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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(The scars of battle hadn’t fully healed on Stanley’s face and the camera expertly displayed them for all to see. He sat hunched, his shoulder and knee still causing him pain, his face however was as stoic as ever. He stared intensely down the lens as if daring it to move from his gaze. The cameraman eyed the Gent warily before signalling that he was ready to start rolling.)

LS: As you can no doubt tell I am still feeling the effects of my match with Tom Adler from the previous night. I will make no excuses, I will not whine about the style of my loss. During my time here Alfred and I have concocted several victories in the same manner to the one that Tom Adler managed to achieve over me. No complaints, no excuses, I must move on, there are more important things to do, more important people to fill my time up.

One such man is Deacon, like he rightfully says there is no Presidential title to get in the way of the match we are about to undertake. It would have been a pleasant distraction, but now I can focus purely on beating the legend that is Deacon. I am pleasantly pleased to see that he notes the change in me, my change in career and life goals. You see Deacon, for years I have strived for fame and fortune and at any cost. Now, I have the fortune, and I have a portion of fame, but not as much as I would like, or success, but my focus has changed. The old “English Gent” would have stopped at nothing to get his way, not anymore. I have realised that my arrogance and snobbery has cost me the chance to enjoy many of life’s simpler pleasures, before all I wanted was to be the richest and most successful man in the world. Now, well, part of me still wants that, but the other half is capable of making me achieve these aims in a more dignified and dare I say it ‘nicer’ way?!?!

Let me assure you of one thing, just because I have seen the error of my previous ways, that does not mean I am not as ruthless in the ring. From a wrestling standpoint I am in the best shape of my career, everything is clicking into place, even if the results do not show it. I know you are not stupid enough to merely look at the won/loss record of an individual and judge them from that, just as I am not foolish enough to take you lightly despite your claims of ring rust. Similarly, I refute your claim that only I have main event billing, no matter your state or the state of your career you will always be main event standard. What we are both lucky to have, is the support and backing of the CSWA fans, I have not always had the adulation, and as such I appreciate immensely. The CSWA fans reciprocate this to you as well Deacon, for they, like everyone in the locker room, respect you on many levels. For winning the CSWA World title, and then going on to win something even bigger, the fight with a degenerative illness. No-one can take that from you, and it is for your efforts and the manner in which you have conducted yourself during these times that has brought the fans round to you.

When you look at it like that then this match is somewhat unimportant, but that was then, this is now. Those days are behind us, in our memories and stored away, it is what happens in the future that is most important. If we truly are the main event billing that I believe we are, then it is up to us to put on a match that will live long in the memory of everyone that witnessed it. Many wrestlers talk about such matches, very few can achieve it, I truly believe we are two wrestlers who can. We can make our match the unofficial main event of the card, and in doing so progress our causes further in the CSWA. Good hunting my friend, I will see you in the ring, until then, I bid you a good day.

(The scene fades to black.)

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