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Retaliation 3: Liu Kuan v. James Rollins

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
This is a three five minute round fight. RP Period Ends at 1.9.10 at 11:59 Central Standard Time. All segments or angles should be sent to me via AIM or email swiftmma (at) gmail.com . Good luck!


League Member
Dec 22, 2009
The scene opens in a graveyard, a light fog rolls across the soft grass as the headstones are illuminated by the full moon. A shadowy figure slowly crawls from the right of the screen and proceeds to walk forward letting his long black cloak drag the ground before finally stopping at what appears to be an open grave. The figure keeps his back away from the camera and begins speaking, a heavy Chinese accent apparent in his voice.

Liu Kuan: January ninth, two thousand ten. Swift Mixed Martial Arts is holding a round robin tournament to determine two number one contenders. And on the first night, James Rollins has the unfortunate task of taking on death himself.

Liu Kuan slowly turns to face the camera as a flash of lighting blazes across the night sky, as the light shines across The Chinese Grim Reaper's face a painting of a skull can be seen where Liu's face should be. Liu stares intensely into the camera as it slowly pans forward until he is seen only from the neck up. Liu's eyes seem to be staring a hole through the camera as he once again begins to speak.

Liu Kuan: The Grim Reaper fears no man Rollins. It doesn't matter that you stand six five, two fifty-five...while "I" am a mere five eleven, two o' two. I will obliterate you, my blows will strike with such force that it WILL...feel as though you're dying a little. You can try to get me to the ground, you can try to counter me. But you're resistance will only fuel your inevitable fall. The harder you fight me, the quicker death will find you. The grave has been dug, the headstone has been carved, the only thing missing is YOU James Rollins!

The camera pans back out as Liu casually motions for the empty grave. The camera moves over and zooms in on the headstone that simply reads "Here lies James Rollins. He who laughed in the face of death, only to be cut down by The Grim Reaper."


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