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TEAM Invitational Tournament Participant List


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
I'll be updating this as we get new participants...

1. The Phantom Republican
2. Problem Child (w/ Jimmy Mylde)
3. "The Undying" Rocko Daymon
4. Nova
5. Ace Mason
6. Cameron Cruise
7. Larry Tact
8. Jared Wells
9. Impulse
10. Big Wreck (w/ DUCKY~!)
11. Jonathan Marx
12. Ravager
13. Eric Thompson
14. Nate Dakota
15. "The Ragin' Redneck" Bubba J
16. Biff Busey
17. Mikey Massacre
18. "The Phenom" Shawn Jessica Bubbles Hart, PhD.
19. Sean Robinson
20. Josh Anderson
21. Brian Larsen
22. Mittens T. Cat
23. Brock Alyas
24. Tyler Rayne
25. CLAW
26. Masked Violator 2
27. The Spaniard
28. D.C. Stark
29. "The Standard" Lance Spencer
30. "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan
31. Doc Silver
32. Cassidy McKenzie
33. Christian Daniels
34. Duke Williams
35. Chris Bagwell
36. Horace Tully

Alternate List:
1. "The Butt Dominator" Olvir Arsvinnar
2. "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott
3. "New School" Layne Winters
4. Erik Mateo
5. Monsieur Fantastic IV (w. NOTTheMountie)
6. Lord Coyner Pollard
7. Otaku
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