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Retaliation 5: Gotti v. Hayatamei

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
This fight is three five minute rounds . All RPs must be posted in this thread, the deadline to RP is February 1st at 11:59 PM Central Standard time.


League Member
Jan 23, 2010
A tall Mongolian with short hair and dark eyes glares at the camera while he curls two large dumbbells in his hands. His ripped, Herculean frame ripples with each set. One of his ‘trainers’ appears on screen. His hair is greasy and slicked back, his eyes hide behind a pair of sunglasses, and is build is pencil-necked to say the least. He speaks for the Mauler.

Rich: “My name is Ravin Rich and the man you see behind me is none other that The Mongolian Mauler of the Gobi Dessert! You’re looking at a man so brutal he was banned from Professional Wrestling for injuring too many competitors! Now he’s here in SWIFT:MMA, to a place he’s far more comfortable in! Ryoshi Hayatame is an accomplished martial artist who toured all throughout Asia. Many mixed martial arts organizations in that region banned him either for his ruthless tactics or simply because the other fighters lost the courage to face him!

Now we’ve got the man who calls himself The Answer, Don Gotti. One fighter who trains in Atlanta, and another who trains in Philadelphia, and they’re meeting in San Diego of all places! Nothing like traveling across the continent to pound a man’s face in. Don’t come into this one expecting the usual, Don. Ryoshi isn’t the kind of man to lock up with you and roll around on the floor aimlessly. An expert in Judo, the Mongolian Mauler is going to toss you from post to post like a rag doll. Any attempts at an offense against him is a futile gesture. Your own strength will be turned against you after you finally muster some up, and the end will not be pretty.

The Mauler isn’t going to hold back, and he never slows down. The face of this company is going to change after The Wrecking Crew come into town, and tear the place down!”

With that Ravin Rich walks off screen. Ryoshi continues his workout while the camera fades to black.

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