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South Bend Riptide 02


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN: Tony and Rick at the announce booth)

TONY ROSS: "Ok, we’re back here at Riptide here in South Bend, Indiana. Now, we have to go back to Racine at our last Riptide. Brett Irvine was taking on Nick Kurtel in a very hard fought match, until Gridlock made their presence known. Nuke, one of the members of that team got to the ring, and leveled Irvine right in the eye with a brass knuckles! Irvine has been out of action since then, and he returns tonight, against another one of Sly Sterling’s men, Angel Castillo."

RICK WISEMAN: "It was unfortunate to see what happened to Irvine, but the kid is showing a lot of heart by being out here tonight. But you know he’s going to be at a disadvantage against Castillo. If there’s one thing Castillo can do, it’s take advantage of an opponent’s weakness. Let’s get up to the ring."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "This contest is scheduled for one fall. (CUEUP: "Pure Trauma" by Downset) Coming to the ring, from Miami, FL, weighing in at 234 lbs. being accompanied to the ring by Sly Sterling, he is 'EL DIABLO' ANGEL CASTILLO!!"

(the crowd gives both men huge heat, and they really seem to eat it up, Castillo makes a few snide remarks to the fans in the front row, jump into the ring with Sterling behind, CUEUP: "My Hero" by The Foo Fighters)

MATT FALEY: "And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 257 lbs., he is 'THE FUTURE' BRETT IRVINE!!"

(Irvine slowly walks to the ring, that face mask covering his face, as he gingerly adjusts it, he stops short of the ring, a look of apprehension on his face, as he slowly enters the ring to a nice pop from the crowd)

T.R.: "It doesn’t appear as if Irvine is too confident coming to the ring tonight. He may have some doubts about whether that mask can withstand any kind of punishment."

R.W.: "You still have to admire the kid’s guts, being out here tonight and everything. I know a lot of guys would have gladly stayed home."

T.R.: "There’s the bell, and Castillo immediately goes after the mask, and Irvine backs away to protect himself, and then lands a few shots to the midsection of Castillo. He now takes a few seconds to adjust the mask once again, which gives Castillo the opportunity to get back to his feet. Castillo hits Irvine in the face, and Castillo hurt his hand!!!"

R.W.: "Well, it looks as though that mask might work a bit after all. Castillo connected flush, and Irvine felt nothing, while Castillo took the brunt of the impact."

T.R.: "Irvine is back up, and he walks right into a big knee from Angel Castillo! Castillo is again going after the mask, but Irvine again fights back. This kid is not going to go down easily."

R.W: "Irvine off the ropes again with a big clothesline! Castillo back up, Irvine off the ropes again, flying crossbody, but Castillo has the mask!!!!! Angel Castillo grabbed Brett Irvine’s mask as he was rolling through off of that flying crossbody! What a remarkable move there!"

T.R.: "This spells a great deal of trouble for Brett Irvine. He is back up but he is covering his face. Castillo just holds his mask up to the crowd, and laughs. Castillo comes in and gets a shot in, RIGHT TO THE EYE OF IRVINE! Brett Irvine is screaming in pain!!!!"

R.W.: "Part of me wants Castillo to have sympathy towards this kid, but Irvine knew the risk he was taking when he got into the ring."

T.R.: "Very true, but this is too much, Castillo is now kicking Irvine in the face. This kid is screaming in agony! Here’s a cover, 1-2-and Irvine kicks out! Maybe he should just let himself stay down. Irvine is trying to fight back, and hits a desperation low blow on Castillo! But now Sly Sterling is up on the ring apron, and Irvine is going to check with that, and so is the referee."

R.W.: "But while this is happening, Angel Castillo is removing the turnbuckle in the corner. This is blatantly illegal!!"

T.R.: "Sterling now drops back down, and Irvine turns around, and CASTILLO DROP TOE HOLDS HIM INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE! Irvine is screaming again, that eye hit the turnbuckle!!

R.W.: "And now he has him up, SALSA PICANTE!!! Irvine is defenseless! Here’s the cover, 1-2-3, Angel Castillo wins it!!"

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner, ‘EL DIABLO’ ANGEL CASTILLO!!!!" (CUEUP: "Pure Trauma" by Downset)

R.W.: "Castillo and Sterling are celebrating in the ring, and here comes ‘Showtime’ Steven James!!"

T.R.: "Castillo and Sterling bail as James checks on Irvine. It would be nice to see Angel Castillo win a match cleanly for once, but I guess for him, a win is a win. We’ll be right back."

(fade to commercial)

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