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South Bend Riptide 04


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
FADEIN: Matt Faley once again standing in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "This match is scheduled for one fall. But first the special guest referee.. (CUE-UP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson) Please welcome, the GLCW World Heavyweight Champion, MIKE MANSON!!!!!!!"

(the crowd gives the loudest negative pop of the night as Manson, strolls out to ringside in an untucked referee’s shirt and black pants, carrying a jar of peanut butter, as well as a spoon, which he scoops into the jar and eats, smiling to the crowd as he enters the ring)

M.F.: "Now coming to the ring... (CUE-UP: "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed) from Scotch Plains, NJ, weighing in at 227 lbs., ‘THE LOST CAUSE’ CHRIS O’NEILL!!!"

(crowd boos for O’Neill, as he jogs to the ring with his hooded sweatshirt on, generally ignoring the crowd, as he enters the ring. (CUE-UP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica)

M.F.: "And his opponent, from Pandora Island, weighing in at 290 lbs. THIS IS MAELSTROM!!!!!"

(crowd nearly explodes as Maelstrom walks down the ramp, he looks towards the crowd, but makes little reaction as he continues to walk slowly down the ramp, as he enters the ring, he just glares at Manson, who gives him a huge cocky smile, as he holds onto his jar of peanut butter)

TONY ROSS: "Maelstrom has entered the ring, and is staring at Mike Manson, who just stands with his peanut butter. That jar continues to be an enigma for me, as to why Manson has it out here."

RICK WISEMAN: "But Maelstrom is distracted, and O’Neill attacks to begin the match. Maelstrom shot off the ropes, into an O’Neill clothesline, quick cover, 1-2- fast count by Manson but Maelstrom manages to get a shoulder up!"

T.R.: "If looks could kill, then we’d be planning a funeral for Manson right now based on the glare Maelstrom just gave him, an obvious fast count by Manson. O’Neill kicks Maelstrom in the back of the head, and another cover, 1-2-and another fast count that Maelstrom gets out of!"

R.W.: "No one really expected Manson to be fair in this match, and he has definitely lived up to expectations. O’Neill lands some punches to Maelstrom, but Maelstrom fires back, kick, and another, and a huge powerslam by Maelstrom to O’Neill. Here’s a cover, and....."

T.R.: "Look at Manson, he is just standing there eating peanut butter while Maelstrom makes a cover. Maelstrom is now arguing with Manson, but remember, he can’t touch him during the match! O’Neill comes behind, ROLL-UP, 1-2- and Maelstrom just gets his shoulder up ahead of Manson’s count."

R.W.: "Maelstrom goes back on the attack, he lays some punches into O’Neill, and lands a forearm square into his back, O’Neill goes down to the mat, and Maelstrom again glares to Mike Manson. Maelstrom has O’Neill up again, PILEDRIVER!! Here’s a cover, and again Manson refuses to make the count!!"

T.R.: "I’m beginning to wonder how exactly Maelstrom can win this match Rick. Manson is refusing to make a count for him, and fast counts through every O’Neill cover. Right now, he’s just standing there....eating peanut butter! Maelstrom picks up O’Neill OVER HIS HEAD.... and DROPS HIM TO THE MAT! Maelstrom starts to make a cover, but he looks up at Manson, who just smiles at him with his peanut butter. Maelstrom isn’t even going to bother with a cover. Instead, who goes over and gets in Manson’s face. O’Neill is now getting to his feet, LOW BLOW TO MAELSTROM! Mael’s face is painting a thousand words right now, that didn’t feel good, O’Neill follows with a running bulldog! And now, a standing shooting star press! Here’s the cover, 1-2- and as much as Manson tried to make that count, Maelstrom somehow got out of it."

R.W.: "The odds are obviously against Maelstrom, but he isn’t the toughest man in the GLCW for nothing. O’Neill is now climbing to the top, he might be going for his own 450 splash, and HE MISSES! Maelstrom moves out of the way, and the crowd comes alive as Maelstrom has fought through everything here and tries to get back to his feet. The two men get to their feet at the same time. Maelstrom blocks a punch and lands one of his own!! That sent O’Neill flying across the ring!"

T.R.: "The momentum has definitely shifted, but how can Maelstrom end the match? Manson refuses to make the count. In the mean time, Maelstrom executes a belly to back suplex, and almost cripples O’Neill in the process! That kid is in a world of hurt.!"

R.W.: "Well, ever since he arrived in the GLCW, O’Neill has vowed to end the careers of the so-called ‘Established’ superstars, and Maelstrom is definitely that. O’Neill hasn’t been able to follow up on any of those chances to date, and Maelstrom is punishing him now!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom hits another belly to back suplex! And he tries a cover hesitantly, and Manson continues to eat peanut butter in the corner. He’s not even watching the match!!"

R.W.: "Once again, Maelstrom confronts Manson, and Manson continues to smile. Wait, O’Neill is getting to his feet, he’s coming behind Maelstrom, and Mael turns around clotheslines him!!"

T.R.: "Wait, Rick, here it is! MORTAL SIN IS LOCKED IN! Maelstrom has the Mortal Sin locked in on O’Neill, and he is screaming in pain! Maelstrom is glaring at Manson right now, and Manson is just standing there! For God’s sake, end the match, Maelstrom is going to cripple the kid!!"

R.W.: "Manson continues to do nothing, as O’Neill continues to scream in agony. Maelstrom yells ‘Come on’ to Manson. Manson really has no choice here, but he continues to stand there. O’Neill is very clearly submitting."

T.R.: "Manson walks over to O’Neill, acting like he can’t hear him. Finally, HE CALLS FOR THE BELL!"

MATT FALEY: Here is your winner.... MAELSTROM!!! (before the music can even begin playing, Maelstrom attacks Manson with a vicious clothesline)

T.R.: "Maelstrom is attacking Manson!! And he is allowed to do this, because Commissioner Krusher said Maelstrom couldn’t touch Manson DURING THE MATCH. He is now laying into Manson with kicks as Manson scrambles for the ropes! But here comes the Unholy Alliance!! Kraven and Flatliner are making their way to the ring. And Maelstrom hits a clothesline on Kraven, a back body drop for Flatliner! Maelstrom is standing tall here in the ring! But Manson comes from behind with a vicious low blow!!"

R.W.: "The numbers got to be too much for Maelstrom, as now the Unholy Alliance pounds on Maelstrom as Manson directs traffic in the ring. And now, they drag him over to the ropes. Maelstrom is being tied up! There’s nothing he can do. Now Manson walks up to him, and he breaks the jar of peanut butter on Maelstrom's head!!! What a disgrace here!"

T.R.: "And here come Jean Rabesque and Golem!! Jean Rabesque and Golem are coming to the ring, and the trio of Manson, Kraven, and Flatliner bail out of the ring, as Rabesque and Golem attend to Maelstrom! It appears as though we may have two very unusual alliances forming here in the GLCW! Manson and the Unholy Alliance are celebrating as they leave the ring area, but Maelstrom picked up a hard fought win." (CUEUP: "Enter Sandman" as Maelstrom rises to his feet)

R.W.: "None of these feuds are even close to being over, and we may see more tonight. Fans, stay with us here at Riptide emanating from beautiful South Bend, Indiana, we’ll be right back!!!"

(fade to commercial)

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