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RLW Production Crew

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Apr 16, 2012
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Danny Dalton - RLW's only regular commentator. He's in his 20s, tall and very slender with long curly black hair and a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow. His typical attire is a nerdy t-shirt with an open blazer, and dark jeans.

He is the voice of RLW; he provides both play-by-play and color commentary with precision and intensity, and he's one of RLW's biggest fans. Acts realistically as the #2 man backstage (after the owner) with a good amount of Talent Relations worked into his role; but not an intimidating guy. Generally well-liked. He's a recent graduate of DePaul University's College of Communication, and he is a lifelong rabid wrestling fan. This is his first big break in the wrestling world, and his dream is to be the next Hall of Fame commentator.

On special occasions, he'll be joined by a special guest commentator; in these moments, he tends to focus more on the play-by-play.

Arin McHenry - RLW's backstage interviewer and in-ring announcer. Kind of a dick, and to everyone. Many of the wrestlers dislike him for his tendency to end every interview with one VERY uncomfortable question - it's a tactic he wants to exploit in order to boost his own fame. Danny's former roommate at DePaul . He's just shy of 6 feet with a little bit of a belly, brown hair with a bleach-white streak, and a goatee. Wears oddly colored full suits at all times.

Barry the Intern - Freshman at DePaul, he's been given the amazing opportunity to run the Audio and Visuals for RLW - most importantly, he is in charge of running all green-screen related graphics. A nice guy at heart, he's also VERY green at this, and has an immature streak that he sometimes sneaks into his work. Unpaid, he can be intimidated but doesn't HAVE to take anyone's orders. Never seen on-screen.

Greg "Ross" Russell - Your friendly RLW senior referee. In his late-40s, with a salt-and-pepper mustache and thinning salt-and-pepper hair. A former lawyer and law professor at DePaul. He retired early and took up refereeing as a new hobby. Calls it down the middle.

Jen Glass - Your friendly RLW junior referee. An engineering grad student at DePaul and roller derby enthusiast, with a bleach-white pixie cut streaked with bright green and pink. She's a complete rookie, and thus can occasionally be fooled by wrestlers who would attempt to skirt the rules; however, she's working hard to improve.

RLW's Owner - undisclosed
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