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Roleplays - A Public Service Announcement


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Aug 26, 2008
Assuming you've already read THIS thread here, it is important to know this, too:
  • Unless an RP is in a thread created for a versus match-up it should be assumed that is is either:

  • Hype piece
  • Character Development
  • Relevant to the viewing public and is admissible in a court of law

  • Anybody has permission to post on this roleplay board
  • Open challenges can be posted on this roleplay board
  • Direct challenges can be posted on this roleplay board
  • Roleplays can be pos... okay, you get the picture

Please make sure, when roleplaying in a "versus match-up" RP thread that you take note of all rules and stipulations listed in the original post. This is important. The details will be along these lines.

Word Limit:
(if any)
RP Limit: (if any)
Theme: (if any)
RP Deadline:

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