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Retaliation 2: Marx v, Rainn

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
This fight is a sanctioned fight for SWIFT: MMA
It is three five minute rounds non-title.
RP Period ends at 11:59 Central Standard Time on Tuesday December 22nd.
RP's outside of this thread will not count towards your match.
Good luck!


League Member
Dec 1, 2009
Edward sat in a large over stuffed easy chair, his feet where propped up upon the small coffee table in front of his form. There was a lot of trophies adorning the walls, some were small, and others were large. Edward cleared his throat before he spoke, " I know that I am untested coming into this event, and there is probably some of you who question my training. When I fight with Marx on the 22nd, I'm going to show you all, what I am capable of when I step into that octagon. My Muai Thai, Karate, and Jiu-Jitsu should be more than enough to handle Marx. " Edward paused for a moment, as he stroked his small goatee. Edward than pulled his feet from the table, and moved his form towards the edge of his chair. " I look forward to showing you all, that this is where I belong, and that hopefully within the near future I could get a title shot. " Edward sat back into his chair, and sunk his hands into the pockets of his blue jeans. He wore a simple pair of aviator sunglasses that were reflective, shielding his frosty blue eyes from sight. He kept his hair short, almost in a buzz cut, but not quite. Both his right and left ear were cauliflowered, only his left ear was pierced, with a simple golden hoop. Edward moved his hands from his pockets, and moved them to his chest lightly interlacing his own fingers, as he let a coy cocky smirk creep across his face, as he shifted his form once again, and rose to his feet. He took a step towards the door, and looked over his shoulder and stated " I'll be training, there is plenty of time for the decision to be made, but never enough time to train. " as he walked out of the door letting it slam behind his form


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Holiday Party

::Jacobs and Marx are standing at the door of a Mansion, holding presents in their hands, half naked women wearing fig leafs to cover their privates, running all over the place...::

BRANDON JACOBS: You still haven't filled me in on whose birthday party this is and why we had to take a break from training to attend....

JONATHAN MARX: He is an old friend of mine and has been by my side during some of the hardest battles I've ever had. The least I could do is attend his birthday party.

::Marx goes to knock but the door swings open, a man with a beard, wearing sandals and a robe emerges:



::Marx and Jesus fist bump, Jacobs is taken aback::

JESUS CHRIST: Thanks for coming to my birthday party brother. Have you seen all the choice hos running all over the place?

JONATHAN MARX: Yes I have, my compliments on your father's handy work. This is so going to be better than Charlie Sheen's last party.

JESUS CHRIST: It is pleasure to meet you too Brandon, How are things going between you and Molly Beckett?

BRANDON JACOBS: How did you know....

JESUS CHRIST: I'm Jesus, I know everything... nah, I'm just screwing with you, Marx and I talk on a regular basis and your name comes up frequently.

BRANDON JACOBS: Over the phone?


JONATHAN MARX: I'm just glad your party was easier to make this year.

JESUS CHRIST: F'n Santa, Frosty, and the greeting card companies, every year, it seems their hype eats more and more into my parties. But when someone gets sick or is in trouble, where the hell is Santa? Off sitting in a comfy chair while his midget slave labor doing all the work...

BRANDON JACOBS: That doesn't seem fair.

JESUS CHRIST: And who is the corner of every winning athlete? It certainly isn't Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red Nose Candy Reindeer.

BRANDON JACOBS: Rudolph has a coke problem?

JESUS CHRIST: How else do you think he gets his nose to glow that way? But the government covers it up, they want to milk every dime out of the holiday and he is one of their golden boys.

JONATHAN MARX: Forget about them, this is your day and we are going to party like it is 1995.

JESUS CHRIST: You and the rest of the wrestling world. Apparently no one has gotten the memo that is 2010... I see you bought me presents.

JONATHAN MARX: You can't come to the house of the son of god without a good present.

::Jesus Christ looks at the wrapped presents and begins cackling::

JESUS CHRIST: Jonathan you out did yourself, I'll save this for later when it is just me and the girls in our lonesome, Jacobs... well you didn't know you were visiting Jesus or you would have done better I hope.

JONATHAN MARX: What did you get Jesus?

BRANDON JACOBS: Armani socks in hindsight wasn't the best gift... but I do have these two choice ringside seats for you and your plus one for Marx's bout with Edward Rain.

JESUS CHRIST: God bless you. You have one hell of a task, this man has less charisma than every teacher Ben Stein ever played. He is almost as bad as Rabesque.

JONATHAN MARX: I'm going to show him the power of being a master of the good old sport of wrestling and raise my record to 2-0. I'm going to carry SWIFT on my back to the top of the world issuing an open challenge to anyone and everyone to come to SWIFT and test their skills again pure wrestling regardless of their weight.

JESUS CHRIST: It is not easy playing the role of savior, but I'll be by your side to see you through.

JONATHAN MARX: I'd be glad to have you on my side.

JESUS CHRIST: Come on in, the party is just beginning, Brandon, you've never got a chance to witness the trick I can do on water, which is awfully hard to do usually, but when you have holes in your feet, it brings the house down.


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