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'Superb' Dick Fury


Reverend Asshole
Jan 16, 2006
Wrestler Name: Dick Fury

Nicknames (if applicable):
"Superb" Dick Fury, You Baby's Real Daddy, Mr. Jizztastic, Supreme Sleaze


Weight: 218lbs

Hollywood, CA

Birthdate: Forever Young Baby

Physical appearance:

Ring gear:
See Above

Theme music: "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon

Ring entrance: As long as it has sleaze and a couple bimbo's in tight white "I <3 Dick" t-shirts, we're good.

Face or heel?: Heel, but to the women his cock is a face.

Gimmick: Dick is sleazy, and he loves the ladies.... as long as they are in the kitchen, the bedroom, or occasionally on the pole. He speaks only in third person, 100% of the time.

Ring style: Versatile, Not sexually though. That's just a rumor.

Brief biography: Apart of the Wingate family of pro wrestlers (all of whom go under the Fury moniker), Dick is the last remaining active competitor in the family. Nephew to the late Matt "The Hitman" Fury and cousin to James Wingate III who runs the United Toughness Alliance, Dick is still coming into his own.

Although Dick has worked for several main stream promotions, he is most widely known on the independent circuit.

Three strengths:
- Very good at technical maneuvers
- Quick thinker, and can reverse a wide variety of basic moves
- The kind of the rest hold. He'll lock you into s sleeper or arm bar like a pro.

Three weaknesses:
- He will cheat and not even try to hide it, thus losing matches when the referee has had enough.
- He is vein, so at times his ego will cause him to taunt when he shouldn't, or pay more attention to the crowd than his opponent. The schoolboy roll up is his arch nemesis.
- Dick isn't that much of a high flyer, even though he tries to be at times. He will usually botch top rope maneuvers.

5-10 signature maneuvers:
1. The Moneyshot - Double Leg Dropkick to the Face
2. Boobplex - German Suplex in which Dick grabs the breast of the person he is facing. Only used in inter-gender matches
3. Nut to Butt - German Suplex
4. Strong Arm Slam - Northern Lights Suplex
5. The Fluffer - Pumphandle Slam
6. The Quickie - Snap Suplex
7. No Homo - Belly-to-belly Suplex
8. Pimp Slap/Bitch Slap - Backhand Slap
9. Slingshot DDT - Fury does a slingshot, shooting his opponent into the corner post. As they hit, the bounce back and stumble as they turn, falling forward where he swoops in, grabs their neck and drops with a DDT.

Finishing maneuver:
Starfucker (Or Starsucker for the kiddies) - Double Underhook Facebuster

Last but not least…PM brusch one secret about your character that will not be immediately apparent or obvious.
Jan 23, 2013
Hopefully everyone on the roster is sufficiently protected against herpes.

Also, you don't need to tindeck Dick's music, just post a close up of his lips.

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