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[SS 2005] AOD vs Jay Smash vs Danny Collins


League Member
Jul 1, 2005
Long Island, NY
(Bells are sounding, and young men and women are up at a stage, singing beautifully within the dim lit church. Images of the bible are designed across the walls, and the windows formed with plexiglass describe the final steps that Jesus took before crucified to the cross shown in a large life like cross on the back of the stage. Candles lights the sides of the stage, and a confession room can be seen at the side, where the disease himself enters. A minute passes as he sits patiently, with no movement, head down, whispering to himself. Finally, a priest enters through the other side and takes a seat as well. The priest begins with the prayer of the sign of the cross, and it begins)

Jay Smash:................... Forgive me Father..... For I have sinned.

Priest: And how many days has it been since your last confession my son?

Jay Smash: Too long Father..... Too long...... Actually...... I have not come for forgiveness.... No.... I’ve come for you to forgive me...





Jay Smash: What’s wrong Father? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

(The priest sits up, pushes the door open, and tries to leave, but falls to the ground as if he were about to have a heart attack. The other side slowly opens in the confession stand and the "ghost" walks over to the priest who grabs hold of his cross and begins to pray before he is confronted by the large man frightening him.)

Jay Smash: Just breath. Its all right. Have I scared you? Are you afraid of me? What is there to be afraid of? You’re not afraid of the devil are you? You’re not frightened of the demons he sets forth upon this world. Why are afraid of me then? Maybe, because I don’t fear the devil. Maybe because, I have no fears. Are you afraid of what I might do? Do you think I’m a sick human being? No... I’m not the sick one. You and your people..... Believing in this. Believing in something that you really know nothing about. Where were you two thousand years ago? Did you see this happen? Did you watch this man sacrifice himself for yours and the sins of everyone else? Did you watch him get whipped to a bloody mess? Did you see him hang on the cross after those nails went through his body? Do you know that this has happened? Answer me? Where is your faith Father? Because I have none! This didn’t happen! This is a story for people like you to believe in something good! What GOD!?! The god that gave human beings the very thought of evil? Well then.... God is one sick son of a *****! He is a freak! The biggest f*ck up of them all!

(The priest stands up, first with his eyes shut, then finally, standing up to the large man in front of him, and opens his eyes, trying to stay unafraid, but the very look in the eyes of the man in front of him, causes tears to fall from his face, and his body to shake. He still stands, but desperately wants to looks away and fall down.)

Priest: May God forgive you my son. You are still one of God’s creations, and I shall pray for you. Life may have many problems. Troubles will come my son.... But they shall pass. I am sorry for your loss, but they are in a better place. Do not go back down to this man. Jay Smash, I cannot force you to believe in something.... It is your choice.... I choose to believe.... I have faith in the Lord, and I am strong enough to love everything and everyone.

Jay Smash: Your god.... is nothing! If there is such a god, then allow this god to try and stop me from doing what I plan to do to the good people of EUWC. I found where my mind was leading me. I’ve been there for a month preparing for something I have been waiting to do for a year, so where is God now? I am going to show Angel of Death and Danny Collins, that there really is no god. They will believe, because they will find, against me, there is no hope. They will do what they can, but I won’t go down. I felt like the pain should just go away, and that I could not wait for someone to end it all... Now.... That time has passed. Your god has taken too long.... Now it’s my turn. Now, they will pay, because I had to pay. They will give me the pain that I want, because I will make them give it to me. You.... Believe in what you want to believe, but while you watch these people suffer... These amazing athletes fall to my feet, you ask yourself, where God is.

(So much evil in his face as he grabs the priest and holds him up off the ground, where they meet eye to eye. His eyes begin to turn red, his teeth grind together as he speaks and a shadow seems to cast over his face as if the darkness is following he every step.)

Jay Smash: There is nothing stopping us from killing each other come Summer Sizzler. There was nothing that could stop us at Main Frame. The authority couldn't keep us away, and there is nothing they can do when Angel of Death, and Danny Collins give up to me! They will give up, and you will see how far faith goes. You will see that God can't help them, and will bow down to me! Father, you are small... you are weak... don't deny it! Show me God at Summer Sizzler! Show me God! Show me that there is hope for them! There is no hope..... They have no more time..... I am here.... I am waiting..... No.... I’m done waiting...... This is just the beginning..... No hope.... There is the disease I spread...... Because I am the God of no hope...... Follow me, and see just how much better it will be. Follow me, and go further than your god could ever go. It was the thought that was breaking me down.... Now I'm here, standing tall... and how do you feel!?! How's your faith Father!?! Be afraid! Because you'll find your life really has no meaning in the end.... But I... I will forever be remembered, and those who believe in me, will be free to spread the disease as I do. Let the Days of the Disease continue....

(The priest is dropped back to the ground, and he watches as the disease leaves, only to leave a chill that sends the priest falling to his knees in tears... The chill doesn’t go away, and the feeling of this disease only grows worse)

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