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"Rper of the week, Dan Ryan"


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Hey I know that the rp session is over, but I can not wait until after the rp session to post this, but I need to, and considering the fact that I have already wrote all 3 of my rps for my thread, I feel that this is the only thing left for me to do.

I need to give a shout out to Dave Brunk, handler of Dan Ryan, for putting my balls to the grind and whooping my ass with his rps. I have to admit that this rp session has been the most intense, the most emotional rp session that I have ever been in. I mean I had fun with Kent (kendall codine) because in that rp session hellfighter evolved more in that rp session than any other. In this one, Brunk put me through some awesome and crazy situations. I haven't been in an rp session against Brunk since EWI with Roberts and Hellfighter, and he beat me because I wasn't able to rp (that is not to say that he would have beat me then because he still would have have kicked my ass then) But I was a terrible rper then, now I am a more in tuned and improved rp and I believe that I was pulling out much better rps and Brunk was taking my very best and throwing them right back in my face.

I was taking it so peronally because hellfighter is so very dear to me. MY very first fw character and he is so close to me, so when I read these awesome rps, yes it is safe to say that I was getting a little emotional with them. But it was worth it. These rps that he was writing were making me rack my brain and pull out the very best to get what I put out. Here I am straining to pull out the best of my rps, and Brunk isn't even trying and still manages to kick my ass and my rps. But that is the art of rping. Because Brunk is so good (and how good I am not), I don't know if I want to face him again HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

For those of you that are thinking that I am forsaking everything about hellfighter. I am not, it is all part of a storyline that I am trying to do with him to evolve as a character. This evolution is temporary, but in the end, it will cause hellfighter to become stronger than before. Or at least that is my goal anyway. Whether or not it works will all depend on the next few weeks.

As for Brunk, he needs to get rper of the week honors, maybe rper of the month, or even rper of the yeah honors. You knew that he would be good going into this rp session, but that vague conception became more and more of a reality when you progress further in the battle. Mark my words Brunk, I am not admitting defeat, but this is all part of the plan. Just keep in mind that you are one of the many...many...many reason why I have improved as an rper, but also why I still need to improve as an rper. Keep up the good work...like you always do.

Well I have said enough. This is not blowing smoke up your asses at all whatsoever. This is the truth and I mean every single word that I say here, but I wanted to say it here to let you know how I feel. I have to go for now, but I will talk to you all again later.

God bless,
Patrick M. Shutt



Quite honestly I have you to thank for what I consider some of the best role plays I've ever done, especially in that second one where I felt more on a roll than I have in probably years. Your attack on Zero last card caught me off guard and got me upset, and it showed up in my stuff. I have always had a tendency to put out my best stuff when angry and this was no different. Anytime I can put myself into a mindset where I AM my character, I can excel. And I would recommend that for anyone. When you ARE your character, you simply cannot be beat...because it's who you are...and it's what you're thinking for yourself, and not a role.

As for you Patrick, you're a work in progress and I think you know that. Hellfighter is a character that has undergone many changes, and will get where you want him to be as long as you can remember that it's all about living the gimmick so to speak. You'll notice, I haven't even RP'd for Roberts yet. :) I'm just now shaking myself of the Dan Ryan character to be able to get into the mindset I need to do another character.

And before I forget, thanks for the congratulations. It's something most people don't do....coming out and giving credit to the opposition. I'm looking forward to the match.



Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Re: "Rper of the week, Dan Ryan"

Bullcrap. Dan Ryan is NOT the RPer of the week.

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