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[SUPERIORITY] Danny Collins vs Angel of Death


League Member
Nov 20, 2003
(Scene opens on a new Victorian-style house on the outskirts of Toronto. It's late at night, and only a few lights can be seen inside. Sitting on the front steps is Angel of Death, dressed in a black casual dress shirt, and black jeans, with black hiking boots on his feet. His hair is pullled back into a ponytail, and his eyes are dark as they survey the land around him.)

AOD: The house looks good. Thankfully, I was able to find copies of the blueprints in the city archives so that I could restore what Sean Taylor destroyed a little while ago. Now I have my house back, and I can focus on what's ahead of me. That being the International Title tournament, and Danny Collins.

(He pauses, looking out into the darkness.)

AOD: You know why they call you "Dangerous," Danny? Because having you on a broadcast risks low ratings. You got everywhere you did because of somebody else. You rode the coat tails of STEALTH as far as the World Heavyweight Title, a belt you were handed so that Taylor would look better beating you for it than Holocaust. At least when I was World Champion, it's because I was thrown the ball. I may have dropped it, but at least people expected me to be able to carry it. Not asked to hold it for someone else. You've always been nothing, hell, less than nothing Collins. Now you have your little brother, who frankly, seems to be following in your footsteps and trying to ride your coat tails to the top. Well your meteoric rise stops here. The International Title is one step closer to becoming World Champion again. I intend on reaching the end of this tournament, and claiming what's mine for the taking. You're going to be just a stepping stone to greatness.

(He stands, and begins to head back inside. At the top of the stairs, just as he reaches the landing, he turns back towards the camera.)

AOD: At least take some comfort in this Danny. Even though you won't make it past the first round of the tournament, the man who beat you is the one who will be the next International Champion.

(He turns back towards the door, and heads inside. Fade to black.)

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