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Steve "Axion" Jackson


League Member
Apr 11, 2012
Saint Paul, MN
Wrestler Name: Steve Jackson
Nicknames (if applicable): Axion
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 251 lbs
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Birthdate: 10/1984

Physical appearance: Severe looking, yet attractive; Defined jawline with permanent two-day old stubble; dark brown eyes and a gaze that Clint Eastwood would be proud of; dark brown hair, just below shoulder length, that almost always appears to be in need of shampoo, which he slicks back and will occasionally wear in a bun; full sleeve tattoos, mostly old-skool and Japanese in style, with a large eagle on the chest grasping an axe and broken chains in its claws, and knuckle tattoos that spell out "hopeless"'; Very fit but not extremely defined
Ring gear: White tudo trunks with black piping on the sides and openings to torso and legs; Image of two crossed hatchets with a wolf skull in the middle on the back side in black; black knee pads and black wrist tape; black boots with blank white kick pads with black piping; will often wear a black zip-up hoodie with the hood up with a white towel around his neck to the ring
Theme music: "Tree of Suffocating Souls" by Triptykon
Ring entrance: The squealing dissonance that opens "Tree of Suffocating Souls" primes the crowd for Axion's stern brand of intensity. As the introductory passage of the track ends, Axion comes through the curtains purposefully. He will look at the crowd occasionally, and talk a little trash depending on the alignment of the opponent he is facing, but his focus is on the ring. Axion always walks up the ring steps to enter the squared circle, and will stride about half way down the apron before quickly stepping through the ropes, spinning in a 380 and raising his arms above his head as if he is lifting an axe to deliver a deadly overhead strike, all as the heavier riffing of the first verse begins. He finishes facing the hard camera, and methodically lowers his arms until his hands cover his face, where he releases his axe grip and begins to focus on the match. He will then move to his corner, where he will always stretch before the bell rings, and as it does he will slap his thighs and chest quickly several times as a way of priming himself for competition.

Face or heel?: Neutral, but leaning to the heel side
Gimmick: Aggressive, heavily tattooed competitor with a vicious mean streak inside of the ring, and an arrogant yet calm demeanor outside of it
Ring style: A combination of gritty technical grappling and Japanese puroresu strong style; dynamic and very offensively focused
Brief biography: Steve is an intense but exceedingly keen man, usually of few words. He grew up in an orphanage in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, and was a drifter before ending up in a gym and finding his calling at the age of 21. He clawed his way through small promotions until he made a name for himself in the opening rounds of the 2012 Ultratitle tournament. Despite the growing interest of major promotions in North America, Steve instead chose to hone his craft even further in the puroresu dojos of Japan. Now, as an even more well rounded and battle hardened wrestler, Steve is ready to take the North American circuit by storm. While humor can find him at times, he has a no bullshit attitude and uses his temper and aggression to his advantage, despite it getting the best of him at times. He prides himself on always being the one to finish a fight. He has a deep connection to the subculture of metal, hardcore and punk, and believes his tattoos are artistic representations of his inner self. He has some training in various forms of martial arts but prefers to instinctually react with his strength, quickness and intelligence rather than devise a true strategy. Will utilize all parts of the ring and surrounding area, but excels at running the ropes and delivering high impact strikes and slams. Not the type to band together with others, unless it directly benefits him.

Three strengths:

Three weaknesses:

5-10 signature maneuvers:
"The Cleaver" - high angle uranage side slam
"Guillotine Elbow Drop" - pointed elbow drop from second rope to opponents neck
Spinebuster into corner, transitioning into stomps (counter) - After being whipped into the corner, Axion will step out to his opponent as they are running to hit a corner splash or clothesline. He then lifts them into a twisting spinebuster, with their lower back landing on the middle turnbuckle, and their head hitting the top. He then stomps his opponent down. On occasion, Axion will perform the spinebuster and then take off towards the ropes, as his opponent is walking out towards the middle clutching their back, and Axion will recoil and hit Off With His Head.
Snapmare into downed dropkick to the head, pectoral stretch or rear naked choke
Elbow strikes
Roundhouse kick
Thrusting front kick
Kneeling shin chokehold with applied wrist lock to frontside arm
Swinging Hangman's Neckbreaker
Snap Scoop Powerslam (often done to running opponent)
Jumping kneedrop to downed opponent's neck

Finishing maneuver:
Off With His/Her Head - high impact running discus lariat (Axion will taunt his opponent before attempting this move by showing his opponent his knuckle tattoos and yelling variations on "You're hopeless!")
Hopeless Driver (USED RARELY) - stalling reverse suplex cutter (used only in hotly contested title matches of blow-offs to heated feuds)

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