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South Bend Riptide 07


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN: Lady Veronica stands backstage with Masked Blazer, he is wearing a red and black mask, a black sleeveless shirt with a picture of his mask on the front and Demon Storm on the back, and a pair of black jeans. He takes the mic from Lady V and begins to speak)

MASKED BLAZER: "Everybody here in the GLCW is probably wondering what my problem with Jarod Poe is. Well part of it has already been covered, but there is a much larger part that I've never told anyone until now. Jarod, remember the good times we had when you were training with me in Detroit? Remember how you, your beautiful wife, and I would constantly joke around and watch movies together? Those were the good old days until you sold out and decided that the spotlight was more important than your friends and family.
You had no idea what you did to you wife by leaving her alone for months at a time. She was always depressed, and started to drink a lot. I knew she wasn't going to last long with you on the road so I called you to get you to come back.

<Blazer sheds a few tears and begins shaking then screams at the top of his lungs>.

How nice would that have been if it were true Jarod. The fact is you left on the road and your wife stayed here in Detroit to raise your child. Who did she come to for comfort? Who did she come to for support? Who did she come to for affection? It was ME, Poe, I used her like the piece of trash she was and sent her packing. I got what I needed out of her, but now you need something from her. You need her to watch over you because in the future I will meet up with you in the ring and only a power from the spiritual world will be able help you......Keep in mind Kid, I'm doing this for your own good....."

(he abruptly throws the microphone down and leaves the area, Lady V just stands there terrified)

(CUTTO: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman at the announce table)

TONY ROSS: "Very disturbing words there from Masked Blazer. I really don’t think everything’s going the way it should up there."

RICK WISEMAN: "That’s the understatement of the night Tony. Masked Blazer has some definite issues he needs to take care of and unfortunately for Jarod Poe, most of them seem to have to do with him. Let’s see if Poe hears of that tonight, and if that will effect his upcoming title match."

T.R.: "In the mean time, we have our featured bout of the evening, and it is for the GLCW World Tag Team Championship, with The Unholy Alliance, who have been destroying everyone in their path to date, taking on a team that may be their toughest challenge to date, The Movement."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the GLCW World Tag Team Championship!! (crowd pops, CUE-UP: "Theme to Quake II" by Rob Zombie) Coming to the ring, accompanied by Britni Kelley, weighing in at a combined weight of 549 lbs., Rocky Wellington, and Shane Rockwell, THE MOVEMENT!"

(the team gets a surprisingly nice pop from the crowd, even though it seems as though most of it is for Britni, as she bounces to the ring in a pink halter, and a black miniskirt, The Movement follows her, a look of determination on each of their faces, as they ignore the crowd completely, CUE-UP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica)

M.F.: "And they’re opponents, from Pandora Island. weighing in at a combined weight of 580 lbs., they are the GLCW World Tag Team Champions, Flatliner and Kraven, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!!!!"

(crowd boos LOUDLY as Kraven and Flatliner walk to the ring, they are all business, as they stroll into the ring, never taking their gaze from their opponents)

T.R.: "And here we go, the two teams immediately begin leveling into each other. Kraven goes after Wellington, while Flatliner and Rockwell duke it out. Now, this is the first match for this team that I recall them not having JC at ringside Rick."

R.W.: "That’s right, Tony, JC was unceremoniously ‘kicked to the curb’ as you might say, after word broke that he bribed the Movement to help the Unholy Alliance win those tag team titles."

T.R.: "That didn’t go over at all in their camp, and JC paid the price for it."

R.W.: "Now, it appears as though the referee has regained something resembling order in this match, and Kraven and Wellington are now the legal men."

T.R.: "It’s an interesting perspective to see how the two smaller men on each team fare against each other. Kraven starts out by winning a test of strength and sending Rockwell down. Rockwell powers back and answers with a kick to the gut. Off the ropes, Kraven ducks a scissors kick, Rockwell blocks a punch, answers with one of his own. Kraven launches a knee to the gut, drags Rockwell over to his corner, and makes a tag to Flatliner."

R.W.: "It seems as though they’re going to try to keep Rockwell isolated early."

T.R.: "Might not work though as Rockwell begins to hammer on both men, somersaults out of the corner, and makes the tag to Wellington. Now the larger man on each team faces off."

R.W.: "Collar and elbow, Wellington goes for a slam, Flatliner blocks, Flatliner executes one of his own. Elbow drop connects with Wellington’s chest, knocking the air of him. Quick tag over to Kraven, he hops back in, standing leg drop. He now wrenches the arm with an armbar, and snaps down hard, Wellington seems to be in a good deal of pain here."

T.R.: "Another quick tag to Flatliner. The tag champs are working well as a unit here. DDT by Flatliner onto Wellington. Conventional wisdom would say to isolate the bigger man, as he may be less mobile, and have less stamina, but Kraven and Flatliner are doing a number on Wellington here. He picks up again, Inverted DDT. Here’s a cover, 1-2-and Wellington kicks out!"

R.W.: "Another tag back to Kraven. Off the ropes, and misses a knee drop! Wellington attempts to make the tag but gets cut off by Kraven who brings him back to his corner. Flatliner raises his big boot, and Kraven sends Wellington’s face right into it. He has him up, Piledriver! Cover, 1-2-and again Wellington kicks out. Another tag back to Flatliner. He goes for a German suplex, Wellington blocks, go around, picks up Flatliner and Hot Shots him on the top rope! Can Wellington make it to the corner?"

T.R.: "YES HE CAN! Just as Kraven gets a tag, so does Rockwell, and here comes the big Texan! A clothesline for Kraven, a clothesline for Flatliner. Another for Kraven! A powerslam for Flatliner, the Unholy Alliance clears the ring, as Shane Rockwell has cleared house!"

R.W.: "This is exactly what The Movement needed, Wellington was able to make the tag, and Rockwell sent the champs reeling."

T.R.: "Back in, Kraven runs off the ropes ducks a clothesline and gets flattened by Rockwell. The champs are in trouble now, he has Kraven in a full nelson, FULL NELSON SLAM! Here’s the cover, 1-2-3 NO!!!! Flatliner broke up the cover just in time, as Kraven was out!"

R.W.: "Rockwell can’t believe it, as he thought he definitely had the pinfall there. Kraven slowly staggers back to his feet. Rockwell makes the tag to Wellington. He hits a snap suplex! Cover, 1-2- and this time Kraven kicks out!!"

T.R.: "Kraven is whipped into the ropes, and makes a blind tag to Flatliner! Wellington didn’t see it as he has Kraven up, and Flatliner comes behind with a vicious neckbreaker. All four men are in the ring now, and Kraven send Rockwell sprawling with a clothesline as both men tumble to the outside! Flatliner has Wellington, DEVIL’S DROP POWERBOMB, THAT WAS OUT OF NOWHERE!! Here’s a cover! 1-2-3!!!!!!! Holy smoke! Flatliner just hit the Devil’s Drop out of nowhere, and the Unholy Alliance wins!!"

MATT FALEY: "Here are your winners, and STILL GLCW World Tag Team Champions, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!!!!!" (CUE-UP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica)

R.W.: "Everything looked to be looking up for The Movement, but all it took was one move, and that was it. That is a vicious move Flatliner contains in his arsenal, and just like that it was over!"

T.R.: "Still, The Movement definitely have a bright future ahead of them, and they have nothing to be ashamed of here tonight."

(CUTTO: Jarod Poe meditating in his locker room)

R.W.: "There’s Jarod Poe preparing for his match tonight. You also have to wonder if the comments of Masked Blazer are on his mind. Our main event is next!!!!’

(fade to commercial)

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