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Russian Roulette Q&A


New member
Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
[FADE IN to the fan interview table at the Russian Roulette fanfest. Otaku, dressed as Melfina from Outlaw Star, is sat next to an empty chair, taking questions from fans]

Otaku: Seriously, there’s a helluva lot of hairspray that gets applied backstage at a Cosplay show. For the guys as well as the girls. It’s normally to keep the wig in the right style! OK, next question from… you!

Fan#3: Why do you dress up like girls sometimes?

Otaku: I’m a cosplayer, and some of these costumes are just so o-mega cute! Seriously, though, I enjoy cosplay. I started out in it years ago and I get some requests from people at conventions to see what I can actually pull off. Asuka was tough when I was younger, I’m a bit too old for that kinda character now, but this? Melfina? Her I can do. And, no, I’m not a cross dresser! I just wear cosplay!

[He points to another fan, but before the fan can ask their question there’s a small buzz from the crowd. The camera PANS ROUND to show a man in jeans, a baseball cap, and a yellow T-shirt with two dragons fighting in blue on the front. Under the baseball cap we can make out an eye patch over his left eye. Otaku is ecstatic from his seat]


Karl: [shaking his head] I wish you’d stop calling me that.

[“The Dragon” makes it to the desk, taking off his cap and setting it on the back of the chair before sitting next to Otaku. We can see a small amount of scarring above the left eye, the result of the fireball at Aggression 62]

Karl: So, who has the next question? Sorry I’m a little late, got held up in traffic.

Fan#4: Are you really going to be wrestling tonight? Who was the replacement you had lined up?

Karl: The replacement, that doesn’t matter. I’m not at one hundred per cent, as you can see, but I’m going to be going out there tomorrow night and competing alongside Otaku to win back the World Tag Team Championship.

Fan#6: Then the insurance

Karl: Charged me a lot more than usual, but they’ve agreed to take the risk. My premium’s higher for this match than for any other I’ve had in Empire Pro, and it’s the second highest I’ve ever had. But it’ll be worth it when we take the titles back.

Fan#7: Do you agree with what Otaku’s been saying about First and Burns?

Karl: That Burns is pitiful and that I don’t buy The First’s speech about honour and helping Burns be the best he can be? Pretty much, yeah.

Fan#4: But First’s a former world champ!

Karl: Who said in the heat of the moment that if he lost, he’d not challenge for the World Title again. That says something about the man. No, let me clarify, you look confused. Look at Otaku. Behind the costumes, behind the love of cartoons

Otaku: Anime.

Karl: Behind what most people would call silly, I’ve learnt something about him. If he says something, he means it, he truly means it. When he told me he was going to hunt down Burns, I believed it, because I knew he would. He’s the kind of person who would say something in the heat of the moment and stick to it. If you challenged him to a game of rock, paper, scissors, and he said he’d do a hundred laps of the track on his hands if he lost, he’d honour that. If he said he wouldn’t go after a title again if he lost, he wouldn’t accept an invitation to a tournament where there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to face the world champion.

Fan#4: But

Karl: [interrupting] Listen, I admire The First’s drive and determination. But his actions in the past haven’t matched his words. If anything he’s contradicted himself several times. I don’t doubt the guy’s abilities, his skills, or his accomplishments. But his sense of honour is nothing on Otaku’s. Now, as for Issac Byrnes

Otaku: Wait, he’s here, too?

Karl: Sorry. I get the two confused. Something to do with homophonic names or too many shots to the head or just the fact they’re very similar people. As for Eddie Burns being pathetic and pitiful… a win’s a win, and he did what he had to win. The win loss record shows it as a win. He’s clearly satisfied with taking that path, so it’s right for him. But it is pathetic that he’d be so insecure that he’d feel he needed to almost blind me in one eye to beat me. It’s an honour, actually, to know that someone else knows the only way they can beat you is to break the rules. So, whether he won or lost, ultimately I saw how pitiful he is. He’ll wrap it up in not caring or only caring about wins but the fact he can’t beat me without a fireball, he’s shown himself almost as pathetic as… I don’t want to say Eric Davis since that was seven years ago but he reminds me of him a lot.

Otaku: Woah… we’ve got this won! YEAH!!

Karl: You seem happy.

Otaku: How can I not be! We’re gonna win, I just know it! Listen up, Animezing Dragon is going to take the titles at Russian Roulette! The Dragon’s going to be a two time world tag team champ to go with his Intercontinental and TV titles, and I’m going to be simply animezing with the belt back around my waist looking toward the future with the power of youth!!

Karl: Loud and energetic as always.

Otaku: You know it! Next question!

[The Q&A session continues, while we FADE OUT]

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