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Rob Franklin


League Member
May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
Wrestler Information (MANDATORY)
* Wrestler's stage name: rob"the icebreaker" franklin
* Age: 19
* Height: 6'0
* Weight:170 lbs
* Hometown: detroit, michigan
* Alignment - Babyface, Heel, or Tweener: heel that might flirt with being
aface every time hes up against a super heel
* Entrance Music: fuel-metallica
* Ring Entrance (ie. pyro, light effects):> the arena gets very dark and
is almost like the power went out. a lone spotlight slowly moves up the
ramp and a slow drumroll starts. "fuel" by metallica erupts from the
speakers and Rob appears with a smirk on his face- followed closely, of
course, by pieske, his manager. Rob uses his hands like guns and shoots
the stage all up and flames erupt every time. rob slowly moves to the
ring. when he's in the ring pieske bows down to him and grovels at his
feet. rob is god!
* Appearance: brown hair, blue eyes, built nicely, very good looking,
dresses in eddie baurer and american eagle
* Personality: cocky, another cocky rookie that has no respect, only this
one can back it up in the ring, hates the company and every "redneck"
involved with it, wants to pursue fame
* Previous promotions: n/a
* Title history, if any: n/a

* Wrestling style: strike and luchador
* 5-10 moves your wrestler typically uses: knee drop, spear, powerbomb,
moonsalt, suplex, german suplex, dragon sleeper, boston crab, stunner,

* Name(s) of your wrestler's finishing moves: ice breaker, super DDT
* Description of the finisher(s):ice breaker is a diving headbutt from the
top rope. super DDT is when i lift oppenent, catch him in mid air, and DDT
* Setup hold(s) for the finisher(s), if any: front facelock

Manager/Valet Information (Optional)
* Name of the manager or valet: pieske
* Manager's gender: male
* Brief description and personality: large-400lbs, a sex addict
* Does the manager interfere in matches?: not a lot

Tag-Team Information (Required for tag-teams)
* Tag-team name: hell's nWo
* Members: rob franklin, pieske
* Tag team finisher: rib cracker
* Description of the finisher: rob grabs legs and puts shoulder on top
pieske elbow drops from turbuckle on ribs

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