone else's
family in GLCW. I had Thanksgiving dinner last year
with King Krusher's girlfriend. I really wish I
remembered her name, but I'd know her undergarments if
I saw them. The thighs too because I'd remember the
bite marks. It's women like that that have a special
place in my heart. Like your wife, have I mentioned
her apple pie? She's good with locks too.....all
different kinds..with and without chains....knows alot
about candles too. Especially the wax."

CYRUS: "Clearly, Manson, you don't have to prove to
anyone that you're totally out of your mind. So I
guess the real question is... if you've done it all
already and are so obviously better than everyone, why
even bother? Do you just derive some sick pleasure
from it?"

MANSON: "Out of my mind? Then how am I able to pass
all those psych tests? Why would someone allow a
blatant maniac in such a context? What kind of a work
environment is this? What kind of an inept
commissioner do we have? Jean Rabesque is forcing fans
to the point of suicide with his promos...people
become stupider just listening to Maelstrom....A good
and kind man like Golem can no one to trust and play
Dungeons and Dragons with...Jared Justice is allowed
to walk around and burn people, though he's far too
stupid to ever actually be a threat to anyone. Maybe
he can be put to use in the catering area. I wouldn't
mind some BBQ before the show."

LARSON: "Clearly you have no interest in cutting out
the BS with us, Manson. Is there anything halfway
honest or insightful that you'd like to say? Anything
so that the people out there can better understand

MANSON: "I've been clear as purely driven snow. It
isn't my fault if I refuse to lower my standards to an
audience and mass culture that wouldn't know James
Joyce from Jenna Jameson. Are you people calling me a
liar? Are you implying that I would be anything less
than truthful? Do you think that I did not have
Thanksgiving dinner with King Krusher's girlfriend and
know where the bite marks on her thighs and perhaps on
her back are? Well, luckily for the likes of you, I
brought pictures."

(Manson digs into his jacket pockets)

CYRUS: "That's alright, Manson. One last question,
and let's try for an answer this time: if you were
forced to fight in a tag team match for your life, who
would be your partner?"

MANSON: "Jake Shades. The man is a behemoth under
that thinly veiled persona. He's just biding his time,
I tell you. You don't see him backstage where he's
getting me my pez and Snapple, I don't even have to
ask. Why isn't this man commissioner?"

LARSON: "Well, thank you, Manson... I assure you, the
pleasure was all yours. Anything else you'd like to

MANSON: (closeup on his eyes) "You at home, I see you,
you know. Obey me, yes, obey. Buy my merchandise. Hurl
burning tires at Maelstrom. We will prevail we shall.
The corrupt reign of King Krusher will end. How long
before the UN turns attention to such a cruel,
corrupted tyrant? But don't worry, I'm here to fight
the good fight. As long as you obey me."

(Manson walks off as the crowd boos.)

LARSON: "Well folks, that's it for another episode of
the Brutal Truth! I hope you enjoyed it and we'll see
you real soon!"



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