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Sean Edmunds' stats


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Personal Information
Sean Edmunds
SE Candido
Y! SN:

Wrestler's Information
'Simply Sensational' Sean Edmunds
Real Name:
Jean-Michel LaRoque
6' 0"
228 lbs.
May 8th, 1974 [in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada]
Boston, Massachusetts
Wrestling Style:
Short bleached blonde hair. Tanned body. Blue eyes. Keeps self well kept. White teeth. Wears a sparkling white bathing suit-esque wrestling pants. Has a white robe which says 'the ORIGINAL' on the back with sequins.
Entrance Music:
"Brain Stew" by Green Day
10 Basic Move(s):
Reverse Crescent Kick
Swinging Neckbreaker
Standing dropkick
Sunset flip
Reverse Cross Body block from 2nd rope
Moonsault (I'm old school, what can I say :p)
5 Signature Move(s):
Asai moonsault
Double Underhook Superplex
Tilt-a-whirl Tombstone
Elbow drop from the Top rope (precursor to setup move)
Inverted atomic drop (setup move)
Northern Lights Suplex
Titles Held:
WWL/WWX World Title (3 Times), WWL/WWX World Tag Team Titles (2 Times), WWX Northcoast Extreme Title, IWC World Title, NWC Commissioner's Cup, WCWA World Heavyweight Title, NAPW Intercontinental Title, NAPW World Title (3 times)
Background History:
Edmunds broke out into the scene in the WCWF in January 1992. He wrestled there under the monicker 'the ROCKET' until late 1993. No one in the wrestling world knew what happened to the 19 year old, but eventually it was leaked that he was arrested for possession of an illegal substance. What the substance was was never released. Edmunds came back in 1994 in the WCWF under the monicker 'Skip' Edmunds and he teamed with Chris Candido, then known as 'Skip' Candido, to be led by Missy Hyatt and known as the BodyDonnas. The BodyDonnas lasted about 2 months before Edmunds once more disappeared from the Wrestling World.. this time he was hospitalized for unknown circumstances. When Edmunds came back in November 1994 he had a brief feud with Candido before leaving for Japan. After a highly unsuccessful tour of Japan he came back in 1995 and started to wrestle full time for the World Wrestling League, a new league opened up under Joe Keeney and Joseph Kull. Edmunds would make the WWL his primary home while participating in such successful promotions as the WWWA, Boston Action n' Destruction, NFWA, and ACW. Edmunds underwent many gimmick changes in this time. He was known as 'the FRANCHISE', 'SuperSTAR', 'Simply Sensational' and 'Triple S'.. He even went under the monicker "Multiple Personality Disorder" Sean Edmunds to show his good humor about the revolving door of gimmicks. Edmunds joined the NWC in early 1996 and eventually won the 1996 NWC Commissioner's Cup. Edmunds would disappear from the wrestling world for almost a year afterwards, spending a year in jail after being convicted a second time with illegal substances. In 1997 he would start anew. He won the WWL (now known as the WWX) Northcoast Extreme title, just to lose it shortly afterwards. He made it to the 1997 NWC Commissioner's Cup final where he lost to Rocky Ford Meloneer. In late 1997, after 5 years in the sport he finally won his first World title when he defeated then WWL World Champion Keith Simpson. After a pro-longed feud with multiple time WWL World Champion Shane Douglas and his valet Francine... and after a run with 'Rage of Fire' Jared Wells as WWL Tag Team champions under the monicker D-xXx, the WWL went on hiatus in early 1998 after Edmunds won the World title. Edmunds then focused his attention on Wrestling Action n' Revolution in Japan, IWC and FWF in the States. After leaving WAR due to inactivity, Edmunds decided to focus mainly on the IWC, where he became the WWL World Champion by beating Ricky Zane. He lost the title to Shane Southern and then lost to Winston Steele in a hard fought match on IWC PPV 2.0. Edmunds and Jared Wells tried to reform and take the world by storm in the FWF, but Edmunds would wrestle his last match in the FWF on September 25th, 1999. Edmunds then re-joined the WWL when it re-opened its doors after the hiatus. When Joe Keeney announced that there would be a Tournament to decide the WWL World Champion, Sean Edmunds immediately protested saying that he never lost the World Title and therefore should still be champion. After Keeney declined this option, Edmunds took up the monicker 'the Original' to tell the world that he is the ORIGINAL WWL World Champion and any other would be unrecognized. After losing in the second round to Mickey Mouse, the world thought Edmunds' hopes were washed. However, in the finals of the tournament, 'Rage of Fire' Jared Wells defeated Hellion for the vacant title. A seemingly heated Sean Edmunds stormed down to ringside and demanded a title shot.. assured by Wells that he agreed then WWL President Keeney allowed the impromptu match. Edmunds and Wells were in cahoots, however, and Edmunds pushed Wells down with one finger and regained his prized WWL World Title. After Wells left the WWL after another short hiatus where new WWL President Andrew Medina took over from behind the scenes, Edmunds would lose the title.. he would win it back however and then hold on to it for the longest reign of any recent WWL World Champion when he held on to it for nine months from Jan 2001 to October 2001. Edmunds then decided that after he gave the WWL World title legitimacy that he would do the same for the newly reinstated Tag Team titles. Lo and behold he and partner Mindriot won the Tag Team titles and have defended them diligently.

As far as random facts go, Edmunds officially broke up with long time on again/off again fiancee Miss Karla in early 2002 after 6 years.. Edmunds was the last WWL World Tag Team champion along with partner Mindriot. He was the President of the World Wrestling League for 2 months and then decided that his long run in the World Wrestling League, starting with its inception, had to come to a close and he parted ways with the organization in August 2002. Edmunds hasn't wrestled professionally since March 11th, 2002.

Jared Wells, Mark Windsor, Copycat, Jean Rabesque, Miss Karla
Most Favorite Ally:
Most Hated Enemy:
Mark Windsor, Jean Rabesque
Toughest Opponent:
Greatest Match (so far):
WWL - Sean Edmunds vs. Keith Simpson
WWL World Heavyweight Title Match
Aug 20th, 1997

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