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Retaliation Five Lineup!

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

SWIFT: MMA brings the fights even bigger this time around as we invade beautiful San Diego, California on our second stop of our “Gold Rush” tour! This is the last stop before SWIFT makes its way over to San Francisco for its first Pay Per View and all the fights are on display as SWIFT moves away from our regular three fight card to a five fight showdown!

SWIFT will host a double debut fight as Don Gotti goes toe to toe against Ryoshi Hayatamei and Mike Konda steps in the cage with Akeem Winters. Which fighters will become undefeated.

The Crown Heights Assembly has shown the world how truly deadly it can be when Jimmy Luzzato snapped the arm of James Rollins at Retaliation Four. Now their team mate Tyrone Brand will get his chance to show his methods for victory against Heath Stone. Can Brand pull off the same feat as Luzzatto, or will Heath “Youngblood" Stone shut him down.

Two big fights are also under way as Liu Kuan faces against Landon Price, the winner advances to One Shot at Glory for a chance to fight for the SWIFT: Championship against Jonathan Marx.

Will Landon Price end the Grim Reaper’s winning streak, or will Liu "The Grim Reaper" Kuan after a fantastic display at Retaliation Four send Price to his resting place?

And Jonathan Marx faces off against Bobby Walker in Walkers debut fight! Can Jonathan Marx become four and zero in the cage, before he heads into a Championship match at One Shot at Glory, or will the new comer Bobby Walker end Marx winning streak?

Live from San Diego on Channel 238 MMA HD-TV, Retaliation Five!


Mike “Big Dog” Konda v. Akeem “Delirious” Winters

Don “Tha Answer” Gotti v. Ryoshi “The Mongolian Mauler” Hayatamei

Tyrone “The Odd One” Brand v. Heath “Youngblood” Stone

“Gentlemen” Jonathan Marx v. Bobby "The Python" Walker

Liu “The Grim Reaper” Kuan v. Landon "The Prairie Samurai" Price

RP Deadline is February 1st at 11:59PM Central Standard Time.
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