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Rituals of Puroresu Jisei


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Jul 26, 2011
We open to a room lit only by candles. The Japanese Icon Kiyomori sits kneeled in front of a small mirror, which only captures his face. His hands are in front of him in a prayer formation for a few moments as he seemingly meditates, he is dressed his typical ring attire minus the kamishimo that he dawns during his entrance.

After taking a few moments to meditate his eyes open and he dips his index finger into a small, square glass container in front of him. After whispering few audible words in Japanese he paints a small dark blue horizontal streak with a curve in the middle on his right cheek.

He repeats the process, again whispering words in Japanese and this time with a black horizontal streak on his on his left cheek. This is the process Kiyomori enters before each of his matches, putting on his simple, yet decorative face paint in the colors he is very well known for.

A few minutes pass and he completes a matching pattern on each cheek with a horizontal streak of each color on his forehead, Kiyomori stands and places his hands on the wall before uttering a few more words in Japanese.

After a few moments he turns his head in the direction of an UltraTitle poster which is placed on the wall to his left. After glaring at it for a few moments, he begins slowly walking towards it. He looks at the banner which lists all previous victors of the UltraTitle, he simply stares at the middle of the banner which contains this incarnations trophy which contains the words, “Who Will Achieve Immortality” below the trophy itself.

He turns away from the poster and begins to walk towards the door, as his hand grasps the doorknob he turns back for one last look at the poster. He whispers one passing word to himself, “Shouri” which simply translates to meaning….


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