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Retaliation 5: Konda v. Winters

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
This fight is three five minute rounds . All RPs must be posted in this thread, the deadline to RP is February 1st at 11:59 PM Central Standard time.


League Member
Jan 22, 2010
(The smell of sweat fills your nose and the sound of someone hitting a punching bag fills the almost empty room. An afican american man standing about six foot three inches in height, wearing nothing but boxer shorts and some boxing training gloves, is really taking out his aggression on this bag, as if it owed him some money. Tattoos cover most of the mans upper body, a few resemble old gang tattoos that he seemed to get when he was younger. His musles ripple after each blow, punching the bag harder and harder then the time he did before.)
"Well this is quite a site, I can't believe Swift MMA took me in, I mean my history wasn't a great one. You know how that one Dead Prez song goes,Sellin dope, servin weed we had to hustle to hustle just to eat'. That's all I pretty much had to survive on, well that and my pet cat..."

(A smile forms on the man's face as he begins to reminisce about his old cat that he shared many memories with. He slowly lowers his hands as he breaths heavily after excerting quite a bit of energy.)

"Mittens was such a good friend to me, he never judged me nor did he ever talk back. He was a true gangsta... It is just to bad he was involved with the wrong crowd and got shot. I told him not to be borrowing money but did he listen, NOOOO, why would he take my advice! I only lived on the streets for years."

(The man shakes his head a bit and grabs a water bottle that sits on a bench not far from where he was trains his boxing. He then raises the bottle, take a huge slug of water and pours some on his head to cool himself down a bit. A tubby caucasian man appears through a door near an empty ring with a chilli cheese dog in one hand and a big gulp in the other.)

"If they only they knew where Travis 'The King" Coy found me, Im sure they would have second thoughts."

(The tubby man yells out to his 'friend' as he takes a massive bit out his hotdog, almost dervouring the entire thing in one giant bite.)

Tubby Man: Akeem! *cough, cough*

(Akeem doesn't seem to notice the tubby man as he again remembers a bit of his past and seemingly ignores the tubby man while he slurps on his big gulp.)

"Travis was a life saver, I mean when he found me I was in an alley cuddling my dead cat and smelling like ass... What can you do when you can't clean your ass for months? Though after puking a bit he did see something in me, what he saw is still a mystery in my eyes. If I saw a dude in an alley smelling like ass I would probably piss on him."

Tubby Man: AKEEEEEEEM! *Buuuuuuurp*

(Finally Akeem hear's the tubby man and turns to his direction. Akeem shakes his head and smiles at his 'friend' as he responds back to him.)

Akeem: Damn homie, you could wake a neighbourhood with that gas of yours. haha, what do you need Travis?

(Travis grins as he walks up to Akeem, his shirt stained from his chilli dog that he has just inhaled. He sips on his big gulp as he entends a hand out and pats the sweaty back of Akeem's.)

Travis: I got great news Akeem! Your in a match with Mike Konda this week, so we best get some serious training in before the fight!

Akeem: As Mittens would say... MEOW!

Travis: Um, ok anyways he is a kickboxer so we need to work on checking those leg kicks and making sure you don't leave yourself open for a head kick. I think we should put the ground and pound in effect this week!

Akeem: Whatever you think Travis, they don't call you 'The King" for nothing! Though Im sure my stand-up could pose a threat to his stand-up game.

Travis: Oh I'm sure it will but it is just something to keep in mind incase he is a vicious striker.

(Travis, still patting Akeem on the back, guides his 'friend' to the door he just came out of. He smirks a bit as he grabs the handle on the door and begin's to slowly open it.)

Travis: I have some more great news as well Akeem, I have just gotten off the phone with a some potential training partners. This could really widen your skills in MMA quickly, but they wont be here till a few days though its something to look forward to!

Akeem: Right well lets hope they aren't like the last few... I still feel bad for breaking that one guy's jaw and rupturing that other guy's spleen...

Travis: Um, right, well it wont happen this time. These guys are legit and may even show you up.

(Akeem nods his head as Travis swings open his office door. Travis takes his hand off of Akeem's back and turns to walk to his desk.)

Travis: Why don't you hit the weights and run a bit Akeem, keep that stamina, punching power and slamming ability of yours stronger then ever. I have to make a few phone calls and afterwards we will get some wrestling started a little later on, cool?

Akeem: Of course Travis, you know I will...

(With that said Akeem heads towards a corner where some weight equipment and tredmills sit. Travis sits at this desk, picks up his phone and starts dialing numbers while Akeem begins his work-out for the day as the secene... Fades... To... Black...)


League Member
Jan 22, 2010
(The sun has almost set for the day and the breezy weather sends a slight shiver down your spin. In a remote area, somewhere in Irvine, California an aged brick building with the words ‘Toofless Grin Training, MMA’ stands out like an eye sore. A black, sun faded Buick sits out in front of this structure idling, as if it is waiting for someone. Though it’s hard to see into the vehicle for there is a thick, white smoke looming inside, impossible for anyone to see in or out. After a short while, the car window is rolled down and the smoke bellows out where Akeem is seen sitting enjoying a partly burnt joint. Akeem smirks when he finishes off his ‘smoke’, while talking as if someone was sitting right there next to him.)

Akeem: Daaamn, now that’s some good Sh!t… It has been awhile since I have smoked anything that good. What do you think Mittens?

(Akeem peers to the passenger’s seat next to him where a box covered with a blue blanket rests, moving ever so slightly once in a while. Akeem leisurely draws the blanket back and picks out a small, black and white kitten from within the box. He then places the kitten on the dash board and continues on with his conversation…)

Akeem: I knew you would like it, but don’t let Travis know, if he finds out I smoked some without him, he will kill me.

Mittens: Mew, mew…

(Akeem grabs Mittens and brings the kitten close to his face. He then kisses Mittens on the head lovingly and places the kitten back onto the dash board while grabbing a little bag of cat food from his glove compartment.)

Akeem: I knew I could trust you Mittens, here you must be hungry. I know I am starting to get the munchies right about now…

(Akeem places a small amount of cat food on the dash for Mittens. The kitten hastily begins to eat his food, while Akeem stares at the little baggie…)

Akeem: Hmm, this doesn’t look half bad, mind if I try some Mittens?

Mittens: Mew, Mew.

(Akeem reaches back into the bag and pulls out a small handful of cat food. He studies the food a bit and ponders to himself if this is a wise decision. Akeem then shrugs his shoulders while popping a few pallets of the cat food in his mouth. He crunches down on the pallets and seemingly enjoys the taste of it.)

Akeem: That ain’t half bad, you got it good Mittens, I know if I were a cat I would be in heaven right now!

Mittens: Mew! *Puuuurrrr*

(Akeem finishes off the rest of the cat food in his hand and then puts the rest of bag back into his glove compartment. As this is happening, a cab pulls up behind Akeem’s Buick where it slowly comes to a halt. Akeem peers into his rearview mirror and watch as two men jump out luggage in hand starring at the building. One man stands about six foot two inches in height and has a very light chocolate complexion. His jet back, afro hair sways in the wind ever so slightly as he glances at the aged structure that sits before him. The other man, a Caucasian, is somewhat smaller then his ‘friend’ standing about six feet in height supporting a buzz-cut. Both men wear somewhat of the same clothing, a black track suit seems to be their attire of choice. Akeem puzzled by these two men calls out to them through his car window.)

Akeem: A’yo what are you guys doing here at this time of the day?

(The taller man hears Akeem and quickly realizes he has yet to pay for his cab ride. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handful of cash and gives the money to the cabbie through the passenger side window. As the cab drives off, the man walks up to Akeem’s car and answers him.)

Man: Um, we here to train, with um Traver?

Akeem: Traver? Oh you mean Travis! You must be the new guys he was talkin’ bout a couple days ago. My name is Akeem, what is yours?

Man: My name is Amon and my other friend name is Jame..?

(The Caucasian man smiles and laughs at his friend’s mistake as he quickly rushes over to introduce himself to Akeem.)

Caucasian Man: Ha-ha, actually my name is Jamie, Jamie Gregor. Nice to meet you Akeem, I have heard a lot about you from Travis. He called you a fierce striker and a powerful wrestler, wouldn’t mind training with you.

(Jamie extends a hand out to Akeem, where both men greet each other with a handshake. Akeem then quickly grabs Mittens from the dashboard and places him back into his little box. He then covers the kitten with the blanket and turns off his car while stepping out of it.)

Akeem: Travis is too kind sometimes, I haven’t heard much of you guys except that you could give me a run for my money while training. I don’t get to train much with people cause I seem to hurt them all the time… I just figure that is how everyone was.

Amon: Ah, you no hurt us. We can take it!

(Jamie chuckles a bit and pats Amon on the back. He then nods his head agreeing with his friend.)

Jamie: It’s true we can take just about as much as you can dish out. I’m thinking Travis wanted to give you some ‘competition’ so you were prepared this week against, Konda is it?

Akeem: Yea it’s Mike Konda actually, but whatever the case, I think he’s, as my southern friends would say, scurred of me. Though it would be nice if Travis would show up I have only been waiting an hour for his tubby ass

(With that said, a long black limo is seen coming down the road towards where Akeem, Amon and Jamie are talking. It leisurely pulls up besides them and comes to a sudden stop where the very back window gradually lowers. Travis pops his head out of the window and smirks a bit at everyone.)

Travis: Hey guys, good to see you are all getting to know each other. I see you fine gentlemen have met Akeem already, you all know me so let us skip the intro and get started shall we?

(All three men nod their head in approval and take a step back as Travis opens his limo door. Travis then steps out of the vehicle wearing a nice black suit for the occasion.)

Akeem: Lookin’ good homie! Let me guess where you got the suit from… Your fat ass can’t fit into anything else clothing store? Ha-ha.

Travis: Laugh it up; you know I look good… Anyhow guys let us get a move on I’m sure your itching to spar with each other and get some SERIOUS training in!

(Travis leads the men to the front door of the ‘Toofless Grin’ gym and pulls out his keys. He then unlocks the door and lets his three student into the gym first as he follows shortly behind. They waste no time and shortly they begin their training, loud grunts and groan can be heard as the scene… Fades… To… Black.)
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Jan 1, 2000
(The camera fades into Mike Konda, sitting on the edge of wrestling mats with some sweat on his brow.)

Mike Konda: I'm new here, too, Akeem. I worked hard to get here. You see, MMA is a business and you need to be able to sell to make it. I suppose you have your cat tricks and little band of...(air quotes) "toofless" ruffians. And I guess that's your hook. That's great for you.

(Konda grabs a water and washes the salty sweat from his eyes)

Konda: I don't have that luxury. I'm vanilla. I don't sell with size. I don't sell with humor. I don't cross-promote cat food companies. All I have is my training and my heart. But that's okay. Because that's going to be all I need. What's in a name, Mr. Winters? Do you know the people of Konda? My grandfather was a proud Russian man from the region of Mansi, where the warrior people of Konda originated. When he moved here, his name was apparently far too ethnic to survive in modern society. So he took the name of Konda, as an homage to his roots.

(Konda begins to roll up the mats.)

Konda: My name, at this point, is my blessing and my curse. It symbolizes why I can fight and it symbolizes why I have to fight. My family name was robbed of us. The proud men of Russian descent who had their names stripped of them, are they even Russian anymore? Am I Americanized? Has America succeeded in taking even my identity? These are questions that I ask, but cannot answer. i do the only thing my dad was ever able to really teach me...I fight. I fight for people who are displaced, I fight for people who need a leader...but more importantly, I fight because I am a son of Konda. I was born to be fighter, even if the good Lord didn't choose to give me the great size that you were left with.

(Konda tapes the mats together and sits down upon the rolled up result.)

Konda: I've been working out, Winters. Training. Not scared. Maybe pensive about the outcome, but we don't all have the lung destroying habits you do which help to calm the nerves. Maybe the fact you fight high explains why you injure your training partners. I am surprised people would still endorse you if your technique is really that sloppy. But I digress. I have seen the tale of the tape, so I'm sure you have, too. You have the distinct weight and strength advantage. But the funny thing about that...fights don't exist solely on the tape. The exist in the head, the body, the very soul of the men fighting. That's why they call me the "Big Dog". It's because it truly isn't the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. It's this or the tree-cutting business for me, Akeem. I'll scrap and tear and claw. And like nature has always wanted, the dog will kill the cat and gnash it's flesh.

(Konda grins and looks down.)

Konda: I'd ask you where the "Delirious" moniker came from, but after your incoherent ranting, I probably already have a pretty solid idea. But hey, you sell the tickets, right? I have to work for my meals. No one is ever going to give me anything unless I just start taking. So I will. I will start taking back everything that people tried to take from me. And the first thing I'm taking is this win, Mr. Winters. I'll restore peace to my family and pride to my people. If you end up right back out on the street when I'm done, well that's just how the cat food crumbles.

(Fade to black....)


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Jan 22, 2010


(Jamie is seen flat on his back with Akeem over top of him, raining down massive punches. Jamie tries desperately to cover up and move away from Akeem, but he can’t seem to shake the big man. Akeem then moves quickly and gains side control where he then waits for the right time to mount his sparring partner. Travis is seen at the side of the ring yelling orders as Amon watches while his friend gets pummeled by enormous fists.)

Travis: Nice Akeem, now go in for the kill! The mount is right there!

(Akeem listens to Travis and swiftly throws a leg over Jamie’s body, gaining the full mount in a matter of seconds. Akeem smiles, and then throws some huge punches down on Jamie as he tries to cover up once again. Travis speaks up before Akeem can do any more damage to his sparring partner.)

Travis: Nice Akeem, but let us stand it back up. This Mike Konda guy is a kick boxer, remember? You want to learn how to check those leg kicks or catch them and make him think twice before he throws anything at you.

(Akeem nods and stands back up where he then helps Jamie back to his feet. He pats his sparring partner on his back, as they square up and get ready for another stand up battle. Jamie moves in quickly trying his best to land a leg kick but Akeem grabs his leg with his right hand and throws a stiff left jab, knocking Jamie back on his ass.)

Travis: See that’s how it’s done, just like that every time! Mike Konda has no clue what kind of fighter you are… That guy runs his mouth too much.

Akeem: What are you talking about Travis? He hasn’t said sh!t since I have gotten into the Swift MMA…

(Akeem stops what he is doing and walks over to the side of the ring where Travis sits. He leans over the ropes and waits for a response from Travis.)

Travis: Yea I heard his interview there earlier today. He just rambled on about how he’s the best and how he will bring pride back to his family name; you know the same old garbage you hear all the damn time. I got bored of it pretty quick and just turned off the T.V. cause nothing he said was important.

Akeem: Right, he didn’t say anything about Mittens did he? ‘Cause if he did, then its f***ing personal.

Travis: Um, come to think of it he did say something about your cat, but I can’t really remember. Like I said he just talked a lot of Sh…


Travis: Akeem! It’s nothing to get worked up about; the guy is an idiot, plain and simple. While he is running his mouth, you are here training your ass off getting ready for next week’s fight!

(Akeem leaves the ring hastily, heading towards the locker room while swearing up a storm. Jamie shrugs his shoulders and glances over at Travis.)

Jamie: Holy hell, does that always get him worked up? I have never seen a man get so upset about someone talking about their pet…

Travis: Well if you knew Akeem’s history you would understand, but when he does get like this, Akeem is a killer on the loose so to speak. I’m glad that Mike Konda did mention his cat, ‘cause now Akeem’s focus will be mainly on him…

Jamie: Wow, remind me never to say anything about his cat. I don’t want a guy like that on my bad side.

(Meanwhile Akeem is seen throwing heavy punches at the lockers, leaving substantial dents in them. He cusses and yells at the top of his lungs while doing so, unaware of how ridiculous he may look like right at this moment. Though after a short time Akeem begins to gain his composure and walks gradually over to the only locker that he hasn’t destroyed.)

Akeem: Mike, you are such a fool… You have no idea what you have done here. I come from the streets having to hustle for my food and struggle to survive, any ‘sane” man might go crazy but would you understand? HELL NO! You get to sit in your mom and dad’s house eating steak everyday…

(Akeem opens the locker door that sits before him, where that very box that sat in his car the other day, sits at the bottom of his locker. That very same blue blanket covers the top of the box and is quickly removed. Mittens is seen sleeping peacefully, at the same time as Akeem leisurely strokes his kitten’s soft fur.)

Akeem: Mike you have no idea what I have been through, you have no idea how devastating of a fighter I am. All you know is the last time you took a Sh!t and when to schedule your next doctor’s appointment fool… I just want to hurt you now, make you bleed, so the next time you think twice before opening that mouth of yours!

(While Akeem rambles on Travis strolls into the locker room, shocked to see all the damage he has caused in such a short time. Gradually Travis makes his way over to Akeem and places a hand on his shoulder. The big man peers over at Travis and shakes his head in disgust…)

Akeem: I’m sorry Travis, I just can’t help myself. It’s tough when pussies talk sh!t about my only family I have left…

Travis: What are you talking about Akeem? Toofless Grin is your family; it always will be you know that. Mike Konda has no one to train with, what the hell is he going to do 'play' with himself before the fight? Guys like him don’t get it; they just like to stir the pot and talk a lot of trash because it makes them feel like a bigger man. But guess what, you are the bigger man. Don’t let his useless babble get to you; thats exactly what he wants to happen so he can get the edge he needs.

Akeem: Travis, you are right… You are always right. I just flip my lid sometimes and let my anger get the best of me…

Travis: Ha-ha, don’t worry about it Akeem, in fact I am glad you did because now your focus will be on that ‘so-called’ fighter Mike Konda. How about we train some more and show this guy what you can do in your fight in the next few days.

(Akeem nods his head and smiles as he covers Mittens back up, placing the box back in the same spot in his locker. He then closes the locker door and turns facing Travis with a hand extended out. Travis grabs Akeem’s hand, shaking it while he comments on the damage he has caused…)

Travis: You do know you will have to pay for the repairs right? This isn’t coming out of my pocket you snap show!

Akeem: Ha-ha, yea, yea…

(Akeem wraps his arm around his tubby friend and places Travis in a head lock, throwing a few fake punches. Travis pushes Akeem off of him and heads out of the locker room ready to train his fighter to annihilate the opponent he faces on February, first as the scene… Fades… To… Black…)
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