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Rockford Riptide 05


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Lady V is shown standing by herself in the interview area)

JAROD POE: (from behind) "Hello V."

(She nearly jumps a foot and starts to turn away, but Jarod grabs the mic and her hand)

J.P.: "Were you going V? Don't run off...Surely you must have some questions of me and the comments of your little interview with Blazer at last Riptide?"

(She pauses in thought)

LADY V: "Well yes I do. Jarod, he made some extremly rude comments about your family."

(Jarod smiles)

J.P.: "Yes he did and they were all lies."

LADY V: "What do you mean?"

J.P.: "Blazer is more than just a fool...he's a liar. My family was long dead before I even started to train as a wrestler. Blazer is just so desperate. You've seen him lately. The man is shot...a shadow of his former self. He's desperate to recapture what he once was. The man has gone so far as to lie about my family and try to blind me. Well Blazer will get what he wanted and a whole lot more, as you saw earlier tonight."

LADY V: "So Blazer was just making it up?"

J.P.: (smiles) "He sure was...if you want the truth V you can look... (stares)...at the date on her tombstone. You'll see she was long in the ground before I came into wrestling. Although...I suppose Blazer can claim he TOO was sleeping with a corpse. The simple fact is he's desperate. He's seen that the student has far surpassed the teacher. That his once high level of glory is just shallow memory. I could see that...Hellion could see that...Blazer will soon."

LADY V: "Speaking of seeing...how is your eye sight?"

J.P.: "Blazer tried his best. He knows better than anyone that to me pain is just a comfort. He knows there's no amount of abuse he is capable of dishing out that I can't overcome. He knew that in training and looking into the old man's eyes I could see it. Well Blazer you went for a weakness...you tried to take my eyesight, but you failed Blazer...just as you have at eveything lately, but don't worry...I have a special plan for you at Massive Assault."

LADY V: "What's that?"

J.P.: "Let me ask you a question V...do you find me scary?"

LADY V: "Yes I do."

(Jarod pauses and smiles)

J.P.: "Then you just wait V...watch what I'm going to do at Massive Assault. If you thought I was scary tonight...just wait until then."

(Jarod let's loose a sadistic laugh and walks off. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "In our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Baba O'Riley" by The Who) "From Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 275lbs., JON SAVAGE!! He is accompanied by Johnny Wildside!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Savage makes his way to the ring with Wildside right behind him. Savage wears red and blue trunks with a matching jacket and he mocks several fans on the way to the ring as Wildside laughs along with him. He climbs into the ring and does a mock curtsy to annoy the fans even more)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Shadow Man" by W.A.S.P) "From Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 265lbs., JAROD POE!!"

(The crowd pops as Poe comes out, wearing long black leather pants and black leather boots, his body covered in tattoos. Poe is also sporting heavy bandaging around his eyes that wraps around his head, thanks to Blazer's fireball last week. On his way to the ring Poe stops and stares at a young well-endowed lady wearing a low cut tank top. Poe smiles and climbs into the ring and calls referee Dave Powell over to look at her. Powell obliges and stares wide-eyed at the hot chick. Poe calls Savage over to take a look, and Savage being a sucker for the opposite sex, comes over and stares wide-eyed at the girl as well. Poe then quickly pulls a packet of salt out of his pocket and throws it right in Savage's eyes)

TONY ROSS: "Oh my!! Poe just threw salt or something similar in Savage's eyes, and I guess that puts them on an even playing field since Poe's eyesight is damaged as well! Savage screams out in pain as he tries to get the salt out of his eyes and Poe attacks!! Big forearms send Savage reeling and Wildside is up on the apron, screaming at the ref to DQ Poe! Poe charges and knocks Wildside right off the arpon and he hits the steel barricade!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Although I don't condone it, Poe did what he had to do to even the odds here and put Savage at the same disadvantage. Nobody ever said Poe was a dummy."

T.R.: "Savage kicks wildly at Poe to defend himself and he catches Poe in the groin!! Oh my!! Poe doubles over in pain and I don't care how tough Poe is, ANYBODY who gets kicked there is going to get stopped in his tracks! Savage rolls out of the ring and uses the ring apron to wipe his eyes! Wildside who is in serious pain from that fall is staggering around looking for a towel for Poe but there is none to be found! He's screaming at us if we have any and we can't help him there!"

R.W.: "Savage eyes are completely red as he furiously rubs them with the apron, but now Poe has collected himself and he sees Savage on the outside!"

T.R.: "Poe rolls out of the ring and grabs Savage from behind and rams him into the steel steps face-first! Poe then dumps him into the ring and we already saw Poe brutally attack The Masked Blazer earlier, and now he's going to try and destroy Jon Savage! Poe pulls him up and rams him into the turnbuckles! He then grabs Savage and mounts him on the top turnbuckle and throws him off with a belly to back suplex!! Wow!! A cover!! 1.....2....No!!"

R.W.: "Poe is kind of like Maelstrom, where he is totally relentless and he doesn't let anything stop him or get in his way! Even massive pain as being kicked in the groin or burns around the eyes doesn't stop him from fighting!"

T.R.: "Savage is flopping around the mat in pain, and he doesn't know whether to favor his back or his ears first as the fans laugh at his antics! Poe kicks him in the ribs and pulls him up and hits a side backbreaker and he holds Savage on his knees, bending him backwards and amplifying the pain in his back! Poe rakes his eyes and drops him to the mat and looks down on Savage as he writhes in pain!"

R.W.: "Poe may be getting some practice for what he wants to do to Blazer at Massive Assault! But I think that match is going to be the epitomy of violence and make this look like a cake-walk!"

T.R.: "Poe pulls Savage up and whips him in! Savage ducks under a clothesline, kicks Poe in the gut and hits a desperation DDT! Nice move by Savage to buy him some time to collect himself! Savage was in serious trouble at that moment! Savage uses the ropes to pull himself up and he kicks Poe in the head and spits down at him! Poe grabs his feet and tries to trip him but Savage breaks free and kicks Poe in the ribs and drops an elbow down!"

R.W.: "That's what I mean about Poe being relentless. Even when he's down and being spit on he will still keep fighting!"

T.R.: "Savage pulls Poe up and Savage actually has a size advantage on Poe which doesn't happen too often! He chops Poe in the throat and snap mares him into a reverse chinlock! Savage cinches in and he's gonna try and wear Poe down! Savage is trying to unwrap the bandage on Poe but Poe is able to poke Savage in the eye and the hold is broken! Poe gets up and grabs Savage from behind and wraps Savage's own arms around his neck and hits the Daisy Cutter!! A cover!! 1.....2....No!! Savage barely able to get out! Poe hooks him for a cradle suplex!! 1.....2....No!! Savage is able to break out of that too!"

R.W.: "Savage is no pushover either. He will do what it takes to stay in this match!"

T.R.: "Poe drops a knee right on the head and now he's bouncing the back of Savage's head off the mat! Another thing Poe has to worry about is Blazer trying to exact some revenge just like Maelstrom had to worry about Manson!"

R.W.: "I don't think Blazer will be making an appearance anytime soon after that blood-letting earlier!"

T.R.: "Both me get to their feet and Savage knees Poe in the gut and punches him in the jaw! He whips Poe in and hits a beautiful powerslam!! 1....2....No!! Poe won't be pinned either! Savage looks frustrated as he pulls Poe back up and slams him down, but Poe hangs on for the small package!! 1....2...No!! Savage right back up and he dives at Poe with a clothesline and levels him! Savage pulls him up by his hair and whips him into the corner and charges in with a thunderous avalanche!! He knocked the wind right out of Poe!! Savage bearhugs Poe and tries to put him on the top turnbuckle but Poe has his feet locked in the ropes! Poe headbutts Savage and he lets go! Poe with a throat thrust and he grabs Savage and puts him on the top rope!! Sudden Impact release German suples from the top!! Savage landed right on his neck!! 1......2......3!! Poe secures the win with that huge move!!"

R.W.: "What an impressive move by Poe, and I don't see anyone getting up from that, not even a big man like Savage! Savage lies motionless and that might have done some serious damage to the neck! And here comes Wildside!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, JAROD POE!!" (crowd pops)

T.R.: "Wildside climbs into the ring and he jumps on Poe's back!! What is this moron doing!? Poe puts it in reverse and barrels into the corner with Wildside on his back and he crushes him!! Poe grabs him and presses him in the air and hits the Poison Dart falcon arrow slam!! The crowd eats it up!"

R.W.: "I hope Wildside learned his lesson from that, if Savage couldn't take out Poe what made him think he could?'

T.R.: "Who knows! And there goes Poe as he leaves the ring the winner and he smiles at that young girl who distracted Savage at the start of the match to allow him to throw that salt in his face! Maybe she's a friend of Poe's, who knows! OK fans we'll be back aftet this commercial break with more Riptide on Fox Sports Net!"

(CUT-TO: The backstage area. Maelstrom is shown still in his wrestling gear, stalking the hallways, looking for Manson and yelling out his name)

MAELSTROM: "Manson!! Come out ya sissy! I know you're back here! Face me like a man without a beer and a lighter you spineless pizzle! Manson!!"

(The camera turns down another hallway and in the distance we see Troy Martinez, King Krusher and the security people still looking for Karen Jewello. Fade to a commercial for next week's Riptide in Kalamazoo, Michigan.)

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