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Rowe vs. Garza


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
(Fade in: We are at a photo shoot... and the subject of this photo shoot would be "The Blonde Bomber" Jennifer Rowe. The GWE Women's champion is dressed in a pair of tight-fitting black pants, a white tank top which exposes much of her midriff and the GWE Women's title slung over her shoulder. She maintains a cocky smile on her face as she shows off her prized belt while posing for the photographer. After a few moments, the photographer signals to take five, and Rowe casually sits down, noticing the other camera...the TV camera...upon her.)

Jennifer: Everyone wants to know why I'd join up with The New Team Phenom...very simple answer. Eric Davis, Clapper and Christian Sands know exactly what it takes to get attention and rise to the top, as evidenced by all their success in GWE. And it's obvious that so many in GWE became jealous of those three, so they banded together for the right cause. And then, when they noticed how many of the women around here were jealous of me as the men were jealous of them, they knew the right thing was to ask me to be a part of the greatest collection of talent ever known to GWE.

(She pats the title belt over her shoulder.)

Jennifer: Gold is something that all the New Team Phenom members have claimed and I just know Eric Davis will take the gold this coming X-Perience. But as for me, who do they have me defending my belt against?

Angel Garza, somebody who just came off a loss, asks for a title shot, and then gets it just like that?

(She wrinkles her nose.)

Jennifer: If this is some idea of a joke on GWE's part, I certainly don't find it funny. Garza, I hardly even know a thing about you, and honestly, I don't really care to know anything about you. After all, if you are having a hard time getting a win in GWE, you certainly can't be worth my attention.

But no... I have to defend against a loser like you.

(A pause as Jennifer gives that statement some thought.)

Jennifer: Come to think of it, all I have in the women's division to defend against are losers. If GWE was smart, they'd go out and get some real talent for this division instead of the wannabes we have throwing out challenges to me, hoping they'll get attention that way.

But nonetheless, I'll just mop the mat with Garza just like I mopped the mat with that Ashcroft loser. You aren't going to see her dare to challenge me anytime soon, I'll guarantee you that.

(She chuckles, no doubt thinking about the beatdown administered to Ashcroft.)

Jennifer: And now, Garza... it's your turn to be humiliated at my hands.

Now, buzz off... I've got more important things to do.

(And then she heads off to finish her photo shoot. Fade out.)


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy Windham, in the back of his HumVee, smirk on his face.)

TROY: Oh, just when I thought this promotion couldn't get any more bush league, I find out they have a WOMAN'S division.

Even more proof that this league is PATHETIC. Everyone knows that WOMEN can NOT wrestle. The only reason they trot some dumb bimbo is so they can wear spandex that shows some cameltoe so a bunch of 32-year-old acne-faced, neck-bearded virgins can come home from the arcade and jack off while watching this promotion on the scratchy UHF channel at 2 a.m.

Jennifer Rowe, I'll give you credit. You're SLIGHTLY more attractive than the usual leathery ex-strippers who wrestle. You're one of the few women in this industry who HASN'T sucked my 9.5 rod yet... of course, you might've been so bad at sucking d(BLEEP) that I could've just thrown you out and back onto the streets...

I see you hanging out with some heel alliance that think bad-ass means coming up with new ways to look like posterboys for gay magazines.

Rowe, you wanna be a REAL bad girl? You wait in line with the other groupies and you find me after the show. I'll ram your skull so hard that you'll need four root canals the next day... but I'll also make you smile.

You dump those dudes if you wanna get with a REAL MAN, baby. (FTB)


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Jan 1, 2000
sports and study

Angel watched with a down turned look at the betrayal of the Womens champion on her partner. Watched with disappointment the over the top post match assault on Mary Jane Ashcroft, and shook her head in mixed feeling at the strength and loose abandon of the ego the champion spoke with. Angel then turned away from one monitor and moved her gaze to another. This one focusing on Jennifer Rowe’s in ring ability. This Angel watched with genuine fascination and a students eye. Spotting every mistake, every opening, seeing all the possible counters. then rewinding and going threw themagain so as to lock into memory what she comes up against.

Turning away from her studying the coming opponent and epic challenge Angel turned to face the expected and invited GXE camera man and greeted him with little more then a nod of he head. Standing she snapped on the rooms small series of lights illuminating the room. It’s look was that of a simple A/V room. Several monitors, several vcrs, a massive switchboard underneath no doubt for making condensed and rather focused tapes, and alone in the far end of the room a computer and a cot. Suggesting Angel often slept in the room after long hors of book and tape study of the sport.

Returning to Angel the camera found what it expected. Her hair drawn back with a near uniform or military look to it, her eyes surrounded by ying yang war paint but none the less suggesting fire, A loose fitting black t shirt tucked into a well pressed pair of black slacks, and standard black ring boots. The t shirt was of some interest as it bore a old world cross in its center and in the center of that cross a long stem red rose. Running along the vertical of the rose and the cross was a fire breathing dragon, and running the horizontal lengtho f the cross a few strands of barbed wire. the symbol much like her war paint no doubt having deep meaning to her.

Angel took a step back allowing the camera man access into the room and directed him to begin filming the promotional from the cot. She chose to sit ram rod straight in the only other piece of furniture in the room a rather simple folding chair by the switchboard and monitors.

Narrative on setting complete. Angel began.

Angel “Alarming things have been happening almost weekly here. One might argue this is the best time to be a wrestler with all the activity. But let us not fool ourselves those that wrestle merely to honor the sport and there one time fandom of it, Those that wrestle as the accomplishment on a day to day basis of a childhood dream are few and far between. All that is left are random flickers of sport amidst a drama that could almost be entitled “All My Ring post” or “As The Title Belts turn.” Little of what we see today is what we should see. You can take and start out right recently with the actions in the Womens division. The newly crowned champion stabbing fan and friend in back and heart for financial gain and title. undeserving and perhaps under talented alliances striking down the fair the honest and the honorable lest there secret and incompetence be shown. Gangs and thugs running amuck post arguably awesome matches and using the fallen to send supposed waves of fear and intimidation through the ranks.”

She paused hanging her head as if retelling recent weeks and just the actions of last Enforcement as if they were criminal charges. Composing herself and adding a touch of anger to tone she again faced the public.

Angel “Fodder easily for any out of work or creative mind daytime or film writer. But I address this coming Experience. This coming challenge as a wrestler. As one who wrestles in the sport of same name with honor, integrity, and intensity. Using only the technical and methodical art and science that was once and still in cult form is what the fans come to see. I address the battle for the Womens title against Jennifer Rowe as a student of the sport I have dedicated my life to and the honorable end I will fall on sword to achieve. I address the current champion as an arguably undeserving challenger but one no less dangerous then those that sit at the top of the contender list and as one that finds neither the champions ego, her actions, or her army of backup intimidating or fear inspiring.”

“Jennifer Rowe. I will not play day old rookie and dare you to have your army attack me or defend you. I will not suggest that by your egomatics your taking me lightly. Nor will I dare say your turning to the darker side and to a stable as a sign of weakness. I will not for that is for the fans, the press, and those that know you to accuse you of.”

Angel paused allowing the words to sink in and once she tied her thoughts to string together more fire she resumed.

Angel “What I will say is that if any one escorts you to ringside and insist on aiding you should know given the need I will defend against them. I will say that your illusion of taking me lightly only means you are more focused on me then those watching understand, and whatever made you turn and take things by force honorable or not is none of my concern. To each there own. However Miss Rowe you do hold the standard of excellence in the Womens division and although your actions as of late may or may not speak ill of you they do lay stain to the standard and what it represents and that I cannot allow. I may indeed have not yet suffered great success here but it only takes an instant, a single error, a single mistake, a single counter to turn that tide, and you had best be ready and expect to face someone that will be watching, waiting, even taking all your known history in ring and using it against you for that most honorable end. Your end. Your submitting to the chimes at midnight.”

“Jennifer Rowe. I fight tonight not as someone playing the underdog card, Not as someone playing the revolutionary card, But something more deadly. I fight being only what I am and focusing all fire and desire as a wrestler wanting to be known as not only being good but doing good both by my own standards but also by rightfully earning what standards I may wear. Bring your theatrics, your egomatic parlor games, but bring also the measured skill that had it stayed honest would still have rightfully put you were you are today and have at me with your best. For by the time we meet I will be ready. This my most trying match and indeed my trial by fire will not end with the massacre you made of miss Ashcroft but in an education for champion challenger and all that stand to face either next. There may indeed be a shking in the house of the GXE womens division after tonight. But more then that there will be honor, glory, and battle. The things wrestlers used to prize above title and fan dom. Jennifer Rowe. Tonight the one that seems least in your eyes may indeed bring the greater challenge. "

Said and done Angel kept fire filled gaze and silence to fill the scene as it faded to black.

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