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Rockford Riptide 07


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: The camera pans around the Metro Centre crowd, showing more signs, such as "NO FALSE GIMMICKS", "BLAZER BURN IN HELL", "A STORM IS COMING", and "I AM MALEC'S ILLEGITIMATE SON". CUT-TO ringside where a kid has a sleeper hold on his little brother and their friend drops the arm three times and mock calls for the bell. CUT-TO: Matt Faley at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is non-title! First, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Narcosynthesis" by Nevermore) "From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 260lbs., 'THE ERADICATOR' TROY MARTINEZ!!"

(The crowd pops as Martinez comes out wearing blue jeans, a black leather jacket over a Nevermore T-shirt, and black boots. Karen Jewello is noticeably absent. Martinez looks very serious and worried as he climbs into the ring)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson) "From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 230lbs., he is the Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion, MICHAEL MANSON!!"

(The crowd erupts in boos as Manson walks slowly to the ring with a smug look on his face, the belt draped over his shoulder, wearing black tights with strange red designs on them. He takes his time getting in the ring, and Martinez immediately starts yelling at him about the whereabouts of his manager Karen Jewello. Manson just blows him off and hands the belt to a ringside attendant)

M.F.: "If Troy Martinez wins this match, he will get a shot at the Great Lakes Title next week on Riptide!" (crowd cheers)

TONY ROSS: "Well as you have seen throughout the show tonight, Troy Martinez' manager is missing and still hasn't been found, and that is providing a huge distraction for Martinez as he yells at Manson questioning him about her! Manson just shrugs and gives an innocent look!"

RICK WISEMAN: "I'm pretty sure Manson is behind this, just like I think he was behind the drugging of King Krusher, but that was never proven either. But Jewello hasn't been found yet so this is going to put Martinez at a huge disadvantage, not only because he doesn't know where she is, but also because she can offset any of Manson's shenanigans."

T.R.: "That is definitely a hugely relevant point when you speak of Manson! Martinez immediately attacks in anger! Huge forearms and kicks stagger Manson into the corner as Martinez looks to be possessed! Martinez batters him some more and then rams his back into the turnbuckles several times! And now Martinez is using his shoulder as a battering ram on Manson's midsection! Martinez hits a belly to back suplex out of the corner! Martinez is all over Manson now with huge rights and lefts and he's pounding the hell out of Manson!"

R.W.: "Martinez has got to control his temper here or he is going to make a mistake and Manson will definitely capitalize!"

T.R.: "I don't think he can do that when his manager is missing! Martinez stands up and kicks Manson a few times and pulls him up and hits the Total Eradication jumping spinning heel kick!! 1.....2....No!! Martinez tried for the early win but Manson kicked out! Martinez pulls him right back up and whips him in for a vicious spinebuster!! The crowd is roaring its approval! Martinez punches him a few times and pulls him up! He sends Manson into the corner and tries for a spear but Manson dives out of the way! Martinez hits nothing but post!!"

R.W.: "Martinez hesitated for a second before charging in and that was enough for Manson to get out of the way!"

T.R.: "Manson collects himself by the ropes as Martinez favors his shoulder! Manson comes from behind on Martinez and rolls him up!! 1.....2....No!! I believe Manson had a some tights there but Martinez still kicked out! Both men are up and Manson chops him in the chest! Martinez answers!! Now they are exchanging brutal chops and you can hear the smacks ringing across the Metro Centre!! Oh man, those have to sting! Manson backs down first and Martinez hooks him for a uranage!! He hooks the leg!! 1.....2...No!!"

R.W.: "Martinez is trying for a quick victory here so he can go back to looking for Karen Jewello, but I'm sure King Krusher and security are still looking for her!"

T.R.: "Speaking of that, I have just received word that they might have found Karen Jewello in one of the boiler rooms underneath the arena! We have a camera back there so let's check it out!"

(The screen splits and shows King Krusher and some security guys standing in front of a heavy wooden door. A couple of security guys have a heavy piece of 2x4 and they ram it into the doorknob several times until it breaks. The door opens and the room is dark and K.K. turns the light on. Standing there in nothing but black bra and panties is Karen Jewello, handcuffed to a pipe in the ceiling with her arms stretched high above her head and a gag stuffed in her mouth. A note is taped to her stomach that reads "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL X-MAS)

T.R.: "Oh my God, Karen Jewello is strung up in there like an animal! There is only one man who is despicable enough to do something like that and we are looking at him in the ring! They can't free her either because nobody has the keys for the handcuffs! And Martinez just looked at the big screen here in the arena and he is freaking out! He goes to exit the ring but Manson clips his knee from behind!! Manson pulls him up and hits a straight-jacket suplex!! He pulls Martinez up again and rams him head first into a camera that was being held on the apron by that cameraman!! The cameraman goes flying and Manson rolls Martinex up!! 1......2.....3!! What a despicable victory for Manson! Unreal!!"

R.W.: "If seeing his manager tied up like that wasn't enough, that knot on his head is going to enrage Martinez even more! Manson is making enemies with everyone on the roster with this kind of stuff!"

T.R.: "As King Krusher and security try to free Karen Jewello, Manson goes out and grabs that camera that he rammed Martinez' head into from that cameraman!! He brings it into the ring and places it on the mat sideways! What is he doing!? He pulls Martinez up and....Oh NO!!! Manson piledrives Martinez onto the camera!!! Good Lord!! This man is a maniac!!"

R.W.: "Martinez is just gushing blood in there! And here comes Maelstrom!!"

T.R.: "The crowd explodes as Maelstrom comes charging to the ring, but Manson grabs his belt and takes off into the crowd and down the exit ramp and Maelstrom has no chance of catching him!! Maelstrom stands by the security railing watching Manson take off with a look of pure anger and hatred on his face while Martinez gets some attention in the ring! Maelstrom calls for the mic!"

MAELSTROM: "That's right Manson, run ya damn coward!! Run for yer life, or what little's left of it!! I know ya can hear me, so I'm gonna make this short an' sweet! Ya can drug the commissioner, ya can kidnap women an' abuse them, ya can piledrive people on cameras, but nothin', and I mean NOTHIN' is gonna stop me from rippin' yer damn arms off an' beatin' yer useless body with them until yer nothin' but a pile of CRAP!! It's only a matter of time Manson, an' soon, yer time will RUN OUT!!"

(Maelstrom throws the mic down and leaves the ring area, glancing and shaking his head as he sees Martinez in the ring lying in a pool of his own blood)

T.R.: "Fans, we have to take a break! We will return with the main event, the GLCW Tag Team Title match! Kraven and Flatliner vs. Jean Rabesque and Maelstrom! Stay tuned!"

(The camera shows Karen Jewello finally being freed as her gag was removed earlier and she continues to sob loudly. King Krusher puts his jacket on her as he leads her out of the room. Krusher can be heard muttering to himself, "That (Bleep) damn Manson..." Fade to commercial)

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