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Take A Number, Boys


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* Kin Hiroshi's pulls his Saleen S7 out of The Nashville Arena's car garage. A big smile on his face, he cranks up his music. Layne Staley's hypnotic voice blares "Rooster" from the speakers:

Ain't Found A Way To Kill Me Yet
Eyes Burn With Stinging Sweat
Seems Every Path Leads Me To Nowhere
Wife And Kids And Household Pet
Army Green Was No Safe Bet
The Bullets Scream To Me From Somewhere...​

Kin joins in with Staley, and screams a few bars at the top of his lungs:

Here They Come to Snuff The Rooster
Yeah Here Come The Rooster
You Know He Ain't Gonna Die...​

Hiroshi's smile gets bigger as he looks at the camera man in the passenger seat. He turns down the music enough to speak directly to the camera, but Alice In Chains continues to play.

KH: Wow, seems like I've made quite a few friends tonight. Kendall Codine wants to call me a midget? Tell me that CSWA's Greensboro Title doesn't matter? Well, at least I can without a bum leg. My knees are fine, but if you wanna keep talking that trash about me...well, I just might be forced to take action. Ask Chad Dupree and Dan Ryan what that's like.

* Kin laughs, Staley's voice can be heard in the background:

Walkin' Tall Machine Gun Man
They Spit On Me In My Homeland
Gloria Sent Me Pictures...​

KH: And John Miller, geez. THE man himself. Numero uno...

* Of My Boy
Got My Pills 'Gainst
Mosquito Death...

...Don't know what I should say to you. You want to stop me? My lame bulls**t? Well, if you ask me, it's not very lame. In fact, it was something that only could have been orchestrated by a genius. Miller, you're looking at said genius. GXW isn't "Millerland", and I'm pretty sure due to copyright infringement laws it's not "Miller Time." I'm sure Zieba thought of that one up a long time ago...

* My Buddy's Breathin'
His Dyin' Breath...

...Hell, John, GXW is MY territory. It has been, it is, and will always be my domain. I run this place. Let them book the matches, because if I don't like them, well, people get hurt...

* Oh God Please Won't You Help
Me Make It Through...

...Yyou want a formal response from me? An apology for my behavior? Fine. Hell, now that I don't have to wrestle that fat piece of crap Dan Ryan at Revolution, I can sit back and watch the next two men on my list go at each other. John Miller vs Kendall Codine. I don't care who walks in, because only one is walking out, and that man [i[IS[/i] the GXW Champion.

* Kin cranks the music up, and glances back at the camera while singing the chorus one last time:

Here They Come to Snuff The Rooster
Yeah Here Come The Rooster
You Know He Ain't Gonna Die...​

*** FADE TO GOLD ***


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Now Serving Number One....

Fade In....


(A dark back backdrop, dominated by the letters GXW in blood red can be seen before us. Before that backdrop is none other than Kendall Codine, sitting upon a wooden bar stool. The area surrounding Codine is encompassed by two studio lamps, which shine light down upon his features. Black jeans, a black sleeveless t-shirt, and black boots compose the attire of Codine on this particular evening. His hair is pulled tightly into a poney-tail. After a few seconds of silence pass, Kendall Codine begins to speak on the issue at hand.)

Kin Hiroshi....

I see that you have been layed off from the circus and its quite a pleasant surprise to have you here in the GXW, keeping my spot on the top all warm and cozy. However, I have now returned and I'm here to tell you that your services are no longer needed....

(Codine pauses for a moment, collecting his thoughts before proceeding)

First and foremost, lets get a few things straight my vertically challenged friend....

Number one....

(Codine flashes a single finger before the camera)

Yes, I did call you a midget. I'm calling you a midget now and I'm pretty sure that I called you a midget at the beginning of this promo. So tell me, what are you going to do about it? Poison me? Attack me with a basket of metal, disguised as muffins?

Whatever you choose to do, I beg you to please refrain from singing or even talking for that matter. My ear drums are starting to bleed, growing tired from your mindless babble....

Number two....

(Codine flashes two fingers this time before the camera)

The CSWA Greensboro Title does not matter in the GXW. Hell, it barely matters in the CSWA. It is nothing more than a filler title to make people like you happy, while Merritt pushes his "golden boys" to the top of the world. Do you really think Merritt will ever give you the time of day, given the fact that you still have that GXW brand on your resume? Go ahead, be my guest, focus on the CSWA and all of the "glory" it has to bring you....

After all, we all see where it got Evan Aho when he left the GXW don't we?

By the way, does he even still wrestle?

(Codine pauses as he chuckles to himself, before ultimately delivering his final address)

Overall Kin, I'm growing tired of you already and I've barely been back a week. As far as I'm conerned, there's no need for me to take a number, because I'm already number one. What the hell do I have to get in line for to take a shot at you? Perhaps you may want to look back into your past and recollect what happened the last time our paths crossed....

As a whole, you're nothing more than filler. The only reason you are even in the picture right now is because of the lack of talent and backbones over the past six months. I've already made it publically known that both Rob Sampson and Dan Ryan have grown soft. Apocalypse and Kevin Powers are off in their own little world focusing on some guy just begging for air time. So basically, that just leaves you and John Miller. In other words, the front office had a lack of options....

However, now that I'm back, that's all about to change. For you see Kin, I'm well aware that you think the GXW is "your territory." Nevertheless, I'm back to prove you wrong and I'm prepared to "mark" my territory....

And if I must, I'll start marking my territory by pissing all over you....

Kin, if you feel that you are prepared, then be my guest and step on up because you're the one in MY line and as I'm sure you've already seen, the line is about a roster long....

(fade to black)

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