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Stop playing Batman you cunt.

J The Ripper

FWrestling's Reckoning
Jul 16, 2011
You heard.

I apologize to everyone that signed up. At the first of June I had a massive mental breakdown due to I suppose stress overload mixed with my stage 2 bipolar disorder. At the time of typing this I'm still being held from work. It's been extended further because my mom goes into surgery Monday morning. They're anxious it may be cancer and I'll be taking care of her the first week of recovery. If they have to actually open her up it'll take longer and my psychologist has me on this one minute at a time deal. Part of me decompressing as Scott put it was me playing Arkham Knight which my psychologist encouraged me to continue to do. Maybe that's too much info and I don't want pity I simply wanted to tell the truth. I have no set time for when I'll be "better" but my mom always comes first. Well I need to try to sleep now. Things to do tomorrow, in bed early Sunday, and have to be at Emory at 7:30 AM for her surgery. I'll see if there's interest in doing something whenever the shit storm calms. Until then I can only say I'm sorry.

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