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Retaliation 4: Luzzatto v. Rollins

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
All RPS are to be posted in this thread. This fight is three five minute rounds the RP Deadline is January 23rd at 11:59pm Central Standard Time. Good luck!

Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009
It's a Sunday night in New York City. “Jersey” Jimmy Luzzatto is sitting in a Manhattan bar with a green New York Jets hat on and a black leather jacket. He's at a corner by himself with a glass of whiskey in hand. He takes a drink of whiskey, lets it go down and turns to the camera.

JIMMY LUZZATTO: “Hi-ya, people. I'm 'Jersey Jimmy,' 'The Hoboken Hammer,' and I've boxed a few times here 'n' there, yeah. I been to prison, travelled the country and fought in shitty bars and in people's backyards. I ain't the greatest fighter, I made a lotta' dumb mistakes in my life, and I may never win the SWIFT title. But I tell ya what, I love to fight 'n' I'm just glad I can get paid for punchin' 'n' gettin' punched, ya know?”

Takes another drink. He notices he's getting to the end of the glass, so he mixes it up and order himself a bottle of beer before turning back to the camera.

JIMMY LUZZATTO: “Now don't get me wrong, fightin' ain't no joke. I'm representin' Crown Heights Assembly, and if Eli Scheinberg couldn't get us our first team win then I'd be happy to chalk one up for us. All I gotta do is go out to the cage in Los Angeles 'n' beat a guy called James Rollins. Now he calls himself 'The Think Tank,' and I may seem shit for brains to some people... They don't call me 'Think Tank' back at The Assembly, more like 'Drink Tank,' but I've been in the fight game for awhile. I may not be the fastest or hardest puncher, but I ain't an idiot. I'm a bit of a cagey fighter myself.”

“Rollins, I know ya got knocked out in ya last fight 'n' ya probably lookin' to set yaself on the winning course after what's-his-face rocked ya. I mean, forty-five seconds, ya must feel like shit 'n' I been there before. But I'm a pretty confident paisan over here lookin' to finally get the spotlight I've been meanin' to have. You wanna set your fight career back on track but look at me, I got more 'den fightin' on my plate, pal. I gotta life to get back on track.”

“Speakin' of which, it's gettin' late. Gotta get to the gym tomorrow and work all this off. I indulged a bit in alcohol 'n' New York Jets football today.”

Jersey Jimmy leaves a tip and heads out into the New York night.

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