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The 2002 X-Tremies


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Jan 1, 2000
Hickory USA
Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

It's a real kicker to think that GXW will be one year old in a little over two months. That aside, it's that time of year again, folks, it's awards show time. This time, we're doing it GXW style with the X-Tremies.

Listed below are the categories and the nominations decided on by the Front Office. Peruse them at your leisure and send your choices to: cdupree75@earthlink.net; penconst@abts.net; and gypsypm5k@hotmail.com. With no further ado, the categories:

* * *​

Wrestler of the Year:
Marcus Johnson
Dan Ryan
Eric Edwards

Match of the Year:
Lehew vs. Zero (Television Title, Hardcore Rules, Global Warfare)
10-Man Street Fight Invitational (Fallout)
Marcus Johnson vs. Kevin Powers (Unified Title, Impromptu Match, Global Warfare)

PPV of the Year:
When Worlds Collide: Battle for the Belts
Global Warfare

Best RPer:
Dave Brunk (Dan Ryan)
Chad Dupree (Rob Sampson)
Scott Lumley (Gemini)

Feud of the Year:
Lehew vs. Zero (Recipe For Hate)
Dupree vs. Team Phenom
Dupree vs. Zieba

Biggest Prospect for 2002:
Chris Lehew
Kin Hiroshi

Most Improved:
Ricky Payne
Chris Lehew

Moment of the Year:
Marcus Johnson winning the Unified Heavyweight Title (Global Warfare)
Zero being put through a flaming table by Chris Lehew (Global Warfare)
The Return of Zero (Fallout)

Best Tag Team:
Motor City Maniacs
Lehew and Zero
Fame and Fortune (Rob Sampson and Chris Lehew)

* * *​

Let's try and have these in by February 5th, to give you plenty of time to make your decisions. Once all the ballots are in, we'll tabulate them and then notify the winners. Why, you may ask? Because we're doing what the EWI couldn't. We're doing an actual card for the awards show. So winners will be able to write acceptance speeches, and everyone can contribute to the show in some way.

Thanks for your cooperation,

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