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Revenge Match: Anarky v GAMMA-O


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the "Revenge" match between ANARKY and GAMMA-O at Sin City Showdown should be posted in this thread.
**Falls Count Anywhere

- Anarky (EPW)

* For storyline purposes, this match is happening on the same day as EPW Aggression 50 and New ERA Destrucity II.
(This means that the events of this show will occur on February 10, 2010. Please remember this when RPing.)

The RP Deadline is FEBRUARY 20th @ 11:59pm PST.

All angles should be sent to both Dave and my personal PM boxes here on FWcentral.

... enjoy!
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Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to an empty locker room somewhere. It looks like it hasn’t been used in years. All the lockers are empty and covered in dust. In the center of the room sits Anarky, staring at an open locker in front of him. Attached to the locker is an old picture of Anarky, his arms raised in the center of the ring, with the WFW World Heavyweight Title.)

ANARKY: “Time passes. Even when you don’t want it to. Even when the moment you are in… could last forever.

“Something you have a hard time understanding, Gamma-O. Because you’re stuck in the past. A relic of a time that should’ve never been.

“Are you Manson’s love child? Is Manson even capable of getting it up long enough to impregnate someone? It’s hard to believe he could be bothered to stop patting himself on the back long enough, but anything’s possible.

“So here we are. And you’ve come, supposedly, to exact revenge upon me. Because Manson apparently entered some sort of weird wormhole and… f*ck, what is this, Lost? Are we gonna start having flashfutures where we are all old and depressed in a gym hall somewhere, missing the days in WFW?

“Well guess what, son. WFW is dead. Manson’s gone. The title I won is in Felix Red’s basement now, where I’m sure he’s snorted all kinds of drugs off of it.

“There was a time when LOVE was everything in this sport, and I was its beloved Deadbeat Dad. I helped create the Felix Red we’ve all come to know and love. Before LOVE, Jared Wells was a f*cking joke. And Psycho? Well, sh*t, he still is one.

“It’s all dead and gone, Gamma-O. Like my past in WFW. I’m not a Champ no more. I’m just the mad dog of a dying stable meant to glorify a single man’s useless ambitions. A sideshow. A freak.

“And y’know what? I like it that way.

“Cause from down here, nobody sees you comin’. Ain’t nobody gunnin’ for me. They all want the prize. The big belt. They want to take down The Man.

“So here I am, son. Representing EPW against the league I helped support. Destroying what I helped create. It is beautiful, is it not?

“So come for your revenge, my friend. Extract whatever justice you can imagine. It won’t matter. The past is dead. The man you want to destroy is gone.

“I’m all that’s left, and what’s left is too little to even be worth destroying, my friend… I have no ambition, no dreams, no goals… just a floating pile of filth and despair, lashing out at all who get too close…

“With this, the past finally dies, and with it, any connection to what has come. And only then can we move forward, and get to business: destroying the future.

“Let’s make something beautiful, Gamma-O. Together.

“Like family.”

(FADEOUT as he smiles and rips down the picture from the locker.)

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