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SuperShow IX Information Thread


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Jun 18, 2004
WHERE: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA
WHEN: The kayfabed date will most likely be Sunday, June 29th 2008. Whether the show is posted on that date is another matter in and of itself :p
SHOW THEME SONG: Weezer - "Get Dangerous"

Why am I giving you the show's theme song? Because the theme of the show is to "get dangerous." We have a shooter and the craziest MFer in the industry in the Merritt Final, so the bar for insanity without gimmicks is set. If you're stuck for RP material, use the mantra "Everybody get dangerous" as your inspiration. This is especially relevant for the FFA~! match, where there are no rules other than the elimination process.

Keep this thread in mind! I'll be updating it with various things that I glean from the RP threads. Don't be afraid to get creative and above all else, get dangerous.

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