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Rockford Riptide 03


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: The backstage area. The cameraman stands in front of a door and opens it and walks in on Gridlock and Sly Sterling, freshly dragged to the back by security, along with Angel Castillo. They immediately see the camera and Raze walks right up to the cameraman and shoves him out.)

RAZE: "Get the hell out of here, you little puke!!"

(The door slams in his face. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Theme to Quake II" by Rob Zombie) "From London, England, weighing in at 256lbs., ROCKY WELLINGTON!! His partner, from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 293lbs., SHANE ROCKWELL!!! They are the MOVEMENT!! They are accompanied by Britni!"

(The Movement comes out to a mixed pop, with many of the cheers going to Britni, who is wearing a micro-mini and tube top. Both men walk very business-like to the ring as Britni bounces along behind them)

M.F.: "And their opponents," (CUE-UP: "Killin' Floor" by Body Count) "From Detroit, Michigan, at a combined weight of 600lbs., NUKE AND RAZE, they are GRIDLOCK!! They are accompanied by Sly Sterling!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Gridlock walks to the ring, wearing very elaborate leather and chain outfits with long black tights. Sterling has his mouth running the entire time, bragging aboutn his team to anyone within earshot)

T.R.: "Ohh, look out!! The bell rings and Gridlock wastes no time as they attack The Movement! Rockwell gets dumped over the ropes immediately as Britni screams and runs for cover! Rocky Wellington is trapped in the corner as Nuke and Raze double team him brutally!! Nuke grabs him and gorilla presses him with ease and deposits him to the mat! Raze drops a huge legdrop from way up in the air! Raze pulls him up and whips Wellington in and catches him in a bearhug!! Nuke comes off with the big boot to the face from behind and Raze thrusts him down simultaneously with the front spinebuster!! They call that the Afterburn and this one is over folks!! 1.....2.....3!! Gridlock with a very quick win here over the Movement!"

R.W.: "That certainly didn't take long at all as Gridlock absolutely mauled The Movement in quick fashion! The Movement had been showing some signs of greatness but not tonight! Rockwell didn't even get involved in the match, and he gets knocked right back off the apron by Raze!"

T.R.: "And now Sterling has Britni cornered in the ring as she tried to check on Wellington! What is this piece of garbage gonna do to her? He's yelling at her and now he plants a huge kiss on her lips and she smacks him as the fans respond! Britni quickly rolls out of the ring as Gridlock approaches, and what is that poor girl supposed to do!"

R.W.: "Rockwell pulls Wellington out of the ring and they make a hasty exit with Britni! Back to the drawing board for them!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, GRIDLOCK!!

T.R.: "OK, let's take it back to Lady V standing by with Nick Kurtel and Xanatos!"

(Fade in backstage. Here we find Lady V staring intently off-camera, as though she is listening to someone speak...or at least about to speak. She turns her head questioningly, then addresses the camera.)

LADY VERONICA: "Hello, all. I'm back here with Nick Kurtel and his counterpart, Xanatos, who have recently vanished from the screen. (turns off camera again) So, boys, you wouldn't mind elaborating on what's happened in the past few weeks, would you?"

(Cut to Nick and Xanatos)

NICK KURTEL: (clears his throat) "Well, you see there are a few--"

XANATOS:-- "Babe, here's how it is. We were gettin put in matches with no-names and jobbers, and that ain't cool with me. How'm I gonna show the WORLD my magnificent talent if my opponents aren't even gonna cut a promo? Eh? How'm I gonna show the world my magnificent talent if I'm winnin matches left and right against the rooks? Ya see, I know Nick may not mind it...hell, he's happy to get a match at all... But (cracks his knuckles), I have an audience to impress, be it the ones watchin this show, the ones sittin out there, or the wrestlers backstage waitin for me to get in the squared circle and beat them down."

N.K.: "Um... so a few weeks ago we decided our time would best be spent training as a tag team. Unfortunately, in my attempt to get to two matches, I was, how shall we say, detained by the authorities regarding my over-anebriation in a vehicle, during which I failed to make it to either training or matches. Though, my opponents failed as well to cut promos. Normally I wouldn't care...I can beat 'em either way...but hey, at least titles weren't lost to me."

XANATOS: "Titles...titles that would most CERTAINLY be headed my way... But enough of that. (moves in toward the camera) We're back, we're ready, and don't tick me off or you will find yourself BEGGIN to be thrown head-first to the ground, just so the pain will subside as you lie unconscious."

LADY V: "Well. Any other comments, Nick?"

N.K.: (glares at Xanatos, then his facial expression softens) "What this fed experienced in my first run here was nothing compared to what is to come. Those who had matches with me and were never had...(grins slyly)we WILL meet. The battlefield is as of yet still dewy and calm, but the tension of the contention hangs heavily in the air."

(Nick walks off, brushing past Xanatos, who stands there, rolling his eyes and smirking.)

XANATOS: (winking) "See ya, sexy..."

LADY V: "Ugh.. (turns to the camera) That's all from me. Be sure to catch Nick Kurtel and Xanatos in the coming weeks."

(Fade to Commercial)

(Fade out)

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