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Jan 30, 2010
FADE IN. It was the wee hours of the morning, several removed after Randall Beetwix had made the decision to commence a new chapter in his life. Walking down a desolate road with his hands firmly tucked in the pockets of his black overcoat, Randall was whistling softly. The tune was indistinguishable, but Randall was simply enjoying some private time. He stopped mere inches away from a puddle, which reflected crimson moonlight into his line of sight. Beetwix smiled, thereby stopping his jaunty whistling.

RANDALL: Wellll, what do we have here? Hand-SOME!

Staring down at the puddle, Randall closed his eyes and let the cool breeze that was passing overwhelm him for a moment, before he opened his eyes and lazily scanned the features of the man staring back at him.

RANDALL: Man, I think it's been years since I've been completely clean-shaven. But with the way I look, don't see a reason to get rid of it. In some ways, this mass of facial hair on my face... is akin to a constant. It carries the tales of all my battles and as each day passes, the itch this facial hair unleashes on my cheeks and my neck is a reminder of what I have left to do.

Squatting down, Randall Beetwix narrowed his eyes and cocked his head sideways. As if he was wondering how he looked when he had his head tilted. Suffice to say, the cooky grin that slowly crept onto his face indicated that Randall liked what he was checking out. Nodding his head, Beetwix took out his hands from the pockets of his overcoat and put them over his head. For what reason, only Randall himself knew.

RANDALL: Every single time I wake up every single day, I am a leading man in a play that threatens to never end. There are a variety of twists and turns I must anticipate and deal with when they do crop up out of nowhere. I must seek to perform to my very best each time, no matter how demanding it is! And the rewards that come along the way are very much like awards. And these awards are the tools I use to spur me on to continue to outperform myself. It's certainly a funny way of looking at things. I don't deny that for one second.

But then again, I'm a funny man. Ahahaha yay.

Abruptly shooting back to a vertical base, Randall Beetwix used his hands to dust some foreign matter off the front of his overcoat, before sticking 'em storied hands back into their pockets. He skipped over the puddle of water and giggled as he did so. In a manly way, of course. There was certainly a spring in Randall's step as he continued down the empty street, and it was definite that the smile on his face would take some drastic to happen in order for it to disappear.

Having nearly danced down the pavement for about two minutes, Randall came to a junction. To his right, was a street with several shops getting ready to open for business. To his left, was a giant field covered with fallen leaves. Yet another giggle escaped Randall Beetwix's lips; his decision was easy, and he made a beeline for the field.

RANDALL: For some reason, I don't feel tired. Why don't I feel tired? Ah, right. That age-old quote: I'll rest when I'm dead.

Beetwix chuckled loudly, as he slowed down his pace upon reaching the field and looked around in amazement at how many fallen leaves were scattered around. Waiting to be toyed with.

RANDALL: Heh. So many great people have said so many great things and *done* equally remarkable things. Last night, I think I did myself proud. I have decided to continue the never-ending reinvention of my professional life and have carved out a fascinating opportunity to start afresh. And it felt good to do it. Awesome blossom, as a matter of factitude!

Carefully tiptoeing across the vast field, Randall paused every few seconds to use his left foot as a method of sifting through the leaves on the ground. It was odd, but Randall had that expression on his face that might have led any innocent bystander walking past to believe that he was looking for something.

In actual fact, Randall was. In actual fact, Randall Beetwix knew exactly what he was looking for.

RANDALL: Times have changed. *I* have changed. It's not been always easy. No way. Sometimes, change is hard.

Randall once again stopped dead in his tracks, and slowly turned his head around. For a second, that cheerful expression that seemed to be stapled to his face evaporated. Using his eyes to see in the darkest of night, Randall Beetwix placed the index finger of his right head to the bridge of his nose. Almost instantly, the smile re-appeared.

This time, though, it had that sinister sense to it. Something about Randall Beetwix suddenly screamed unholy.

RANDALL: Sometimes, there will be people that you think you don’t connect with that will surprise you pleasantly. Sometimes, there will be people who claim to have your back that will leave you disappointed. Sometimes, there will even be people who make promises to you that have you shaking your head in despair. Sometimes, you didn’t do anything wrong... but you got to sacrifice certain things to make everything right.

Sometimes, you do so for people that probably won’t know the full story and will never appreciate you for your sacrifice.

Now, Randall Beetwix trampled across the field with great purpose. He had something in his head. Each step he took was a determined one, with an aim of discovering a concealed treat.

RANDALL: Sometimes, you stay up all night wondering why do you bother.

Sometimes, you hope for someone to think of you the way you think of them.

Sometimes, you feel like your destiny’s been sealed.

Sometimes, you think you’re just the unluckiest person in the world.

Randall was now acting very much like a madman, with sweat pouring off his forehead as he furiously continued his hunt for whatever lay on the ground, shrouded in the darkness. It would take some sort of master of eyesight to find whatever it was that was laying underneath all the dead leaves in the wee hours of the morning. Problem was, Randall Beetwix was not relying on the eyes that God gave him.

RANDALL: Sometimes, you think you’ve found someone absolutely awesome and want to cherish every moment. Somtimes, every moment you want to cherish is overwhelmed by anger and frustrations.

Sometimes, you take a risk and alter yourself in order to become a better person.

Sometimes, there are people out there who will lead you on and lie flat to your face.

Sometimes, the sight of a child looking around in wonderment makes you smile. Sometimes, the plight of other less-fortunate people you see on the news makes you reflect on your life.

Finally, Randall Beetwix found himself what he figured was the exact middlepoint of the field. Panting only a tad bit, Randall wiped the sweat off his face and squatted down again. Using his hands to delicately move some leaves away, Randall discovered that his gift had once again not led him astray. And for the second time in about ten minutes, his eyes were enchanted by something so simple.

Yet so important. At least, it was to Randall Beetwix.

RANDALL: Sometimes, you think about the shape of things to come.

... and sometimes, all you need to do is tell yourself -- enough is enough, and it’s time for a change.

With a triumphant glow enemating from his face, Randall picked up a SHINY COIN from the ground -- where it was laying hidden from the naked eye -- up to eye level. Beetwix had found his prize, and in doing so had finally cancelled out the nagging thought at the back of his mind. Randall sighed satisfyingly as he stood up and put the coin into the right side-pocket of the overcoat. It would be a prize he'd bring back to the continual naysayers. Surely, they would continue not to believe him.

But as long as Randall believed in himself, he was more than happy.

RANDALL: Heh, I'm glad I did myself that favour. And so, I look forward to the next step. It's alllll part of evolution. Whoo!

Randall had finished his little exercise, and was now well & truly in the mood to hit the sack. He set off in the direction from where he'd come from, and the spring in his step was still evident. Randall Beetwix was obviously a man with many mysteries. Randall Beetwix was also obviously a man who'd changed who he used to be for a greater purpose in life.

RANDALL: It's going to be a good year. I predict it will!

And with that, Randall Beetwix disappeared into the distance, having decided to whistle that indistinguishable tune he was whistling earlier. There was a lot to be done, and the unfamiliar tune piercing the cool morning air had a very calming effect on Randall Beetwix. He was a very happy camper, with seemingly nothing that could drag him down...

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