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Rockford Riptide 04


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: A piano sonata begins to blare out from the pa system. A man dressed in jeans, sneakers, a sweater, and a leather jacket comes out from behind the curtain. He looks around with a stern face, he snickers. Strolling towards the steps, he stops looks around and then proceeds up the stairs with a little hop in his step, finally ducking under the top rope and into the center of the ring.)

NIKOLAI ASH: "Ahem…. Ladies.. (looks into the crowd repulsed) or should I say bridge-guarding trolls. Gentleman.. boys.. pedophiles of all ages, it is I, yes I, that would be correct English for you who are missing a chromosome. Especially that one in the front row… mongoloid...Bah! I’ve come to this federation hoping for actual talent.. and possibly a little class amongst
the fans, and all I see is slop… and brouhaha amongst the crowd. I am second-guessing my decision every second I open my eyes, I’ve not seen a travesty like this since Napoleon lost at Waterloo. (looks head on
with the camera) WA-TER-LOO, can you say that you bunch of invalids?
(taking a big breath and sighing) I cant say I was not fully aware of the situation here in the (takes a card out of his pants pocket, and pair
of glasses out of his jackets breast pocket) Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. Ahh.. what a name, makes me think back to my youth when at the Finger Lakes… well never mind that. When I first got the call, I made the realization that I could come in and decimate the competitors...heh, and by the looks of the crowd and the matches I’ve witnessed from the back on the (coughs) lavish 15” screens, it can easily be done. See I am not surprised by the fact that the fans are so … how can we put this, ill bred? They are merely uneducated in the ways that are Nikolai Ash, possibly aside from
the few well-mannered members of the higher socio-economic status, most will look next to their wives or cousin if you will, and say 'Gee Golly Molly! Dat dar man looks funny! Lets ‘ate him, cuz he dresses in fancee clothes and such! A-yuck!' (chuckles) So it’s understandable. I can recognize lack of knowledge when I see it. But it’s one thing to be ignorant, and one thing to be totally unaware and possibly in awe of me. Such as all the wrestlers, if you want to call them that, in the back were. From the scoffs, to the
chitchat I hear so faintly as I stroll on by. Their repugnant comments can be seen as very jovial, and that is in fact how I see it. Why may you ask? Simply… when one human is jealous of another, especially in cases done with males or dominant members of another species, they tend to challenge them. But in the case we have here, these more female and inconsequential members of society would rather gossip then set forth a formidable challenge."

(fans being to boo, and hiss and a canister of popcorn flies up into the ring)

"FINE! Y’know what? My demeanor has been quite calm up until this point. I can not take this any longer. I’ve tried to treat you all with the utmost respect and give you a chance to at least.. bask in my .. shadow, heh. But instead you choose to tarnish me with your rubbish, well in that case… I shall take my leave! You were never worthy of my presence!"

(Ash exits the ring shaking his head and glaring towards the crowd. CUT-TO Ross and Wiseman)

TONY ROSS: "My, wasn't he pleasant?"

RICK WISEMAN: "Looks like GLCW has a new wrestler in Nikolai Ash, who feels that no one in GLCW can pose a challenge to him. Not only that but he didnt establish a very good rapport with the fans here. We'll see how far that attitude gets him here."

T.R.: "Yet another new talent added to the ranks of GLCW, which is quickly becoming THE place to be in the wrestling world! Let's take it up to Matt!"

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd) "From Cadillac, Michigan, weighing in at 180lbs., 'THE WOLF' CHRIS MCMILLAN!!"

(McMillan gets a good pop as he jogs briskly to the ring, wearing black jeans and black boots)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP "Enter Sandman" by Metallica) "From Pandora Island, weighing in at 290lbs., MAELSTROM!!"

(The crowd explodes as Maelstrom emerges from the curtain, brandishing a bandage around his head from the earlier fire attack by Manson. Maelstrom appears to be quite angry as he stalks to the ring, burning eyes focused on McMillan, but with the back of his mind on Michael Manson)

T.R.: "I gotta believe that Maelstrom is going to be a bit distracted in this match! Not only because of his injury, but Manson could attack from behind at any time! So he has to have eyes in the back of his head!"

R.W.: "Well if anybody can defend himself like that, it is Maelstrom. We already saw him tear apart the first aid room, and Chris McMillan might be next!"

T.R.: "Huge size advantage here for Maelstrom as he looks down on the much smaller McMillan, and Maelstrom is burning holes through him with his stare, and McMillan does the same! The bell rings and here we go! McMillan tries hammering away with forearms and punches and Maelstrom just shrugs them off and shoves McMillan into the corner! McMillan charges back and eats nothing but Maelstrom's boot! McMillan to his credit, gets right back up!"

R.W.: "McMillan simply cannot engage in brawling here with Maelstrom! He has to use his speed and agility to out-maneuver and out-think Maelstrom."

T.R.: "McMillan charges once again and this time baseball slides under Maelstrom and comes out behind and dropkicks him in the head!! Maelstrom staggers back and McMillan hits another dropkick and that one sends Maelstrom over the top rope and out!! Unbelievable!!"

R.W.: "The crowd is in shock here that the 180lb McMillan was able to knock Maelstrom out of the ring!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom shakes off the cobwebs and rolls back into the ring and goes right after McMillan! McMillan dodges as much as he can and he dropkicks Maelstrom in the knee and hits a floatover DDT!! A cover!! 1.....2.....No!! McMillan is thrown off with authority!"

R.W.: "It's gonna take a lot more than that to keep Maelstrom down for the three count! McMillan has a mountainous task in front of him!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom gets to his feet and he dodges a flying forearm from McMillan! Maelstrom pulls him from the mat and gorilla presses him!! Once...twice...three times with ease! He's repping with McMillan's body and he throws him all the way across the ring!! McMillan looks stunned as he sits up but Maelstrom is already on him! Maelstrom pulls him up and throws McMillan over his shoulder and hits a shoulderbreaker! McMillan's whole body must have shuddered from that impact!"

R.W.: "Maelstrom is just so powerful that McMillan can't allow himself to be put in power moves, because this match will end in quite a hurry. Maelstrom is already throwing him around like a rag doll."

T.R.: "Maelstrom pulls him up again and throws him back with a fallaway slam! Maelstrom comes off the ropes for a big elbow drop but McMillan is able to get out of the way and roll out of the ring for a breather!"

R.W.: "Maelstrom is just relentless and he follows him out of the ring! there is just nowhere to hide for McMillan!"

T.R.: "McMillan goes to the other side of the ring and waits for Maelstrom to come back in and he kicks him in the ribs a few times! Some vicious martial arts strikes stun Maelstrom and that was enough to stop the big man in his tracks! McMillan pulls him up and hits a face plant! A cover!! 1.....2...No and again Maelstrom throws McMillan off of him! Maelstrom is able to get to his feet and McMillan dives at him with a body press, but Maelstrom catches him! Maelstrom drives him down with a huge implant slam!! 1......2....No!! McMillan is somehow able to kick out!"

R.W.: "One thing McMillan often does is not allow his injuries to heal. It is well-documented that McMillan has been severely hurt in other promotions and may or may not still be severely injured. A match like this could be career suicide for McMillan, but so far in GLCW he has held his own!"

T.R.: "McMillan is sucking wind after that implant slam as Maelstrom drags him to his feet and hooks him for a suplex! Maelstrom has him up but McMillan slips out the back from behind and tries to German suplex Maelstrom!! Ohh!! he barely was able to hit it!! Maelstrom was dropped right on his neck! McMillan grabs the ropes and tries to get to his feet!"

R.W.: "One of the major injuries McMillan has is that his ribs are in bad shape. Notice how Maelstrom has been doing high impact moves on the back? Well, that certainly doesn't do a lot of good on the ribs either. McMillan bought himself a breather here though."

T.R.: "McMillan gets to his feet and he pulls Maelstrom to his feet and he hits a nice running bulldog!! McMillan is going up top!! Moonsault!! Ohh!! He hit Maelstrom flush!! 1......2.....Ohhh!! Maelstrom kicks out! McMillan is putting up one hell of a fight here!"

R.W.: "And no one in this arena can believe it as they are confused as to who to cheer for!"

T.R.: "McMillan has a look of shock on his face ashe thought he had him there! Maelstrom staggers to his feet and McMillan clips the knee! McMillan looks like he i going to work the leg which is a very smart move since it will keep Maelstrom off his feet! But Maelstrom simply kicks him away!"

R.W.: "And look at Maelstrom, he is beet-red with anger! He has had enough!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom gets up and attacks McMillan with punches and forearms! he grabs McMillan and whips him in!! Running clothesline and he just about separated McMillan's head from his neck!! McMillan did a flip after that clothesline! He pulls MCMillan up and he picks him up for a chokeslam and he drop him onto the turnbuckle!! Oh my!! McMillan could have broken his back on that one!! Maelstrom signals for the Mortal Sin and the crowd responds on force!! He slaps it on!! The combination half-nelson clawhold is locked in!! McMillan has absolutely nowhere to go and he gives!! The ref calls for the bell and this is over!"

R.W.: "But what a fight McMillan gave Maelstrom! That's all Maelstrom asks for is a good fight and he got one here!"

T.R.: "He also wants Manson's head on a platter!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, MAELSTROM!!"

(crowd roars)
T.R.: "Maelstrom leaves the ring in triumph, with no sign of Michael Manson, and that is a bit suspicious because that makes me think he might be planning something later! OK fans, we have to take a break, and we will back with more Riptide from Rockford!"

(CUT-TO: The locker room area, Troy Martinez, King Krusher and some security people are shown walking down the hall, apparently looking for Karen Jewello. They check inside doorways and inside closets but there is no sign of her. Fade to commercial promoting the next house card in Toledo, Ohio.)

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