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Reuben Fasco vs. Gemini


Jan 1, 2000
Selden USA
Chapter I

Fade In: A man that stands about 6’ 7” and weighs nearly 265 pounds is wearing a black silk robe with a large hood hanging over his face. His identity is mysterious as he is standing in solitaire inside a darkened room with only a single break of light that shines above him. A mirror is in front of him and as he awaits for something to happen his thoughts and prayers roam in his distressful mind. The room is completely empty as is this mans soul. The room is quite and you can hear the whispers of the cold winter breeze as a draft seeps through the thin walls that surround him.

He ponders his past and the present and reminisces the battles and wars he’s gone through until this very day of yet another accomplishment to achieve. One more obstacle to overcome and another puzzle to solve. To this man it doesn’t have to be so hard to figure out. It’s quite simple what is on his mind. Not without ease as the blood that has been shed throughout his journey has clouded his thoughts. Gemini is yet another warrior he must conflict with. Who is Gemini? Where does he come from and what is he all about? The name Gemini jogs his memory as he recalls isn’t Gemini a name used by the elder gods that died in vein and their memory remains in the night sky glittering the vast cities that are amongst us now? Why would he use such a name and disrespect those who stories and legendary lives are remembered to this very day. Their lives light the night sky and make a path for our future. ( A voice awakens inside the room )

Voice: ’Hence the word God Gemini!’ ’Do you truly think your god around here?’ ’Please don’t make me sick’. ’I pity you man’. ’How dare you disrespect that name’. ’You are nobody around here Gemini’. ’However I’m going to make you very famous’. ’Who is going to make you famous?’

( The man reveals his identity and removes the hood from his head, as it’s Reuben Fasco )

Fasco: ‘That’s right Gemini your facing not just any man’. ‘Your facing ‘The Italian Bruiser’ Reuben Fasco!’ ‘During this match there will be no reason to hide, no reason to run’. ‘Fasco shall be in the ring at your displeasure’. ‘Yeah I lost the match in the 2nd round against Gabriele Poe but what happened to Poe?’ ‘His A** got handed to him’. ‘He had to crawl his way to victory’. ‘The next time we meet again Poe it won’t be as easy’. ‘I’m going to break those thumbs of yours next time you even think of using them again’. ‘However this isn’t about Poe and Fasco right now’. ‘It’s Gemini and Fasco’. ‘So Gemini are you prepared to break like Poe did?’ ‘You see there’s a difference between some of the competitors and myself, I never ask for anything I go in there and take care of business’. ’By doing what I do best, and the aftermath will become me gaining the respect I deserve from each and every single one of you’.

‘Reuben Fasco isn’t just a Wrestler or another notch in someone’s belt’. ‘I go out fighting’. ‘And Gemini better bring all he has to the ring for a fight he’s got!’ ‘Ask anyone I have faced in the ring that it took everything they ever had to beat the Bruiser’. ‘Quite frankly I don’t care who you are Gemini’. ‘You could be in charge of an army and have the best credentials’. ‘That won’t matter inside that square circle what you need to think about is how you will survive my wrath!’
‘You wont see this man complain to the ref, oh look at what he did, or complain about the two count, you see Gemini I enjoy every minute of torturing my opponent’. ‘Hence which is why I go by the name Bruiser’. ‘Italian I may be but I am more than just a name I’m going to reek havoc and the referee won’t be able to stop me from getting my victory against Gemini’.

‘This is your first lesson, let this be the first chapter of our little feud’. ‘Think back to when you were a little boy and how you sat in bed at night scared and shivering from the cold and sweating from the fear of monsters under your bed or in your closet’. ‘In comparison I am the monster under your bed you always feared’. ‘Only I’ll be the monster inside the square circle’. ‘I don’t mind the sight of blood, do you Gemini?’ ‘I hope you don’t get grossed out by the bloodshed I will inflict on you’. ‘Trash talk?’ ‘Fu*k no!’ ‘It’s called I’m telling it like it is’. ‘The truth hurts doesn’t it’. ‘This is called a wake up call’. ‘Think of me as a snap back into reality’. ‘If for one second you think I’m going to let you win, your dead wrong’.

‘It’s going to take everything you got to get that one, two, three’. ‘Remember the tales of medieval times where war was a foot and they had to crash down the castle walls with a huge tree trunk or battering ram’. ’It took several soldiers and men of brute strength’. ’It’s going to take a lot to break the Bruiser down’. ‘Don’t think I’ll be backing down anytime soon’.

‘Let the truth burn inside Gemini’. ‘Let reality hit you like a brick over the head’. ‘Don’t blink an eye, because the second you blink your life could flash in front of your eyes in the snap of my fingers!’

‘See you in the ring’.

<<<<FADE TO BLACK>>>>>>



Fasco Schmasco...

Lights on, cue it up, no filters on the lens.

The glare of the backstage lights streams down in a harsh glare, Gemini slouches on a metal chair, arm draped bonelesly over the back of the chair. He eyes the camera with a look of sheer contempt and runs a hand through his hair. The small area of the room that is displayed is unpainted concrete and wiring installed with cold mechanical efficiency.

Gemini: Let us guess... you're here about Fasco.

The picture moves up and down in a nodding fashion.

Gemini: Fine. There's a few things we can say about Mr. Fasco...

Gemini's cell phone rings. Irritated, he snags it off his belt and reads the number. He snorts, then hits his send switch.

Gemini: We're busy Sterling... call later.

Gemini replaces the phone on his hip and addresses the camera again.

Gemini: So we saw Fasco yapping the other day. And yapping is about the best way to describe it. Good Christ Fasco, did you ever meet a cliche you DIDN'T like? Holy merciful heaven junior! Sit down, relax, take a deep breath and for cryin out loud... consider decaf! And while we're at it... reconsider some of those other stimulants you're obviously been sucking back in large quantities.

Fasco, far be it from us to poke holes in your story...

Gemini's phone rings again. Annoyed, he rips it off his belt again and glares at the number. He stabs at the send button with a finger and yells into the receiver.


Gemini jams the cell phone into his belt and continues.

Gemini: Right then... Fasco. You know what Fasco? You've had a pretty good run so far. You made it pretty deep into the King of the Cage. You talk a good game... sort of, and you kick some ass... sort of.

But that isn't how you judge success in this fed junior. You just hit your biggest challenge head on and you don't even know it. Your next obstacle... your very next and most critical opponent ain't us, it ain't Apocalypse, but you're looking it it the eye every time you look in the mirror.

It's you Fasco.

We see it in your eyes Fasco. You were expecting to stomp your way through King of the Cage and now you're on the outside looking in. You're yipping about how you 'broke' Apocalypse... or Poe... or whatever the hell he's calling himself these days... but as we recall he left you laying, not the other way round. You're yapping about how we're about to start this feud up... but you're barely on our radar. You're grasping at straws kid. You're the stopgap between Gemini and Apoc and the inevitable meltdown that's comin in the VERY near future and you know it.

And it bothers you, don't it Fasco?

Well let us lay it out for you chuckles. We don't care. You could be a GXW lifer or you could be another million dollar baby that Zieba signed to watch blow up in six months. It doesn't matter. You haven't proved anything to us yet... or to GXW.

Gemini's phone rings again. GXW's resident lunatic jerks it off his belt and glares at the number on it. Then he drops it on the floor and stomps on it. A loud crunch echoes through the area. Gemini exhales and continues.

Gemini: All right, let's sum this up for your limited attention span Fasco. You haven't done squat in our eyes. You make claims you can't back up and you're trying to start crap you really don't want to start. You're not in Apoc's league and you sure as hell not in ours... and as for breaking us, it's already been done. We're the most 'broken' individual in GXW and you are about to find out why.

So you get ready Ace, because you have a match with Gemini. And unlike you... we're not just talking smack.



Jan 1, 2000
Selden USA
My Time

Wearing all black attire including black leather pants, and a black t-shirt along with a long black trench coat Reuben Fasco is walking along a corridor where the dead make their path to heaven and hell. A place of a passage way to where their souls will rest forever. Deep into this tunnel of sanctuary Fasco paces and ponders his conflict with Gemini. Down this dark and lonely pathway it’s empty with no one around. In black body bags, corpses lay on top of stretchers that are ready for autopsy. A light bulb that dangles from the ceiling above flickers in and out as if the dead is trying to communicate with the living.

Fasco’s surroundings are cold and moist. A gentle breeze mutters it’s way through the thin white walls in the hall of death. Fasco leans his back up against one of the walls and lights a Cuban cigar. The aroma and smoke from the cigar rises to the ceiling...

Fasco: ‘It’s ironic where I dwell today Gemini’. ‘I look upon these lifeless bodies and compare it to the life of Reuben Fasco’. ‘Yeah it sounds morbid but it’s the truth that I explain to you’. ‘All this talk and no action is absurd’. ’What is the point of standing around twirling your thumbs around and doing nothing but talking trash’. ’To be honest Gemini I agree with you on that note’. ’It’s time to put to rest these immensities of bullsh*t’. ‘It’s all about taking care of business and that’s what Fasco is going to do when we step into the ring’.

‘Look closely at these poor souls who’s time ended so early’. ‘It’s sad’. ‘I respect the dead for they paid their dues in a small price to pay’. ‘Today is their time, it’s their time to pass on and forgive and forget the vast life behind’. ‘But you know something Gemini this is MY TIME!!’ ‘You better bet your a** I’m going to put use to Reuben Fasco’s time in that ring’. ‘It’s time for me to kick a** and take names!’ ‘Wake up and smell the coffee Gemini I’m no rookie I don’t consider myself or anyone anything’. ‘It’s simply two men in the ring doing what they do best and that’s doing our job’. ‘Reuben Fasco’s job is to kick Gemini’s a**!’ ‘I’ll be damned if anyone tries to stop me from doing my job and putting a roof over my head’.

‘There’s alot going on in the world Gemini’. ‘War is about to take place inside Iraq as the U.S. tries to take out Saddam Hussein’. ‘The face of the entire planet is focused on this very war’. ‘It effects the entire world’. ‘However you bet I’m 100% focused in on you Gemini’. ‘I’m not just another name or some poor act in the GXW your facing the one the only Reuben Fasco’. ‘The U.S. Navy said they would send 400 cruise missiles to Iraq and Baghdad’. ‘You know something Gemini that will be our match in the ring’. ‘Be prepared to face 400 cruise missiles from Reuben Fasco!’ ‘Prepared to be runned down by a human tank!’ ‘I’m going into this match150%, how about you?’ ‘To me your just another has been Gemini’. ‘Yeah Poe barely made it through our match’. ‘I left him a bloody mess’. ‘Just as I will do the same to you Gemini!’ ‘I’m not making threats or promises it’s called reality and you just woke you’re a** up in it’. ‘Don’t think because you’ve been in GXW a long time and been battered like an Arthutreaches shrimp meal that you are going to sit back and enjoy the ride’.

‘Oh no, Fasco won’t give you that pleasure one bit’. ‘You know nothing about me Gemini and when we meet inside that squared circle you’ll get the lesson of your life’. ‘This is going to be the era of Reuben Fasco’. ‘I’m next in line’. ‘When you’re staring at the sight of the pool of blood your drowning in what will you do then Gemini?’ ‘This isn’t going to be a normal match for you, oh no!’ ‘What’s going to happen when you hear the ref pound his hand to the mat for the one – two – three!’ ‘When you’re being carried away in a stretcher because your body was inflicted with my fury, what will you do?’ ‘All I’m doing Gemini is telling it like it is, and if you thin the truth hurts, wait till you get inside the ring with the Italian Bruiser Reuben Fasco!!!’

<<<<<FADE TO BLACK>>>>>>>>>

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