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Feb 12, 2014
Marion Virginia
Shawn Prince
Forum pa
No experience online but have played with friends or on my own for 13 years.
Found defiance on wrestling.com
For a sample I have dozens of note books dating back several years with my created show havoc where I use both created stars as well as current and former stars from the world of wrestling.
Akuma Muta
Hiroshima, Japan
Trained by the original Great Muta he has adopted many signature mannerisms and maneuvers from his master including his green mist spew. He has long black hair down his back.wears white and neon green face paint along with matching shorts and boots.On his back is a large tattoo of the red rising sun.Like his mentor he does not speak leaving lady Vorscha(his manager)to speak on his behalf.
He wrestles a fast paced high impact style.Likes to use feint head kicks and leg sweeps to get in the head of his oppenent.
Weaknesses: No promo skills,Sore loser
,Risk taker.
Strengths:Technically sound,Elite athleticism, and Calm headed.
10 regular moves set:sunset flip,springboard back elbow,cloverleaf,high angle Boston crab,snap suplex roll over to pin,high dropkick,double foot stomp to chest,swinging neckbreaker, standing shooting star press,shattered dreams.
5 signature moves:mist spew,Osaka cutter out of corner,Samoan drop from 2nd rope facing turnbuckle leaping back into ring,running knee lift from apron,dragon sleeper.
Finisher:Springboard 450 Phoenix splash.
No death finisher.


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Apr 12, 2008
This is where you're supposed to put applications, you did that right.

Unfortunately, like Rob said on the OOC board, Defiance is really not a beginner's fed. A lot of us have been playing this game for 10+ years. Defiance is also an "angled" efed, not a "normal" efed.

You might want to go to http://www.ewscene.com and post there that you're a newbie to the game of efedding and looking for a place where you can learn the ropes.
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