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Rockford Riptide 08


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: King Krusher is seen standing backstage talking with a few Rockford police detectives. Lady V can be seen standing behind them and listening)

KING KRUSHER: "Look, I can't control this guy with just fines and suspensions. He's the champion of the league and he basically hasn't earned a dime since he's been here with all the fines I put on him. A few weeks ago he drugged me and now he's kidnapping women and I just can't condone that in my league! It's getting to the point where I have to lock him in his locker room at all times and I can't do that without getting in trouble myself. Isn't there something you can do?"

DETECTIVE: "The problem is that no one saw this guy do anything. Ms. Jewello didn't even see who grabbed her and choloroformed her. We still have a lot of people to talk to but I'm sure we'll get someone who saw something. Whoever did this made sure he was as inconspicuous as possible. There are no surveillance cameras in the commissary area where she was grabbed so we can't go by that. We're gonna question him now and I will let you know if we find anything, OK?"

K.K.: "Yeah, thanks."

(The detectives walk away as Lady V slowly walks up to K.K., seemingly rubbing goose bumps on her arms)

LADY VERONICA: "Joe, I'm really worried. If Manson did this to Karen, who's to say that he won't do it to me? I mean, what if he makes me a target to get back at Scott for something? I'm sure he knows we are together and might try to do something to me just to get back to him."

K.K.: "First of all Veronica, Scott isn't the one dropping all these fines on Manson, it's me. So if Manson will try anything to get back at anybody, it will be me. Second, I'm adding extra security to the locker room area and for now I don't want you walking where no one is around, OK?"

LADY V: "Yes, I know, but....I just don't feel safe here anymore, especially after what happened to Karen..."

(Lady V breaks down and starts sobbing and grabs K.K. and puts her head on his shoulder to cry)

K.K.: "I know V.....I know...."

(A look of total anger washes over K.K.'s face as he comforts Lady V. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, ARE YOU READY FOR THE MAIN EVENT!!? ARE YOU READY!!?? (crowd roars) This match is for the Great Lakes Tag Team Titles!! First, coming to the ring, the challengers," (CUE-UP: "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails) "From Death Valley, California, weighing in at 238lbs., GOLEM!!"

(The crowd cheers as Golem walks to ringside, but Golem has an intense look on his face and focuses on the ring)

M.F.: "And his partner," (CUE-UP: "Shapes of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band) "From Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at 245lbs., JEAN RABESQUE!!"

(The crowd pops hard as Rabesque appears from behind the curtain, wearing simple blue trunks and blue boots. He slaps many hands as he walks to the ring, and he climbs in and has a few words with Golem, who simply stares out at the entrance waiting for their opponents)

M.F.: "And their opponents," (CUE-UP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica) "from Pandora Island, at a combined weight of 580lbs., they are the Great Lakes Tag Team Champions, KRAVEN AND FLATLINER, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!!"

(The crowd erupts in boos as the massive muscled Pandorians emerge from behind the curtains with their belts around their waists. They walk proudly to the ring with their arms raised, shouting praise about themselves to anyone within earshot. They climb into the ring and immeditaley begin shouting threats to Golem and Rabesque, who try to get at them but Al Marinaro tries his best to contain them)

TONY ROSS: "Fans, I am still shocked over what happened last segment, so please excuse me if I can't give this match its due justice! After what happened to Karen Jewello and Troy Martinez being carried out of here on a stretcher with a neck brace, I'm a little shaken up! But we have quite a clash of the titans here as the Tag Champions, the Unholy Alliance are set to defend their belts against Golem and Jean Rabesque in what is sure to be one for the ages! Everyone is on their feet in here!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Yes, the atmosphere is electric in here as everyone is hoping that Jean Rabesque and Golem can dethrone the two massive Pandorians, Kraven and Flatliner, who are without JC! I still don't know what happened to him!"

T.R.: "I'm just glad he's gone, I don't ask questions! We're set to go here as all four men are jawing at mid-ring as Marinaro tries to get them to decide who's going to start! Kraven will start for the champs, but Golem and Rabesque are arguing about who is going to start for them!"

R.W.: "Golem and Rabesque are already showing signs of not being able to get along here, and that does not bode well for them if it conitinues! Kraven and Flatliner are a finely tuned machine that has been wrestling together for years!"

T.R.: "Rabesque has relented and Golem will start here, and Golem would like some revenge from that attack the Unholy Alliance delivered a few weeks back to introduce themselves to GLCW! Golem goes right up to Kraven and Kraven has a few inches on him and looks down at Golem and laughs! Golem slaps him!! Kraven is outraged and he begins to bludgeon Golem with huge forearms! He backs Golem into the ropes, whips him in and catches him with a gorilla press! No!! Golem slides down his back and dropkicks Kraven right in the back of the head as the fans roar in approval! Kraven is staggered and Golem charges him with a body press and he goes down!! 1....2...No!! Kraven throws Golem off and he looks incredibly angry!!"

R.W.: "Golem may be ultra-violent, but he is no dummy, and he knows that if he gets Kraven frustrated and angry with his speed, that he will lapse from his game plan!"

T.R.: "We heard earlier in the night Jobber challenging Golem in a rare case of the champion challenging someone for a shot at the TV belt and let's hope that match gets signed! Kraven stalks Golem and rushes him but Golem dodges out of the way! Kraven lunges again and this time hits a glancing blow to Golem's head! Golem staggers back into the corner and Kraven barrels into him with a shoulder thrust! Kraven rams him again and throw Golem down face first into the mat and laughs at him! Kraven grabs both of Golem's arms and puts his boot on the small of Golem's back and now he's stretching the arms back! Wow! That cannot be comfortable!"

R.W.: "Kraven and Flatliner have been thinking of different ways to hurt people for years and this is no exception, a modified surfboard if you will, but in this case Golem is face first on the mat."

T.R.: "And Jean Rabesque comes in to break it up! He gets a shot in and now Rabesque is trying to lure Kraven into the corner but Marinaro forces Rabesque back! Kraven dumps Golem into his own corner and he and Flatliner both double team him while Marinaro is busy with Rabesque! Classic strategy here! Golem takes a few stiff shots and Kraven whips him into the ropes and he ducks down and Golem rolls over Kraven by his back, turns, kicks him in the groin and hits a double arm DDT!! That bought him some time!"

R.W.: "I'm surprised a veteran like Kraven would make a mistake like that, especially against a guy like Golem who will capitalize on it immediately!"

T.R.: "Golem gets to his feet and he charges into the corner and tries to get at Flatliner but he leans back on the apron to avoid it and now Flatliner tries to get in! Golem whips Kraven into his corner and now he and Rabesque double team Kraven for a little taste of his own medicine!"

R.W.: "Golem and Rabesque are making it clear that they will use the same tactics as the Unholy Alliance uses so maybe they are on the same page!"

T.R.: "Rabesque is tagged in as Marinaro makes sure Flatliner is in the corner! Rabesque grabs Kraven's arm for a full twist as Kraven groans in pain! Rabesque holds that lock and tags Golem back in who comes off the top right down on the arm! Golem with a drop toe hold and Kraven lands right on his face! Golem tags Rabesque right back in and Rabesque comes in and applies an armbar on Kraven on the mat!"

R.W.: "Crisp teamwork here by the two former rivals, so maybe they have indeed put their differences aside."

T.R.: "Kraven gets to his feet and breaks the hold by pulling Rabesque's hair back and throwing him to the mat with his free arm! What strength! He kicks Rabesque in the gut and drags him away from his corner and he goes over and tags in Flatliner! Rabesque made it clear in his promos that Kraven was holding Flatliner back on their team! They are the champs so that's hard to believe! Flatliner pulls Rabesque up his neck and chokeslams him down to the mat with vicious authority!! My God what force! Flatliner is all business as he drags Rabesque to his feet by his hair and lines him up! Ohhhh!! Brutal savate kick right in Jean Rabesque's chops!! Oh my!"

R.W.: "That's the kind of move that makes dental insurance companies cringe! I can't believe Rabesque is still conscious!"

T.R.: "Rabesque is checking to see if all his teeth are still intact as Flatliner drags him up again and whips him into the corner with brute force! Now wait a minute! The crowd is booing as Sean Edmunds makes his way to the ring, and he has absolutely no business being out here!"

R.W.: "Maybe he's still mad about that incident earlier in the show where Rabesque wished him luck!"

T.R.: "Well Edmunds lost that match so he must be trying to find a way to take it out on him! Golem is yelling at Edmunds to get out of here but Edmunds just laughs at him! Flatliner has Edmunds in a standing camel clutch, and this has got to be excruciating on the back! And look at Edmunds laugh at him! Rabesque is close to the ropes and Edmunds spits in his face from the outside! What a jerk! Marinaro yells at Edmunds to get out of here but he won't budge! And now Kraven is in for the double team and Marinaro heads him off at the pass! Flatliner whips Rabesque into the corner and Edmunds trips him up!! Get this moron out of here!"

R.W.: "Marinaro didn't see it because he was busy getting Kraven out of there!"

T.R.: "Rabesque is up and over trying to get at Edmunds and he hits Rabesque with an uppercut from the outside and he backs into a huge German suplex from Flatliner!! He just about threw him all the way across the ring!! Flatliner is just scary! And look at Edmunds taunt Rabesque by pretending to cry! Well it looks like the jerk is finally leaving! But the damage has been done but ohh!!! Golem just hit Flatliner with a missile dropkick out of nowhere!! That really staggered the big man as he doesn't know where he is! Rabesque is able to get up and he pushes Flatliner into the corner and Golem holds him!! Rabesque rears back to clobber him but Flatliner breaks free and Rabesque tattoos Golem and he falls off the apron!!"

R.W.: "A miscalculation by Rabesque there and he might have knocked his own partner right out!! What a shot!"

T.R,.: "Rabesque looks to be in shock here as Flatliner kicks him from behind and hits a back suplex!! Golem shakes his head to clear the cobwebs and he appears to be leaving! What is he doing!? The fans boo as Golem turns and walks away! Rabesque could be all by himself against these two monsters! Flatliner tags Kraven in and they're going for the Face-Off!! Kraven puts Rabesque on his shoulders and Flatliner goes up top!! Wait!! Golem out of nowhere clips Kraven's knee and he drops Rabesque and crumples to the mat!! Flatliner leaped at the same time and hit nothing but mat and landed awkwardly because he didn't expect nobody to be home!! Flatliner cries out in pain! Golem didn't leave after all!! Marinaro is losing control in there!! Kraven clocks Golem and whips him into the corner but Marinaro gets caught up and is absolutely smashed by Golem!!"

R.W.: "As if this match wasn't wild enough, no referee! Now anything goes!"

T.R.: "Rabesque slaps the figure four on Flatliner!! And with that injured knee this could be it!! No referee though and Flatliner is in immense pain!! Hold everything, here comes Michael Manson!! The Great Lakes Champ charges to the ring and grabs a chair!! Kraven nails Golem from behind and he holds Golem while Manson lines him up!! Golem ducks and Kraven takes the full force of the chair!! Listen to this crowd!! Flatliner is tapping out!!! Golem grabs Kraven and hits the backdrop driver!!! The crowd counts 1....2.....3!! No referee!! Marinaro is still down after getting smashed!!"

R.W.: "And here comes Maelstrom and he's making a bee-line for Manson!!"

T.R.: "The crowd is going ballistic here in Rockford as Maelstrom charges in, still bandaged from the fire attack earlier!! Manson rolls into the ring and Maelstrom corners him!! Maelstrom begins to batter Manson with huge rights and lefts!! The crowd is loving every minute of this! We should have new tag team champions but the ref is out!! And now the bell is ringing!! What's going on here, did Marinaro see Flatliner tapping out!!?"

R.W.: "No Tony, I think he saw Maelstrom and Manson in the ring and he might be throwing this match out! Let's see what his call is!"

T.R.: "The crowd thinks Rabesque and Golem are the champions and they are going wild!! Rabesque is jumping up and down but Marinaro throws Rabesque's arms down and waves it off!! He goes over to Matt Faley who is bringing the belts into the ring! He's giving him his decision!!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been ruled a double disqualification due to Michael Manson and Maelstrom being in the ring!"

(The crowd erupts with boos as garbage begins to rain down upon the ring)

T.R.: "Marinaro rules this a double DQ and I guess rightfully so since Manson and Maelstrom were indeed in the ring! But the crowd does not like it since Rabesque and Golem got a submission and a pinfall while Marinaro was down! We have a near riot situation in here as Maelstrom and Manson spill to the outside! Golem and Rabesque and the Unholy Alliance begin fighting again!! We have total chaos in here!! Here comes security and they are followed by King Krusher who is ordering them to break this up!! Fans, GLCW is an absolute powderkeg and we are out of time! Make sure you tune in to Fox Sports Net next week for Riptide coming from the University Arena in Kalamazoo, Michigan!! For Rick Wiseman, this is Tony Ross saying so long from Rockford!! Whoah!! Look out!!"

(The microphone goes dead as Ross and Wiseman vacate the announcer's table as Manson's body comes flying over it. Maelstrom then dives over the table after him as a flood of security men and Rockford police try to restrain them. Flatliner and Kraven are shown faliing out of the ring at the hands of Rabesque and Golem as the screen fades out to the GLCW logo....)

This has been a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling production.
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2002

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