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Sha Sha Shamon

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to Shamon in a ballet studio moonwalking on the hardwood floor, while looking at himself in the mirror.)

SHAMON: OWWWW! Damn, I look good.

(He does a twirl, grabs his crotch, and does a kick.)

It’s the time of the year again, no I’m not talking about Christmas. It’s the CSWA’s 15th Anniversary.

(Shamon holds a hand up to his ear to cover it, like he is in a recording studio. He starts singing “Anniversary” by Toni Tony Tone. His voice is as horrible as ever.)

Do you know what today is? Uhh. It’s our anniversary…anniversary.

(He follows up the line with a few dance steps, finishing up with the “robot”.)

Oh yes folks, it’s that time again. And the company is having this huge show and guess who the opening act is? Give up?


That’s right, your favorite superstar, the reason you watch this show in the first place, the King of Snap, Crackle, and Pop, the sensual, (Licks his fingers in a “Prince”-like fashion.) the irresistible…SHAMON! (Winks.)

And for this big event they decide to give me a tune-up match, in the form of Cameron Cruise.

Now Cammy, I know you wish you could look this good. I know you wish you had the talent I do, but Cammy…you just never will. No matter how much time you spend in wrestling school or the beauty parlor, you’ll never be on my level.

Have you seen the damage I have inflicted to some of the greatest stars of all time? I gave Evan Aho a hangnail. I forced Kevin Powers to break a sweat. I single-handedly put Steel Viper on the shelf for 2 months! I’m bad, you know I’m bad.

So Cam, we can do this 1 of 2 ways. You can gracefully bow out of this match and give me some spotlight time to debut my new song…or you can show up and get what you’ve got coming to you. I’m not exactly sure what that is, but if you show up…I’ll figure it out!

IF you show up.

(Looks at the cameraman.)

Gosh…I hope he doesn’t show up.

(He starts fanning his face, trying to calm down.)

Cruise is cruisin’ for a bruisin’. I know…I know…I am so clever.

Let me leave you with one final thought.

(Grabs his crotch.)


(He rips his white button shirt off and he has some sort of a pasty on, covering his nipple. It is in the shape of a star, similar to the Super Bowl Halftime Show.)

Who’s bad?



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Certain parts of this RP I suppose could be used to tie into the General RP/storyline titled, "Moments of Discovery" in the General RP section. Hope everything makes sense. For those inquiring, this RP is safe and legal due to the approval of Mister Merritt to post after the RP deadline. Let's just hope I don't get killed shall we, :)

(Fadein, a steamy lockerroom at "Jim's Gym", Jacksonville, North Carolina, quiet with the exception of one or two locker doors closing. Cruise is found with just a towel around his waist, glistening with sweat, as he finishes with the sauna. Leaning forward, he "hunches forward" with his arms crossed over on his knees, his head in his hands, deep in thought. He then leans back up against the wall, taking a deep breath while at the same time noticing the camera. Brushing his sweaty hair out of his face, he sighs.)

CC: Unbelievable. Anniversary 2004, and here I am, wasting my time with this goon.

On one of my best overall streaks that I can't imagine going worse....and he gives me him.

I've beaten in the middle of the ring, one of the latest former CSWA World Heavyweight Champions.

I've dominated and taken to the limit one of the most FEARED and SADISTIC MONSTERS of this business, even if he claims different or his reasonings for that deviate, the result still remains.

I can take anything this business throws at me and dish it right back, sometimes harder than it came in.

I'm also on a pretty good streak of its' own, still in the NFW race for the Ultratitle. Albeit, I'm still in last place, but I'm not out yet. All that, plus defeating three other men in one night, one in which I was completely unprepared for. Now, taking on EPW's first World Heavyweight Champion Christian Sands at the first show falling out of its' innaugeral Pay-Per-View, BLACK DAWN, things just can't get any better for me and Mercedes lately....

(Cruise mutters to himself, so low that the camera doesn't quite make it out enough to be language understood.)

Even if it involves barely seeing her....for two days a week....a few hours a day....

Especially Mercy.

Not only is she hard at work with the paperwork, but she's also doing quite well with competition herself. As a matter of fact, call it wishful if you like, but from what I understand the bosses over there at GWE like the way she works so much, she might even get a title shot here soon, which goes without saying....ya gotta like that.

With things as they are, you'd like to think that they would keep up with such a trend of good luck and give me something more worthwhile, before I turn to Anniversary, On Time or not.

It doesn't even have to be a non-title match with one of the champions here before kicking off one of the biggest pay-per-view exstraveganza's this industry has put on to date, it could be exhibition, just give the fans what they want! Would they give it to me??!?!

(Cruise relaxes, his tone of voice lowering along with his attitude.)


Instead, I get some kinda nutcase-with-a-knack-for-performing, you make a GREAT Michael Jackson impersonator Shamon, you really do.

But you're really wasting your time here, kid.

Yours.....mine...the camera's and in effect, the whole damn AUDIENCE.

But yet, you seem to think you're worth a damn here in the CSWA, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, even if you're still an annoying-good-for-nothing-scrawny-little-nothing for an employee...dare I even make the attempt....

To the President.

A President who's got one HELL of an a**-kicking coming to him by virtue of yours truly for that (Bleep!) he said at Primetime, but the current Presidential Champion nonetheless.

However, you asked me to either bow out and let you have your chance to dance....or risk getting myself "Clogged" to a pulp, so let me answer by telling you this.

I don't care if you yell, screech, or squeal...you're getting a beatin'.

You're getting a beatin' and you're going to get it and take it back to your "ever-so-popular" President and tell him that his days on top of his proverbial mountain are numbered, and his reign as the CSWA WILL come to an end.

Now, I can just imagine that that won't sit well in Eddie's head, or yours for that matter. But as far as I can tell...and lately I've had a pretty fair amount of good judgement....that, you good-for-nothing-punk.....is a reality check.....you and the rest of the INTRUDERS....just....won't like.


Because come Anniversary, and On Time, just like the song says....

"This is thriller, thriller night...."

(Cruise slowly washes his face of concern and sincerity, and replaces it with a coy, wicked smile as he whistles the rest of the tune to "Thriller", and walks out of camera view.)

Fade out.


Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
Unlock Cammy's secret outfit!

(OORP: Hey! It's JN! Sorry this is years late, but here it is)

(FADEIN: To a 10-day shadow chinned 'President' EDDIE MAYFIELD, wearing a black t-shirt with an illustration of a red-handled crowbar, representing the main weapon from the game-of-the-year HALF-LIFE, running pants and glowing white Stan Smith Addidas. MAYFIELD has the PRESIDENTIAL title belt over his shoulder, and a downlow 'hotproperty.com' ballcap hiding his eyes.)

MAYFIELD: (Producing a Camel from almost nowhere) "Cammy, listen. I'll be the first to admit that you intimdate people like Shamon, but come on, what does THAT prove? Hell, my nephews intimidate Shamon when he's been over at the house, when they challenge him to a slapfight. He's skittish that way.

What's that have to do with me? Dood, you decided you wanted to throw your hat in the ring and run for President of the CSWA. There's been a few that tried - but they dropped out of the running.

You didn't have to tell Shamon to 'Run Tell Dat' at all - I'm right here, and I'm bored.

Make an appointment with the President, and I'll see if we can work something out."

(Smirks as he lights up. FADE)

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