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Rules as of: February 21, 2015


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA

1. New ERA of Wrestling runs "seasons." What is a season? It is a grouping of six shows – five Cyberstrike shows held at the Agganis Arena at Boston University and one premier event held from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

2. Wrestlers sign up for a season, and once the season is over, they can either walk away or sign another contract. No strings attached (well, only that the New ERA Champion is required to continue onto the next season).

3. New ERA runs "reduced-form" results for Cyberstrike shows. Generally this includes one to two paragraphs "recapping" the action. Premier events will be written in long-form.

4. If you have any questions about the results of a match, or any concerns on how your character is being portrayed, please contact me on AIM or through e-mail. I will gladly discuss the reasoning behind a particular decision I have made. New ERA is not one of those leagues that closes off its doors to any inquiries and / or immediately goes into defensive mode. We're open and honest about the decisions made.

5. Results will be posted when everything is finished - ideally the day after the deadline. Real life happens, though. Many of our handlers realize that delays are sometimes inevitable. The structure of New ERA's results is an attempt to circumvent delays and provide a constantly active and engaging community.

6. To end, have a good time. Participate on the forums. We are here for a good time, not a long time.


1. There is a limit of two (2) RPs per competitor for New ERA Cyberstrike. At this time, premier shows have a limit of two (2) RPs per competitor.

2. New ERA only accepts UNIQUE roleplays. Do not recycle RPs used in one promotion and only change a few of the names. You’ll receive the absolute minimum RP score of 50 the first time. The second time you’ll be removed from the roster.

3. Your roleplay MUST relate to your match. The RP must make at least some reference to your opponent, New ERA, and / or the fact he is a wrestler. 2000 word roleplays about your character serving in Vietnam and the horror of having to massacre an entire village, while interesting, will be considered "character development" if there's no relation to the match-at-hand.

4. Speaking of which, character development RPs are encouraged and should be noted on the forums by the [CD] tag somewhere in the thread title. Character development roleplays are highly encouraged to expand upon angles and mic spots submitted to Cyberstrike events.

5. RPs must be posted by the time designated in the lineup thread. Any roleplays posted after the deadline, and / or in a different forum will not be counted.

6. For "premier" shows, there is a 36 hour stacking rule. If an opponent has not responded to your roleplay within 36 hours (a day and a half), then you may "stack" without consequence. You may NOT post a roleplay within the 36 hours, delete it, and then re-post it after 36 hours have passed. As the administrator of these forums, I can see deleted threads - just so you know.

7. Deadline Rule. If you RP within the last hour of the deadline for a "premier" show, your opponent will have 24 hours to respond. Once your opponent responds to the RP, the thread is closed, and nothing else will be counted. This rule does not apply to regular season shows.

Example: 11:59pm deadline; if you post an RP at 10:59pm, your opponent has 24 hours to respond (thus ending at 10:59pm the next day). This rule is null and void if the opponent responds before the original deadline is up.

8. RP Extensions. The RP deadline will be at 11:59pm PST on the date in the show's title.

Example: A thread entitled "New ERA Cyberstrike, 09.25.10," means that the RP period will end at 11:59pm PST on September 25, 2010. If there is to be an RP extension, a new thread will be posted with the information. Any extension, wrong date, or changed date that has been edited into the RP thread will not be honored. It is your responsibility to know the date posted in the lineup thread and to check to see if there have been any "RP Period Extended" threads posted.

9. Scoring. Roleplays are scored on a multitude of criteria. Generally, if your RP is well-written, relevant to the match, and provokes a strong connection with the reader, you will do well. RPs are scored on a 50-100 standard. The highest scoring RP wins the match.

10. No-Shows. If you no-show more than once in a season you will be disqualified from becoming Most Valuable Wrestler. If you no-show more than twice in a season, you will be removed from the tour.

11. Do not use another handler's character in your roleplay without their prior permission.


1. All angles must be submitted to the official New ERA of Wrestling e-mail or submitted to me on the New ERA forums.

2. Angles must be sent in by the end of the RP period. Since shows have a quick turnaround, any angles that are not received by the deadline may not end up on that show.

3. New ERA has the right not to use an angle you have submitted, or to change the angle so it won't completely contradict what has happened, is happening, or will happen on the same show. If an angle is to be changed, it will only be cosmetic, and should not affect the overall intent of the handler's submission. We give a lot of leeway to our handlers to submit angles in order to further storylines. It is an unusual thing for angle submissions to be totally ignored.

4. If an angle is submitted and mishandled, please send an e-mail informing staff immediately. Sometimes in the heat of things an angle may get botched. If this happens let me know and I will fix it as soon as I can and work with you to right any wrongs.

5. Mic spots and angles should be submitted in the general format of Cyberstrike results. As Cyberstrike uses a summary format, the angle or mic spot should be edited to fit in with results. Please browse through previous seasons' results for a template of how angles and mic spots should be written.

6. Mic spots and angles submitted for a particular show might add an additional point to the RP score for that week.

Example: You RP against an opponent and receive a 64. However you also send in a mic spot and an angle which furthers your character’s progression. You receive 1 extra point for that week which bumps your total score to 65.

7. Extra points received for submitting an angle or mic spot count only for the final score of that week. They are not counted for the Most Valuable Wrestler tally.

Example: Keeping with the example above, your RP scored a 64. Since you submitted a mic spot you ended up with a total score of 65 due to the extra point. However, when calculating scores for the MVW tally, the RP score (64) will be used, not the total score.


1. There is one championship belt - the New ERA Championship.

2. If a champion successfully defends the New ERA Championship three times in a row, they are entitled to an immediate championship rematch against the person who eventually defeats them.

3. There are three ways to bank a New ERA Championship shot: win three matches in a row, be named the Most Valuable Wrestler of the season, or win the BattleBRAWL Rumble at the BattleBRAWL premier event.

4. MVW. To be named Most Valuable Wrestler for a season, the three highest scores from the season will be averaged. If you and / or another handler have provided an angle that added substantially to the season's quality, an extra 1 to 5 points will be added to your overall score.

5. In order to qualify for Most Valuable Wrestler consideration, you must participate in at least FOUR cards for that season. If you no-show more than once in a season, you will be ineligible to become the MVW.

6. Banked championship shots can be carried over from one season to the next.

7. In order to alleviate burn out, banked championship shots expire after two seasons. Therefore, if you decide to take a break from New ERA, your championship shot isn't automatically lost.

Example: You receive a banked championship shot in Season 1. However, you decide at the end of Season 1 that you wish to take a break. Your banked championship shot will "expire" at the conclusion of Season 3.

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