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T. Waring vs Hawkeye

T. Waring

League Member
Jul 1, 2005
Nottingham, england
*The scene opens in a beach along the west coast of florida. The sun is shining and the air is humid. The sea is sparkaling in the sunlight. There beach is packed with tourists, locals and there are many ice-cream sellers trying to make a cheap buck. The camera moves to a distant part of the beach where a man and a woman are sunbathing. The man has long brownish hair and has blue flowers swimming shorts on. The girl has a very small bikini on. The bikini is sliver. As the camera moves closer we see that the man is infact EUWC rookie "The commander" T. Waring. The woman must be his assitant Grace.*

Waring: What a nice day it is today. The sun is shining. Im getting more of a tan and i don't have to listen to you b*tch on about me losing after i proved that i can get the job done. I also proved that im not all mouth.

Grace: Well, lets not get carried away. You have never pinned Odinist.

Waring: Ah, i did defeat him however. I pinned his bumbling pet monkey Gunner Larrerson. That match was a joke. Then Odinist defeated me. However we meet again under new rules and a new enviroment.

Grace: Also you have a tough match at MainFrame. You got.....

Waring: I dont care who i got. I am unbeatable with my trusty sledgehammer. You never know when you might need it. With me winning the match against Sevyn, i can now forget he existes as i dominated the match with a great performance, and i rather liked the shot i gave to sevyn as well.

Grace: Like I was saying you got Hawkeye.

Waring: Who?


Waring: No my dear, i had forgotten who this Hawkeye was and then i remember. The man who cost me my chance at the U.S title. The man who lost to that loser Lord Anthrag, who by the way, blew it at MainFrame. It seems Anthrag has become temp buddies with the Revloution.

*Waring sits up and takes a long drink from his hipflask. He then goes into his bag and picks out the sledgehammer. He points at it as he speaks.*

Waring: You see this Hawkeye. This is what you need to fear. I dont need to manager, tag team, stable, commantary partner or anything esle except my sledgehammer at ring side. You see with this at my side I am unstopable. I shall prove this next week at MainFrame and I shall prove it at Sizzler. Hawkeye, you remind me of a rookie me. You came into the business with potentail, ability and you had skills. However, unlike me you will fall at the first hurdle. You will fall at my feet and you will beg me not to end you. It depends really. I might chose to end you. Take away what maybe a great career. Or, I might just leave you begging, and walk out as the winner. Then I will walk onto Sizzler as the no1 contender for the Euro title. Then I will walk onto Ultra Ball VII as the euro champ and you hawkeye will be relegated to watching Ultra Ball from your living room in your cheap flat. You will watch me win and you will say, "Man I wish i was him." Then you will come back and fall at more hurdles. Just face it kid, you aint in my leauge and you sure as hell wont ever be. Take some Advice from a winner. Just Lay down for me at Mainframe, then go home, rethink your career and then join RBW and work for the minor leauges.

*With the statement Waring tosses a towel onto the camera and the screen fades to the EUWC logo.*

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