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Retaliation 4: Kuan v. Williams

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
All RPs are to be posted in this thread, This fight is a three five minute round fight. RP Deadline is January 23rd at 11:59pm Central Standard Time. Good Luck!


League Member
Dec 22, 2009
The scene opens in an undisclosed location inside of the arena, the lights in the room are very dim and a shadowy figure can be seen coming out of the shadows towards the camera. The figure flips his hood back revealing the face of Liu Kuan, which has been painted up to look like a skull. Liu then begins to speak in his usual heavy Mandarin accent.

Liu: Last week...James Rollins thought it a good idea to enter the ring with me. It would appear he was quite mistaken, it took me all of thirty seconds to bury him. I made him think I was stiff, made him think I didn't know what was going on...he took that bait and it took one shot to lay him out, and not even my best shot mind you.

Liu then begins walking forward, the room seeming to stretch on forever as he walks further and further. The Grim Reaper then stops abruptly and slowly cranes his neck to look a the camera once again before turning his entire body back to face it.

Liu: And now, I find that Colin Corvitz has thrown Kenneth Williams at me. I guess in his frail little mind, Kenneth Williams may think he has a shot. He will try to rely on all of his resources thinking to find a knockout at the end of his rainbow. The Grim Reaper has sad news for you Ken, there will be no rainbow, it's going to be a thunderstorm, I will rain shot after shot into your fragile skull until it cracks! Like I buried James Rollins, I will bury you. But thirty eight seconds will be a marathon compared to this match, you'll still be able to hear the first bell ringing before they are forced to ring it again and declare ME the winner. As far as who is next, who really cares? I say to Colin Corvitz, throw anybody you want at me because eventually they will all end up in the ground by my hand. As might Anthony Russel, if he EVER tries to pull that **** he pulled in the Jonathan Marx win last week. I promise you, you don't want to stop my fight because if you do, I will take your life, I will take your body, and I will take your soul! Kenneth Williams, I have but one last warning. Stay at home, because all you will get if you show up in California is heartbreak and pain all wrapped up in one very ugly left fist!

Having finished talking Liu begins walking back towards the shadows, once he reaches the back of the room the lights quickly turn back on revealing a painting of a skull on the back wall and nothing more.


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