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Smallz vs. Douglas


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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
Only the Beginning


Pinehurst Country Club in North Carolina, the fame #2 Course where Payne Stewart beat Phil Mickelson with a par putt on the 18th in 1999 to win the U.S. Open, just months before Stewart's tragic death in a plane crash. Today, Pinehurst #2 hosts Troy Douglas' 2nd Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament for charity. Most of the play for the day has finished, and Troy now stands alone on the undulating surface of the 18th green, wearing a grey, short-sleeve golf shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. He pushes some loose hair out of his eyes and stares directly at the camera, ready to speak.


You know, kids, life has a funny way of balancing out the highs and the lows.

Just about five years ago, right here on this very green, a man experienced one of the greatest highs any professional athlete can ever get. A few months later, that man's chartered jet was lost over the Midwest, and one of the finest men in professional sports was lost. He didn't deserve to die, but it happened nonetheless.

Now, I'm not dead yet, but my life has been full of fate's little balancing acts from the start. I won't get into the details, but let's just say that for all I've gained in this world; fame, fortune, and the like, I've lost just as much, and maybe even more. My mother, my father, and my fiancee are all gone. My professional football career, gone because of a fluke injury on sub-standard turf. My wrestling career, nearly down the tubes because of some of the matches I've put myself through. Tables, ladders, chairs, barbed wire, thumbtacks, various flaming apparatus, plus some of the most dangerous opponents in the world have all taken their toll.

Hell, I couldn't even a simple challenge answered by a single man in the GWE locker room. But, as I've said, life's got a funny way.

No, I didn't ask for a title match with Boogie Smallz. I didn't even ask for a NON-title match with our new Unified World Champion. Originally, I wanted one man, Christian Sands, the "leader" of the New Team Phenom, to answer the call. He didn't step up, and apparently management thought highly enough of me to grant me the first crack at Boogie Smallz.

No, I didn't ask for it. But, I'll take it. And, if I have my way at the end of the night, I leave the John Miller Tribute Show with more than just a title shot under my belt.

Congrats, Boogie, on your title win. You and Miller went through hell, literally, at Battleground Britain. You earned the right to be the first man to carry the torch as the World Champion of Global Wrestling Evolution.

You worked for a long time to get to the summit, Smallz. You shed the tag team label to become a Triple Crown champ here in GWE. But don't think for a god damned minute that your work is over. I've worked just as hard as you, Boogie, to get to this point in my career. I've bled and sweated in the crackerbox junior high gymnasiums, bingo halls, and armories to pay my dues just like everyone has had to. I've gone up against a laundry list of stars: Gemini, Dan Ryan, Rob Sampson, Kevin Powers, and others, and I haven't crumbled underneath the pressure yet.

And Smallz, I don't plan on starting to crack anytime soon.

When we get into that ring at X-perience, it doesn't matter to me that you're the FIRST BLACK WORLD CHAMPION in GWE/GXW history. It doesn't matter that you've had a long and storied career, some of which I happened to follow while you were a tag team wrestler back in the CSWA. It won't matter how much pot you've smoked, or how much medication I've had to take to numb the pain in my back that I've had for six long years.

It'll just be two men, two great competitors, doing battle for the one prize in this business that matters to both of us more than anything else.

That GWE Unified World Title that just happens to be strapped around your waist at this time. That's the brass ring I'm reachingfor, Boogie, and after this match, it won't be on the pole next to the carousel anymore. It'll be in my hands, or more appropriately, over my shoulder or around my waist.

I won't make any cheap sh*t talk about being destined to be World Champion, or about it being "my time to shine". That wasn't, isn't, and will never be my way of conducting business. No, all I can tell you is, come the John Miller Tribute Show, you better be ready for an experience just like the one you and the Steel City Icon went through back at Millennium Stadium.

It won't be in a Hell in a Cell match, but rest assured, it'll be hell nonetheless. Everything I've gone through, all the loss, all the pain, and the suffering, it all culminates in one moment. At X-perience, I'll throw a monkey wrench into the cogs of the universe, and balance out my life for myself.

Destiny? F*ck it. The next GWE Unified World Heavyweight Champion? Hey, there's nobody else in this frame, so I guess you're looking at him.

Best of luck, Boogie. Bring your A-Game. But leave your lackeys at home. We do this the right way, especially with Miller in the building. You owe him that much for graciously passing the torch. I owe it to him for being a mentor, both by example before we met, and by the many ways he's given me a hand since I signed in 2002. This one's for you, John.

That's my part, I'll see ya at the end of the road, this time, with the Unified World Title in my grasp.

Only a matter of time...



Jan 1, 2000
The Big One

(CUT TO: Troy Windham, in the back of his stretch HumVee, cocky grin, looking hipstered out as usual.)

TROY: The match for the big one. The 4 pounds of tin and other processed alloys that the winner gets to show off to the world that he's the king of the backyard... that on a lucky night, being the champion of this league, he might just be able to show up an hour late, so he can enjoy the Big Nebraska burger at the Arby's outside Altoona as opposed to setting up the ring like a GWE World Tag Team champion.

Boogie Smalls and the five thousandth person to use the name Troy without my permission... I am very excited to see this match. To see two of the best that this sport has to offer perform for a combined $120 give it their all to a disinterested audience who is there for only ONE reason...

And that's to see ME-- Hollywood's Biggest Star, The Epitome of Pro Wrestling, The Boy Troy, The King of All Media, The One Man Army, Troy Windham-- come to YOUR show and show the ENTIRE WORLD what a REAL ring legend looks like, what a REAL MAN looks like and what it means to STEAL THE SHOW.

This entire promotion is just like every other two-bit indie promotion-- built on MY fame, MY fortune and MY legacy.

I haven't charged interest to date. The GWE is my first foreclosure, Marcus Johnson's fused vertebrae my first dividend.

Fake Troy Number 432134... Boogie Woogie Uncle Tom Smalls... you could be next. (FTB)

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
Your lucky day...

(FADE IN to Boogie Smallz sitting on a stool in front of a GWE backdrop. He’s got a blunt in his mouth and has the GWE Unified World title resting on his shoulder. He’s wearing a blue Dickies work outfit, a black wave cap cover his braids, and a Connecticut Huskies baseball hat on top of that. He puffs his blunt and begins to speak.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Last week I came out at Revolution, in a segment most of tha world prolly didn’t see due to some sort of signal failure on tha satellite broadcast, but I came out and made a statement. I heard all these fools talkin’, tryin’ to plot on a brotha’, hollerin’ my name in hopes that they could get a match with me. I went out and told errybody that I wasn’t gonna be tha one to decide that. I told them that I was gonna let tha suits come up with who they feel deserved tha shot. (Puffs his blunt.) Well I guess tha suits stepped up and sifted thru all tha crap to come up with tha best possible candidate…Troy Douglas.

I gotta say, I sort of agree with ’em. This guy has been herre for a while now, he’s put in work, paid his dues, and he’s gettin’ this shot tha right way. Ain’t no hotshottin’, ain’t no supposed big stars from other companies comin’ in and stealin’ a spot from one of tha mofos that’s been down with GWE since it was GXW. People talk about payin’ their dues and earning their spot in tha company, and no doubt Troy Douglas has done that. He hasn’t won them all, but hey…he’s got all tha tools to be a World champion one day.

(Boogie puffs his blunt and pauses.)

One day.

(Boogie exhales the smoke and gives a slight grin.)

I heard your promo, Douglas, and I must say I am impressed. It’s not often that my opponent gives me props or even congratulates me for anythang, so it’s sort of a breath of fresh air. After hearrin’ people trash me for so long, sayin’ what I’ve accomplished ain’t ish, I usually have to prove them otherwise. But you know from jump what I’m all about and I ain’t gotta argue that. Good to see you recognize.

(Puffs his blunt.)

But ya know what? You f*cked up! You f*cked up when you started talkin’ ish about bein’ tha next World champion! You spend half your promo given me praise, then end it with some punk ish about (In a crackery voice, imitating Douglas.) “well I guess I’m the only guy in the frame, I guess I’m the next World champion.” (Gives an evil look at the camera and speaks in his normal tone.) Fool, I’m about to knock your punkass out of that frame and send your b!+chass packin’!

You wanna disrespect me? You wanna talk ish out tha side of your mouf? (Spits.) Talk to me like a man! Don’t sugarcoat ish, don’t kiss my ass, just be a man and speak your damn mind.

You talk about respectin’ John Miller and how he’s your mentor. (Wipes away a nonexistent tear with his index finger.) Oh, that’s just kcufin’ beautiful. (Pauses) But spare me tha emotional bullsh*t and how this match is for Miller. He bailed out, he called it quits, and hey, life goes on. Tha way I see it, John Miller ain’t puttin’ no money in my pocket, he’s not payin’ my mortgage, he ain’t makin’ child-support payments for me…so f*ck him.

I owe him for passin’ tha torch? He didn’t PASS a damn thang…I TOOK IT! You say you wanna do this match right ‘cuz he’s in tha buildin’? Don’t worry, dawg…I ain’t EVER needed anyone’s help herre to win a match and I ain’t about to start. (Puffs his blunt.) But in all honesty, I’m not herre to entertain Miller, I’m herre to kick some ass.

They can bill this show however they want to, but John Miller ain’t in this match…it’s you and me, Douglas. Forget him. Forget your lil’ charity golf tournament. Forget all tha other lil’ distractions and FOCUS on tha task at hand. I didn’t win this Unified World title by sittin’ on my ass and havin’ it handed to me. I fought, I busted my ass, and I made more sacrifices than you could possibly believe. And now that I got it, I ain’t about to let it go!

You didn’t want a shot, but you got it. You better make tha best of it, because as long as I have a breath in this body…I will never lose this belt! You better damn-near kill me to walk away with it!


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