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Tag Team Showcase: Blitz vs French Commandos


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Rebirth in the Midwest
LIVE! from the Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon, MO
Capacity Crowd: 2,000

Tag Team Showcase: Blitz vs French Commandos​

After the terrific tag team action we experienced in the MCW Tag Team Tournament, we just had to bring you more! The runners up to the Michael Hegstrand Cup, Blitz, get a young team that has been making a name for themselves recently, the French Commandos. Will Blitz once again impose their dominance or will the French Commandos have a few tricks up their sleeve?​

STACKING RULE IN EFFECT! (Please allow 48 hours before stacking)
DEADLINE: February 11, 2007 at 11:59PM​


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Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
[FADE IN. Leonard Johnson, the manager and mastermind of Blitz, is standing alone in front of a new MCW logo – Major having been replaced by Midwest. He’s dressed, as usual, in a suit and tie, looking smart and precise]

LJ: So, here we are again. The MCW Tag Team tournament is over, and who do they book on their next card? The champions?

No. They book the team that took the champions to the limit in the final match. They book the team that destroyed the A1E Tag Team champions on their way to the final, destroyed the then reigning NAPW tag team champions, the team that has lost to only five other teams in over three years.

They book the team that gets the job done. Blitz.

And their opponents on this card? A team who waves a white flag as some attempt at making a joke based on the stereotype that the French haven’t had a decent victory led by a Frenchman since they were beating up the English in the later middle ages. A team that goes to NFL games to try and understand America in a direct rip-off of so many stereotypical teams that you wonder whether or not they’re French, or two men with nothing better to do than play pretend.

You two have been on a quest in UCW to understand America? How tired and cliché. Every single thing about you is clichéd tripe.

Even how you two work in the ring, from what little there is of you. Oh, you showed some glimmer of talent against Cruise and First, but, sadly for you, it is nowhere near enough to even worry me about the upcoming match.

Max and Jecht are stronger. Max and Jecht are more experienced. And Max and Jecht are all business in the ring. As soon as the opening bell rings, do you two know what is in store for you?

The same thing that happened in nineteen forty in less than two months. Blitzkrieg will destroy the French forces.

Utterly. Totally.

And there won’t be any American, British or Soviet forces storming through to save France this time. Instead, the combined might of an American and a German is going to continue business as always. Yes, we lost to the New and Improved DX in the finals of the MCW Tag Team Invitational, but that? Nothing. In the past. Unimportant. A minor blip, a pebble on the path towards greatness that Max and Jecht have been treading for almost ten years.

I’ll await your words with interest, French Commandos, but I don’t expect miracles. This endemic muteness that’s affecting wrestling at the moment won’t be enough to save you. Do yourselves and your country a service, and don’t turn up. Max and Jecht will be there to fight as always.

And looking at the two of you, your chances of survival are about as realistic as your accents.

Not at all.


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