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South Bend Riptide 06


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN: The bathroom of the locker room. Sean Edmunds is locking himself in a bathroom stall, as Jean Rabesque enters the bathroom, and begins banging on the door, officials enter right after him, and restrain Rabesque)

RABESQUE: "Come on Edmunds! Come on out you little B####! I’ll kill you! Just wait, you won’t know when it’s coming, but I’m going to take you out! Trust me on that one Edmunds!!"

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick at the announce booth)

TONY ROSS: "Jean Rabesque is not too happy right now, but he’s going to have to put that out of his mind, as he has a match next against Jon Skieler."

RICK WISEMAN: "That’s very true, but at the same time, Skieler’s also going to be a bit distracted, considering he just attacked Troy Martinez and Martinez is not going to be happy about that at all. Let’s get up to the ring."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall... (CUE-UP: "The Girl That I Love" by Led Zeppelin) Coming to the ring, from Houston, Texas, weighing in at 274 lbs. here is JON SKIELER!!!!"

(crowd boos as Skieler walks to the ring a bit nervously, he continues to look over his shoulder towards the back, as he enters the ring, CUE-UP: "Shapes of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band, the crowd pops)

M.F.: "And his opponent, from Montreal, Quebec, weighing in at 245 lbs., JEAN RABESQUE!!"

(Rabesque walks to the ring quickly, and sheds his "No False Gimmicks" shirt halfway down the ramp, he is obviously still intense after what just happened, and begins to run, and dives into the ring)

T.R.: "It looks like Jean Rabesque is going to take out his frustration on Skieler, as he immediately attacks. Skieler fires back though, and takes the smaller Rabesque down. Rabesque jumps back up though, and lands some shots of his own. Skieler catches Rabesque coming off the ropes though with a nice clothesline. Quick cover, 1- and Rabesque kicks out. It seems as though Skieler wants to end this match early!"

R.W.: "And here comes the reason why. Troy Martinez is slowly walking towards the ring, and Skieler notices him, and is very distracted, this gives Rabesque a chance to come from behind and take out Skieler’s knee. Rabesque now drops an elbow on that knee, in what seems to be an attempt to weaken Skieler’s knee for the Figure 4 leglock!"

T.R.: "Skieler kicks out of it now, and looks at Martinez, who is just standing on the outside of the ring, motionless. Skieler looks scared now as he continues the attack on Rabesque. He continues to look to the outside of the ring, Martinez has him intimidated!"

R.W.: "You can’t be distracted against a man like Rabesque, and he shows that now. Skieler was coming in, and Rabesque grabbed him, and through him to the outside of the ring. And now Martinez is walking slowly towards Skieler, and Skieler sees him, and dives back into the ring, right into a Rabesque elbow."

T.R.: "Rabesque is a ring veteran who will take advantage of any mistake Skieler makes. And now he picks him up, T-BONE SUPLEX TO SKIELER! And Rabesque is again in control. He has him again, Piledriver! Here’s a cover, 1-2- and Skieler kicks out. The crowd is behind Rabesque, as he calls for the Figure 4. He has a leg, SMALL PACKAGE, 1-2-and Rabesque just gets out. We almost had an exact repeat of what just happened in the Martinez/Edmunds match."

R.W.: "But now Skieler hits some forearms to Rabesque’s face. And now, head and arm suplex. He whips Rabesque into the ropes, he might be going for the Rampage Slam! But Martinez is climbing to the apron, and Skieler notices him, and drops Rabesque. Skieler is now staring directly at Martinez, who stares back!"

T.R.: "But Skieler turns around, FLYING CROSSBODY BY RABESQUE! COVER! 1-2-3!!!! Rabesque got the pin!!!" (CUE-UP: "Shapes of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band)

M.F: "Here is your winner.....JEAN RABESQUE!!"

R.W.: "And now Troy Martinez has The Eradication on Skieler in the middle of the ring! Skieler is tapping out completely, and Martinez seems to have snapped! Rabesque is looking on from the outside with a huge smile on his face!"

T.R.: "But here comes Sean Edmunds!! Edmunds just sneak attacked Rabesque and hits the Northern Lights Suplex on the outside!! Rabesque is out cold on the floor, and Sean Edmunds has taken off to the back! What else can happen here tonight?? Stay tuned, we’ll be right back!"

(fade to commercial)

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