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The Brutal Truth 1.1


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN to the GLCW logo fades from the darkness and then back out again. Then the words "BRUTAL TRUTH" fade into the screen as the opening riffs of "Stinkfist" by Tool play. CUTTO: A shot of Maelstrom locking Manson into the Mortal Sin. CUTTO: Jean Rabesque digging a jagged piece of wood into Sean Edmunds' forehead. CUTTO: Jobber hitting a mid-air face plant on Golem from a powerbomb. CUTTO: Jarod Poe holding up the GLCW TV Title. CUTTO: Manson, Anarky, and the Unholy Alliance hitting Maelstrom with the Double Devil's Drop powerbomb onto a chair. CUTTO: Larry Tact falling on top of Nemesis for the pin. CUTTO: Lady V standing in the ring waving to the fans. CUTTO: The set of GLCW's newest TV show, BRUTAL TRUTH! The camera pans to the studio audience, which, of course, is holding up signs such as "KIDNAP ME MANSON" and "RABESQUE: BEST DAMN WRESTLER EVER." CUTTO: Two men sit behind a desk, both wearing suits. The man on the left, JIM LARSON, is an older, heavyset man with a thick moustache and equally thick glasses and a bad combover. The man on the right, known only as CYRUS, wears a strange, reflective silver suit and a bizarre tie that seems to change colors as he moves.)

JIM LARSON: "Welcome, fans, to the VERY first edition of GLCW's BRUTAL TRUTH. Here on Brutal Truth, we will do in-depth analysis of all of the latest events here in the GLCW as well as exclusive, in-depth interviews with the GLCW's hottest superstars!"

CYRUS: "And more importantly, ask the questions you guys want to hear."

LARSON: "That's right, Cyrus. So let's cut through the BS and get to business, shall we? Massive Assault is done and in the books and what an event it was! First and foremost, congratulations to the new GLCW Heavyweight Champion, Maelstrom. He overcame a brutal match with Michael Manson to come out on top, just like he said he would."

CYRUS: "Well, Jim, that's true, but I don't think people give enough credit to Manson. You can't tell me that match couldn't have gone either way. And if Maelstrom thinks he's heard the end of Manson, he's got another thing coming."

LARSON: "Agreed. Maelstrom has been making enemies here left and right, and I for one don't think it's necessarily the smartest move he can make. Already allied against him are Manson, Anarky, and the Unholy Alliance. Still, Maelstrom has always been able to take care of business before without anyone by his side."

CYRUS: "Jean Rabesque fights alongside him, but I'd hardly call them allies. I think Maelstrom may be digging himself a hole that even HE can't get out of. Which brings us to the debut of Anarky, of course. He's already made easy work of Steven James and Rychard Isaac. I expect him to contend for the Heavyweight Title a lot sooner than most people think."

LARSON: "I don't know about that. Anarky has had a tremendous amount of success in his past, yes. But he has to earn it like everyone else. And he's not the only great talent that's landed here in the GLCW recently. From Larry Tact and Nemesis to the recent arrivals of Rage O' Fire Jared Wells, Minion, and the Man... The Myth... the Legend... Suicide."

CYRUS: "The real winners here are the fans. Can you imagine the kind of matches we're going to be seeing in the future? And as more and more talent flocks to the GLCW, the more we're going to see more and more tremendous matches.

LARSON: "Speaking of young talent, we're going to have both Jared Wells and Nemesis on the show tonight as well as the newly crowned GLCW Heavyweight Champ, Maelstrom!

CYRUS: "It's going to be interesting talking to some of these guys, because even though Wells and Nemesis are recent entries here in the GLCW, they both have previous careers before coming here, and hopefully, we'll be able to get into that a little bit. But before we get to our first interview, let's
do a little bit of that analysis we've been talking about.

LARSON: "In what we hope will be a reoccurring piece, Cyrus and I will pick our Top Five for the Week. Of course, keep in mind, these are OUR opinions and ours alone. This week, for me, at Number One, of course, is Maelstrom. After all the talk was over, he was the last man standing with the Heavyweight Title draped over his arm. Number Two... Jean Rabesque. He's shown a lot of heart here lately, and his convincing victory over Edmunds in the "I Quit" Match showed what he's really made of. Number Three is Jarod Poe. Congratulations to Mr. Poe for finally defeating Jobber and capturing the TV Title. Number Four... former Heavyweight Champion Michael Manson. Although he lost the belt, he gained a crooked victory at this week's Riptide. Finishing out my list this week at Number Five is the Unholy Alliance. They're the Champions until someone proves otherwise."

CYRUS: "Well I can only agree with your Number One, Jim. Maelstrom proved he's The Man To Beat once again, and he's got that target on his back he always wanted. Number Two, however, still belongs to Manson. Say what you want about his controversial mic spots or the way he gets the job done, but he still goes out there and puts up a hell of a fight, and I haven't seen someone take it like that to Maelstrom in a long time. Number Three is Jean Rabesque. He made Edmunds say I Quit. 'Nuff said. Number Four is Jarod Poe, whose victory over Jobber probably propelled him into this spot instead of Jobber. And I'm going to disagree with your last, because my number five is Anarky. He's already had two VERY convincing victories and from what we've seen in the past along with his eyes for Maelstrom's prize, I think we're going to see him climb this list very quickly."

LARSON: "Up next, after this commercial break, we sit down with one of the GLCW's hottest new stars... NEMESIS."

(Insert commercial here.)

(The camera fades back into the set of BRUTAL TRUTH.)

LARSON: "Welcome back, fans, to the Brutal Truth, and without any further adieu, let's get to our first guest tonight... he's a former IWF Unified Champion and was the last FWF Extreme Ringholder... NEMESIS!!!"

(CUEUP: "Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden as Nemesis comes out in street clothes, high-fiving the fans. He sits down in the third chair next to Jim Larson and Cyrus.)

LARSON: "Welcome, Nemesis, to Brutal Truth: the show where we cut through the BS and ask the questions the fans want to hear. So in taking with that, let me ask you... you've said that you've returned to GLCW to rectify the wrongs and to give the fans something they want to see. Why the sudden change of heart?"

NEMESIS: "Well Jim, during my past tenure in IWF, where most of my career had taken place, I wasn't really myself. Emotionally, at least. There was a lot of things going on with me, in and out of the ring that just sort of threw me off my original path when I joined the business. I don't regret those times though, as my physical skills in the ring progressed greatly, and despite the bad blood, I've got a lot of good moments to look back on. I've spent the past few months straightening things out, in my personal and professional life. Basically, I'm doing the same thing now I was doing when I started out in the FWF and CWWF, and that's just trying to put on the best matches for those who pay to see them."

LARSON: "Nemesis, you've had a fairly successful career despite only wrestling in the professional leagues for a few years. What would you say is the accomplishment you were most proud of thus far?"

NEMESIS: "Well, I debuted in early 2000, and I became the CWWF TV champion in the match of that title's conception until the CWWF's closure. I was also the FWF's Unsanctioned Extreme Ring Holder when that great federation was closed. However, I'd have to say my greatest accomplishment so far in my career, was winning the IWF's 2001 King of the Death Matches Tournament, defeating one of the men I know best in the ring and out... Suicide.

LARSON: "Here in GLCW, there should be no shortage of talent to offer some competition. Are there any wrestlers that you particularly look forward to fighting?"

NEMESIS: "Right when I got here, I was very interested in facing Larry Tact when I heard had just signed. Luckily for me, Scott Malec saw the potential of that match immediately and signed it for the Show in Hammond, Indiana. Our match stole the show easily, and Tact walked away the better man that night. As for the rest of the GLCW talent-pool... I'd have to say I'm looking to seeing Golem, Anarky, Rabesque and Sean Edmunds most right now."

CYRUS: "I've got a question. Now, you've talked about mistakes in your past... if you could go back into your career and change one thing, what would it be?"

NEMESIS: "Just one thing, eh? I'd probably try to keep a better grip on my personal life once I joined the IWF. That federation had a lot of pressure to perform, and I essentially abandoned most of my own morals in an attempt to gain an edge over the incredible level of talent the IWF had at that time. I got my edge, but at a great cost. Maybe I could have gone about succeeding in the IWF some other way, without sacrificing so much."

CYRUS: "Ok, here's another personal question. As we all know, everyone who comes into GLCW picks out their own theme music. What is yours and why did you pick it?"

NEMESIS: "Well Cyrus, right now my tune is "Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden. It's been my music for the past two years, and it gets me, and the crowd pumped. It starts out energetic, and it just goes crazy as it builds up. Like I said, it gets me revved up for the match, and it really seems to get a good response out of the fans."

CYRUS: "One last question from me. What is your favorite type of stipulation match?"

NEMESIS: "Heh heh... hmm... I've been in every kind of match, most in the IWF. That 16-Man King of the Death Matches Tournament had barbed wire, electrified cage, and tables matches. I've been in Triple Features, with a different stip to each of the three matches in one night. But my favorite? I'd have to say my favorite stipulation is a match I've never been in... any match where the World Title is on the line."

LARSON: "Speaking of, what do you attribute this to? Certainly you've proven yourself to be a challenging opponent no matter who you were facing. Why do you feel that you have yet to earn a World Title Shot in any of the leagues you've fought in?"

NEMESIS: "You know, that's an odd thing. In CWWF, the fed wasn't around long enough. Same story in the FWF. As for the IWF... I don't think I was ever given a shot because the World Title was made defunct, and the times when I was at my best were always followed by a crash. Sometimes it would just be a losing streak, other times I would drop off the face of the Earth for a period of time. Whether it was me peaking out before a title shot, or just being involved in a non-title feud at the time. I never attributed not getting a shot to the promoters... mostly just bad timing."

LARSON: "Here at the Brutal Truth, we pride ourselves on asking interesting questions. With that said, if you had to fight in one tag team match for your life, and you could pick one guy to be on your side... who would it be?"

NEMESIS: "If I was ever in a match for my life... I would have to choose... Ulysis Solian... the Man, the Myth, the Legend... Suicide, to be my partner. I already owe my life to that man."

LARSON: "Tell us about your finisher."

NEMESIS: "Well, while training to become a professional wrestler, my mentors notices I had a thing for sweeps. Russian leg sweeps, reverse leg sweeps, and every variation of em. As for "The Wrath" (hold ups up "The Wrath" gesture of thumb to palm, pinky and index out stretched, and the ring and middle fingers together, making a "W"), that move came about because of an accident. I kind of tripped as I was doing an STO, forward leg sweep. I really hurt my opponent with the move, so I perfected it into the Uranage/STO combo it is now. Sort of a jumping, forward leg sweep, where my body weight comes down on the opponent, as well as his own. I've got a newmove in the works as well... but we'll just have to wait and see about that one."

LARSON: "Finally, Nemesis... tell us, in your own words, what kind of Champion you think you'd be for GLCW."

NEMESIS: "I'd really hate to use a washed-up cliche like 'People's champion'... but in reality, that's what I am gunning for. I'm not here for money, I'm not here for fame. I here for the fans, and I do my best to put on a great performance for them. I believe the fans deserve a champion like that, who goes out night after night knowing why he has his job. It's the only reason any of us are here where we are. You, me, Maelstrom, Malec, we'd all be out of jobs if it weren't for the fans. So if I could gain some gold in the GLCW, all the better for me to prove my worth night after night, with the gold that'd be as much mine as it would belong to those in the stands."

LARSON: "Well, Nemesis, I'd like to say thank you on behalf of myself, Cyrus, and the rest of the GLCW. We wish you the best of luck here in the GLCW and hope to see some great things in the future."

(CUEUP: "Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden as Nemesis gets up and shakes hands with Jim and Cyrus and leaves after signing a few autographs with the studio audience. Fade to commercial.)

(CUTTO: The set of Brutal Truth.)

LARSON: "Welcome back to the Brutal Truth, boys and girls. Our next guest is a man who needs no introduction... he's wrestled in so many different leagues we can't even begin to list them off... you know him as the Rage of Fire... JARED WELLS!!!"

(CUEUP: "Cochise" by Audioslave as Jared Wells comes out in a black t-shirt and blue jeans, shaking hands with the fans and the hosts as he sits down at the desk.)

LARSON: "Jared, you've had a long and illustrious career on the professional circuit. Where did you get your start?"

JARED WELLS: "I pretty much started in 1995, came up with my late partner Dante Wildfire in the WWL. We were basically living in the streets at the time with no money. Our heavy use of drugs was not helping at all. So one day we went to the WWL camp and Joe Keeney let us try out and we made
it in. At the time my name was just 'RAGE 'o FIRE'. WWL was pretty much my home over the years. I tried some others but WWL was the place to be."

LARSON: "With that said, did you ever imagine that when you began, you would end up here?"

JARED WELLS: "To be honest with you, no. When I made up my decision on making a comeback, I wanted to dedicate myself to the WWL. But too
little, too late. They closed the doors down before I could even say goodbye. I had no agent at the time but I started looking around for a job. Pretty
much I'd figure my career was over because of the WWL being closed. Then I saw the GLCW, a little version of the WWL to me. I gave Scott Malec a call and told him about how I'd like to return to wrestling. Right off he said "There is not enough room". Then we discussed other issues about my backstage
politics. I told him I've been out of the business for nearly three years, I've settled down in life and I want to do what I do best. Instead of me having a limo taking me everywhere, I drive myself. I have no agents, managers, etc. I also am taking a lot less money here than other places that offered me a contract. But I really don't care about the money anymore."

CYRUS: "Who would you say has been the most influential on you and your career? Were there any wrestlers that you looked up to?"

JARED WELLS: "Most influential? Guys like 'Golden Boy' Paul Pierce, Anarky, ATTAXX, Electron and Joe Massacre. Paul took me under his wing for
awhile and showed me the ropes and things that happen backstage. The others have just set the standards of excellence in the sport of wrestling."

LARSON: "We all know you've had a lot of success over the years. Tell me what the single greatest moment of your career was."

JARED WELLS: "Hm, that's a tough one. I'd have to say when I won my third WWL world heavyweight championship and formed deGENERATION XXX in
December 1997. (LAUGHS) I believe I changed my name to 'TRIPLE X' at the time. It was myself SEAN EDMUNDS and BYTCH. I never seen the ratings go up so much at the time. The merchandise sales were unbelievable and we pretty much had our way with the WWL. I think if things would have went longer, we would have been bigger than the jWo. Then we really screwed with people because that night I laid down to Edmunds so he would become the world champion. Again it was a lot of fun regardless of what you've heard."

CYRUS: "Here at the Brutal Truth, we like to ask questions that people don't normally think to ask. For instance, if you had to pick one tag team partner
to fight alongside you, who would it be?"

JARED WELLS: "My tag team partner would be Sean Edmunds. Even though we hate each other right now, we were always a great team. He knew my style, I knew his. I'll go off the record and say if we were a tag team right now, we would be the greatest team EVER! When it came to business with
Edmunds, he delivered. Maybe someday we'll reunite but before we do that I want to beat the crap out of him just for personal reasons."

LARSON: "How would you describe, in your own words, your personal wrestling style?"

JARED WELLS: "I have a very methodical style. Some guys like to think one move ahead, I think three moves ahead. I'm a big fan of arial and
brawling. Then again it all depends on my opponents style. I can go toe to toe with anybody."

CYRUS: "Where do you see yourself in one year here in the GLCW?"

JARED WELLS: "I want to be the heavyweight champion man. That is my goal. I would love to just be number one again. It's a different time,
different era... I say let's go for it. The people want me to be champion again so it's my job to give them what they want. Slowly but surely we'll get
there together. I have my best days ahead of me."

LARSON: "Finally, is there anyone you look forward to facing here in the future?"

JARED WELLS: "Oh yeah, I've got a big list. First Sean Edmunds. We have some unfinished business to take care of. Also guys like Anarky and
Maelstrom. I believe when I was WWL world champion I was considered "not good enough" to take on guys like this. I'll give them credit they are hot stars but I never got a chance in my career to face them because I was underrated. And list can go on and on... Larry Tact... Michael Manson is another. I'm ready for the fight dude. Do I consider myself an icon? Sure. Do I consider those guys icons? Sure. Together we could do some battles man. I think my biggest mistake in the past was not going for the Unified Championship. I let my ego beat me and for that it cost me a chance. But the days in the GLCW are lookin' good."

LARSON: "Well thank you for being here today, Jared, and we wish you the best of luck here in the GLCW."

(Jared shakes hands with Jim and Cyrus and leaves to a huge applause. Fade to commercials.)

(FADEIN to the set of BRUTAL TRUTH, with Larson and Cyrus shuffling through their papers.)

LARSON: "Welcome back to the Brutal Truth. Before we get to our last guest, I'd like to take a little time out for what Cyrus and I call our Dream Matchup of the Week. Each show we'll pick our own personal Dream Matchup that we'd like to see, regardless of how realistic it might be."

CYRUS: "Oh and this week do I have a good one... "

LARSON: "Before you go crazy on us, Cyrus, I'll start. This week my Dream Matchup would be a Triple Threat Match... Maelstrom, Manson, and Rabesque in a 3-Way for the Heavyweight Title. No disqualifications, no count-outs. Last man standing wins. I think the fans would love to see something like that. From the brutal strength of Maelstrom to the technical skill of Jean Rabesque and the outright lunacy of Manson, I can't even begin to imagine what kind of match that'd be."

CYRUS: "Not bad... for an old man. But for those of us who like the young blood, I've got a better idea. A Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender for the TV Title. Throw in Larry Tact, Nemesis, Golem, Jared Wells, Jobber, Stephen Morgan, Minion, and Nikolai Ash. I think all of these guys have a tremendous amount of talent, but I'd like to see who's on top when the cream rises. Whoever it is, I bet they'd be a Heavyweight Title contender in no time!"

LARSON: "Interesting idea, Cyrus. Well, folks, without any further adieu, let me introduce to you, from Pandora Island, you know him as the GLCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... (CUEUP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica) ... MAELSTROM!!!!"

(The crowd pops huge for Maelstrom as he comes out in a black sleeveless t-shirt and jeans, his hair hanging over his face. He's dragging the Heavyweight Title by his side on the ground, hardly paying any attention to it or the fans. He doesn't bother to greet either Larson or Cyrus and simply seats himself as the crowd reaction dies down.)

CYRUS: "Maelstrom -- you've previously stated that, despite many talented competitors here in the GLCW, you don't perceive most of them to be of any serious threat to you and your title. So who DO you consider a threat? Anyone?"

MAELSTROM: "I don't consider ANYONE to be a threat to me or any title I've ever held, never have an' never will. There are however those who I would look forward to facing cuz I feel they have the ability to possibly take me to my limits. Anarky immediately comes to mind. He and I have been on collision courses for years, but ironically, detours always stepped in, in the form of the promotion suddenly shutting it's doors, or contract negotiations breaking down. Hopefully we can get by all that red-tape an' finally have that long awaited dance."

LARSON: "Maelstrom, you've made a lot of enemies here in the GLCW in a very short period of time. Do you think that's wise? Certainly, the enemies you create could work against you, and with enough work, could find a way to usurp you."

MAELSTROM: "I'm not in this business to make friends, an' I certainly could care less 'bout whether or not anyone takes offense to my actions or words. Besides, there's no thrill if it all comes too easy. I'm no stranger to sportin' a bullseye on my back an' feel perfectly at home as the prey. (grins faintly) The lure of the chase is after all part of the rush."

CYRUS: "Mael, good buddy, I hate to say it, 'cause you're a heck of a lot bigger than me, but let's face it -- you're kind of an egomaniac, aren't you? You've made your points in the ring, but still, isn't there something to be said for being humble? Nobody stays on top forever."

MAELSTROM: "F(BLEEP)K bein' humble! Bein' humble is for those who actually give a damn 'bout what others think 'bout them, an' as I stated earlier, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN 'BOUT WHAT ANYONE THINKS OF ME! Some consider me to be arrogant simply cuz I choose to tell things the way they actually are rather than what they'd LIKE to hear. Whether I'm on top or not has no bearing on how I choose to express myself. Cuz when it comes down to it, there's really no choice to make, I believe in calling 'em as I see 'em an' that will never change regardless of the level of my stature in this industry."

LARSON: "If you had to fight in a tag team match for your life, who would you pick to fight in your corner?"

MAELSTROM: "A tag team match for my life? Hmmm, now that can be a tricky one since trust would have to play a huge part in such a situation..... an' I DON'T trust anyone. So I suppose I'd have to go by not so much who I'd feel would be most loyal, but who I'd feel would have the ability to get the job down an' toss caution to the wind. Pandorians would certainly be out of the question since I'm the ONLY Pandorian that is not, an' has never been under JC's rule or influence. An' anyone that's stupid enough to get mixed up with the likes of JC is simply not the type of person I'd respect, let alone want watching my back. I would definitely have to go with King Krusher. He's one tough mutha an' has proved himself before with me as well as 'gainst me. So I suppose he'd probably be my primary choice... though I gotta admit, the thought of teaming up with a guy like Anarky is sorta intriguing to say the least, maybe cuz in many ways, he's a lot like me."

LARSON: "You've had a tremendous amount of success against many worthy opponents. Who would you say has been your toughest opponent to date?"

MAELSTROM: "I've had a lot of tough opponents over the years, guys like Hellion, Stone Wolf, Black Sage, King Krusher to name just a few. All very tough competitors each and every one of them but thus far I'd have to say that my toughest opponent to date has never been a wrestler but rather the promoters. Ya see, it's strictly dollars and cents to them.... ALL OF IT! An' it's becoming increasingly hard to find any reputable promotions that don't have any self-serving "hidden" agendas. I remember once during my rookie year headlining in a promotion where right before my match, the promoter came up to me in the dressing room an' actually told me "that it WASN'T going to be MY night" that night. Needless to say, I wasn't about to "play along" with any "master plan" he had in mind so I went out there and destroyed my opponent.... the following day, they released me from their contract. It kinda took my by surprise, bein' new to the business an' all, but since that day, I promised myself that I'd have nothin' to do with promotions of that type. Not all promotions are like that mind ya, at least judging by the ones I've passed through that is, but they are becoming more an' more common place. Most promotions nowadays are strictly 'bout one of two things, politics or their conception of what's good for the promotion. I realize that it's not a perfect world an' all, an' while there are acceptable limits, sometimes the envelope can be pushed only so far. The point I'm referring to of course is when all the politics, all the "doin' what's good for the company" type attitude ends up compromising yer career an' ideals. There has to be an equal balance between the needs of the promotion versus the needs of the wrestler. One can't overwhelm the other cuz then yer faced with a politically motivated an' in some cases, corrupt promotion versus a puppet for a wrestler, or as has been the case of late, a poser. There are very FEW promoters out there who actually care 'bout the sport, an' even fewer who run it primarily on the merits of their own talent base. Loyalty is a two way street a, concept apparently lost on most promoters today."

(pauses momentarily as he ponders a bit more)

MAELSTROM: "Toughest opponent to date? Definitely the promoters."

LARSON: "In keeping with that theme, what would you say has been the highlight of your career, personally and professionally?"

MAELSTROM: "Personally, I would have to say whenever I get the opportunity to expose a poser for what he really is. A few months ago I exposed Alex Wylde as not only a poser, but as the true coward that he is an' more recently I exposed Manson for the overrated, insecure, imposter that he really is an' I would be lying if I said I didn't take great pleasure in humiliating them...... not 'cuz I hated them mind ya, cuz actually I don't, all I feel for guys like that is pathos. I take great pleasure in humiliating men like that simply 'cuz I it's really quite amusing looking into their vacant eyes after their facades have been torn apart. Watching them panic with rationalizations after exposing them for the phoneys they really are. I've come across more than my share of posers an' pretenders to the crown since I've been in the business, guys like Wylde, Masked Blazer, Minion, Doc Silver, Ash Draven, Castillo an' to a somewhat limited extent, the Jobber, Nevada Smith an' Golem, but the biggest poser I've come across thus far has got to be Manson. This guy has perfected fronting to an art-form. As for professionally, ironically I'd have to say that infamous day in New Japan when the NEH/UA almost ended my career. Ya see, that was the turning point not only in my career, but of my life as well. That was day I negotiated an' later breached what I commonly refer to as my impasse."

CYRUS: "Maelstrom, one can't help but realize that you have a certain mystique about you. How much of your success would you attribute to your... intimidation factor?"

MAELSTROM: "It's hard to say, but I'd imagine a lot of my success is directly linked to intimidation. Hell, I know that I'm one of the most "physically imposing" men in the entire sport, an' I definitely use that to my advantage, as would anyone in my situation. But it doesn't end there, not by a long shot. Ya see, while I don't have to look far to encounter look of fear in my opponents eyes, I also I don't have to look very far to encounter their ignorance as well. Most of them see me, a hulking mass of muscle before them, an' they tend to forget, or in most cases, choose to ASSume that I'm all muscle an' no brain. An' that's usually their last mistake. A mistake which they end up regretting in the most painful of ways..... if ya doubt me, just ask any of my opponents who were ever ignorant enough to question my intelligence. Hell, look what happened to Manson after he ASSumed that same manner of thinking at Massive Assault."

LARSON: "You talk a lot about perceptions and how you perceive things here in the GLCW. How do you perceive yourself as a champion?"

MAELSTROM: "Champion? Hell, it's just a transitional word as far as I'm concerned. Right now it just means that I was better than the top rated individual on ONE particular night. Do I feel like a champion? No. Cuz ya see, in order for me to feel like a champion, it would have to mean that I felt I defeated "a champion" to gain this strap, an' in MY view, Manson does not, and never has reflected, captured or represented the true spirit of a champion. As far as I'm concerned, I'm simply the person who has the strap that everyone wants right now. No more, no less."

CYRUS: "If you could have a dream match with one wrestler from past or present, with any stipulations you wanted, who would you fight?"

MAELSTROM: "Without a doubt Anarky. An' if I had to pick stips, I'd prefer an enclosed cage so that the match wouldn't be tarnished by interference. Two men enter an' only one man leaves."

LARSON: "You've mentioned that the GLCW has a lot of young talent. In your eyes, who do you think has a bright future here in GLCW?"

MAELSTROM: "Nemesis definitely comes to mind. As does Nikolai Ash an' Larry Tact."

LARSON: "Finally, Maelstrom, if you left this sport forever, how would you like to be remembered?"

MAELSTROM: "Kinda a senseless question since I really don't care how people perceive me now, let alone after I'm gone. But if I were to care? I suppose I'd like to be remembered simply as a man who never backed down from anyone, including the promoters and fed heads."

LARSON: "Thank you, Maelstrom, for all of your time. We certainly appreciate you showing up and we wish you the best of luck in what will most certainly
be a plethora of title defense. Would you like to say anything else?"

MAELSTROM: "It was my pleasure to help shed a little light, but before we go, I'd just like to holla something at all those hungry glory-seekers who are after this strap I have..... Reality has a new face in the GLCW.... an' it stares at 'em all through MY eyes, one match at a time."

(CUEUP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica as the fans pop huge and Maelstrom gets up without saying a word to anyone.)

LARSON: "Well folks, that's it for our first episode of THE BRUTAL TRUTH. We hope you enjoyed it and, as always, send your comments and suggestions to the league offices."

CYRUS: "Until we see you again, cats, be real... "

LARSON: "Goodnight GLCW fans."


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