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Single Night Tournament: Winner Receives WHC Shot - Rabesque v Republican v Hart


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the JEAN RABESQUE / PHANTOM REPUBLICAN / SHAWN HART single night tournament at New ERA BANNED in the US should be posted in this thread.

*This is a single night tournament. The first match will be randomly drawn. Those two wrestlers will fight it out. The winner goes on to face the man whose name was not drawn. The winner of that final match will go on to face the World Heavyweight champion at the inaugural edition of New ERA: LIVE from... in Birmingham, AL.

RP and angles are due Sunday, August 12th at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ... enjoy!


Active member
Jun 18, 2004
The scene is an army barracks at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the only place on this stinking island that GOP feels safe. The Phantom Republican sits on one of the beds, dressed in a white shirt and khaki pants.

GOP: So this is it. Instead of reclaiming what is rightfully mine at WrestleSTOCK, I was reduced to seeing the Communist conspiracy axis strike again, keeping the World Championship, or at least one of them, in red hands. I also cannot help but feel betrayed in the end, that Rocko Daymon, a man I thought was my ally in this battle pull a fast one over everyone and also come out with a briefcase. It's almost as if both Marx and Daymon were in league with each other... this is more confusing than the report on the assassination of that pretty boy Massachusetts liberal that everyone in America seems to think is some kind of martyr. HA! If I were around back then, I'd have sent flowers to the Oswald household and put all of Lee Harvey's kids through college myself. Served the punk right for stealing the Presidency from Richard Nixon.

But this isn't about Kennedy, this isn't even about Daymon, Marx and that other weasel Larry Tact. No, this is about the last straw that the liberal-leftist regime that New ERA of Wrestling to keep me away from the title that rightfully belongs to me. First, they go ahead and send in their homosexual specialist to strip me of my title. Then, they distract me with both Tact and the frog, Jean Rabesque to keep me from taking back what was mine! And finally, the last heinous straw, they put me in a match against the Frog on his home turf. Canada? No, not Canada. I know Cuba is about as far away from Canada as you can get, but any place where they hate Americans is a place that Jean Rabesque calls home.

Pitiful. Our government shields us from Cuban products and protects us from entering Cuba for good reason. These godless Communists, ruled by a man who would wish death to America before he'd kiss his own children goodnight, populated by people who burn Old Glory and would like nothing less than to cripple America by making us dependant on their poisonous cigars and unclean ham sandwiches. Disgusting. And what does Marcus LaRoque do? He books a PAY-PER-VIEW event in this horrible hellhole of a country, a place where America-hating frogs and eccentric quote-unquote free spirits like Shawn Hart are welcomed. Tell me, is a country where Jean Rabesque is looked upon as a rockstar a place you want to visit, let alone come 90 miles within? I feel sorry for our fine retirees who have to live in places that catch that putrid air downstream.

I will vow this, however. I will not come back from this country empty-handed, NO! I will stand tall for American virtues such as abstinence, morality and temperance! I will show these Cubans what it is to be a virtuous American soldier. I tell you, as soon as I am finished breaking every bone in Rabesque's body and draining every drop of sexual-disease infested blood out of Hart's veins, I will be a hero to these people! They'll erect bronze statues to me, Gordon Oliver Powell. Overnight, Castro will have a heart attack and his consiglieres will flee, tails tucked between their legs to Red China. I will free Cuba and help them quit smoking! I will show them the light of bologna and cheese on white bread! And most importantly, I will show them that their heroes, their frogs and avatars and eventually, their Communist World Champion, are frauds. They're losers in the face of the red, white and blue. I will show them what a true warrior looks like.

And when the dust clears, and Cuba is subjugated to the might of the United States, Marcus LaRoque will look on with egg upon his face and say, "By God, I should never have messed with Gordon Oliver Powell."

Fade to the BitUS logo.


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
An Inconvenient Truth

FADE IN: SHAWN HART, dressed to the nines and projecting a silent intensity, stands before a giant screen on a large stage in front of hundreds of students, scientists, and philosophers alike. His slide show has yet to begin, but those in attendance can already sense that our situation is grim and the 11th hour is upon us. The Phenom empathizes with their plight, but he cannot be deterred. He must summon his inner-strength, speak the words that must be said, and do all he can to spread his message and ensure somehow that he doesn't become doomsday's messenger. With that in mind, he approaches a laptop set up on a podium on-stage and begins the presentation.

HART: "Long ago, wrestlers and politicians alike enjoyed a nation united by peace, understanding, and domestic tranquility."

CUT TO: A slide of Hulk Hogan waving the red, white and blue. CUT TO: A slide of Ronald Reagan kissing babies on an Indian reservation.

HART: "Hulkamania ran wild... and Reaganomics brought common ground to conflicting political ideologies."

CUT TO: A slide of a heavy-set black woman at the beach.

HART: "Meanwhile, I began my career as a Hall of Fame chubby chaser."

The Phenom looks to his lovely and reminisces.

HART: "Yes... things were good, and by all accounts... they were only going to get better. The world was a succulent mango, and each and every one of us got a bite."

Suddenly, the man becomes forlorn and depressed; his optimism crushed almost instantly.

HART: "All that changed, when THIS man emerged onto the scene..."

CUT TO: A slide of the nefarious PHANTOM REPUBLICAN.

HART: "...Spewing his fascist, neo-conservative propaganda whilst watering down the already doomed and increasingly vapid landscape of professional wrestling with an endless barrage of rest holds and Dramamine-esque promos."

CUT TO: A slide of a defeated George McGovern, circa 1972.

HART: "People thought it was bad when this fine chap was tossed to the curb?"

CUT TO: A slide of SJH, giving the previously displayed fat chick the ol' Hart Throb doggie-style.

HART: "Well, scientists predict that if you, the American public, allow the same thing to happen to THIS fine chap in favor of the Phoney Republican, the world as we know it may NEVER.... be.... the saaaaaaame!"

The crowd unifies in a collective gasp. CUT TO: A slide featuring Hurricane Dean.

HART: "Ol' Dean here will become disgusted and depraved by our heinous transgression, continue northward, and unleash its terrible revenge by destroying the fine town of Wichita, Kansas with a force and a veracity not seen since I bagged Morgan Fairchild in the men's room of an IHOP last fall."

CUT TO:A slide showing lines upon lines of cars waiting to pull into a 7-Eleven.

HART: "Big gulp supplies will plummet to all-time lows, and if that happens, experts estimate that prices will rise to as much as $6 a gallon in some parts of the country, leading to shortages and, in turn, a human energy crisis of epic proportions during warmer, thirst-inducing weather conditions."

Shawn pauses, then shakes his head in disappointment.

HART: "Worst of all, The Phantom's endless neo-con rhetoric and subliminal brainwashing techniques will cause we, the voters, to put THIS man in the oval office..."

CUT TO: A greasy, vindictive, two-faced tyrant.

HART: "When we should be voting for THIS man..."

CUT TO: A champion for truth, justice, and the Constitution of the United States of America.

HART: "A sick, sad turn of events indeed. But ya know what?"

The Phenom attempts to turn the frowns... upside down!

HART: "As grim and gruesome as these events are, we... the FINE PEOPLE... of this glooooooooorious country, have the power to make things right!"

He nods his head... LOVINGLY.

HART: "Hell, as we speak, a champion has stepped forth to fight for our cause and do what it takes to save professional wrestling and the GOP alike!"

CUT TO: A slide featuring the Phenom as he strikes his ebony queen's fanny with a foot-long dildo.

HART: "That champion is me, folks. And as your champion, I swear to you that I will do what it takes to rid our airwaves of the mind-numbing, war-mongering, jack-assery that this Phantom Neo-Con has been inundating us with for FAR too long!"

The crowd begins to cheer at this proclamation.

HART: "Join me and TOGETHER... we'll bring the sexy back! For liberals, conservatives, and hardcore 'rasslin fans alike!"

CUT TO: A blur-laden slide featuring the fellating of Hart by his dark lady.

HART: "Feel the burn, BABY!!! The Phenom has left the building!!!"

As the audience rises to a raucous roar of approval. We fade to black.

Hey. This is Shawn Hart... and I approve this message.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river
(FADEIN: The voiceover you know and love so well)

(CUTTO: A singular shot of the World Heavyweight Title)

V/o: The World Heavyweight Title, the single greatest emblem in professional wrestling today. Something so coveted that men have spent their entire career in the fruitless pursuit of tasting it. Some men have put it their entire career on the line for just one night..... one night..... of glory.

(CUTTO: Many vicious battles throughout the history of NEW, including Rabesque vs. Tact, Hart vs. Marx, and others)

The lineage of the title of NEW has a short yet distinguised past of men who would do what was necessary to claim the ultimate prize. Yet one man has stood above the rest in all ways in the history of the New ERA of Wrestling...

(CUTTO: Close-up of Jean Rabesque)

Here is a man that has always been about one thing, the wrestling. A man that has been loved and respected as one of the greatest competitors in the history of the sport. Yet, at this age, the questiion has to be asked....why still continue?

(CUTTO: Rabesque in agony after a defeat)

Why continue to put yourself through agony?

(CUTTO: Rabesque pounded at the gym)

Why not just retire peacefully?

(CUTTO: Rabesque winning the World Heavyweight Title)

He does it for the same reason they all do, they all do it for that one shot. It is not to pass some kind of ridiculous right-winged agenda, nor is it to do...... whatever it is that Shawn Hart does. It is part of that lust, a lust to taste that one moment in time. It is why the greatest pure technical wrestler the world has ever seen came out of retirement. It is why he is coming to the PPV, and it is why he will walk out of the ring at the end of the night.... as World Heavyweight Champion.

(CUTTO: Rabesque standing triumphantly with the belt)

It is his reason being, it is what keeps him alive. Jean Rabesque will not fail again.


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