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The Entertainer

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Feb 17, 2015
CUT TO: We see a heavy bag resting on a green carpet and beside it, white trainers make way for ripped blue jeans and it becomes apparent that the camera is working its way from bottom to top to show a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket and those unmistakable shades.

With arms folded, looking cooler than The Fonz downing a chilled Budweiser, a face, in more ways than one, who graced NFW for a short period a few years ago.

Kid Chameleon.

He beckons with the palm of his hand for the cameraman to zoom in on his mush. The background gives away that he's in an airport departures lounge and would also explain the aforementioned bag easily, wouldn't it?

"New Frontier Wrestling, I've never forgotten you. It's always eaten away at me that every game Kid Chameleon has ever played has been completed, conquered and crushed - but not in this instance," he conceded begrudgingly.

The World's Greatest Game readjusted his shades, pondering his past briefly: "Rook Black, the Final Boss. A very good wrestler, great even. Someone who deserves to be respected."

A change of attitude in Kid, perhaps? He was never a villain in his previous run, how could he be with his child-friendly persona, though he constantly jibed Rook whenever he had the chance.

"Leyenda De Ocho, wow. Triple Crown Champion and a success anywhere he ahs ever been. The boy has done good," Chameleon concluded.

Chameleon removed his glasses and popped them away in the top left pocket of his legendary leather jacket.

"Jack Harmen - STILL one of the best ever," Kid stated emphatically, giving genuine props to a man who'd enjoyed widespread success.

"Others have gone on to other promotions and made names for themselves - except me."

A hint of sadness had crept into Kid's voice. In his previous tenure with NFW, he'd normally been upbeat and buoyant, gregarious and optimistic despite being considered an outsider and an underdog, belittled for his lack of 'classical' training and unconventional repertoire. The latter had him convinced that he couldn't be 'played' like anyone else yet when all was said and done, Alex The Kid had failed to register a solitary victory in his short-lived spell.

"This is the LONG way back. Right now, I'm getting ready to jet off to New Zealand. I'll be away as long as it takes, and when I come back Stateside, HOME, I may just stop in on NFW along the way."

Raising his eyebrow, not in the way a certain superstar-cum-movie star does, Chameleon considered that point even further: "Yeah, I think I will. You see, I'm happy for the guys I mentioned before, but I still think I can hang with you - no, not hang out and play games in the back - hang with you in the ring."

Come on Kid, you were shit last time.

"Leyenda De Ocho, some have said I stole your gimmick. They saw you first and you've done a lot more in your career. You're the Triple Crown holder, sure, I have to pay tribute to you.

"But to steal? Are people calling Kid Chameleon a thief, A CHEAT even? I give cheats out to people to help them, but I've never stooped so low to use one because I've never needed to. Find a way to win? Siempre, amigo."

Nintendo's Number One cracked his knuckles and then rested his hands on his head: "I've been working on my GAME. Yeah, me, the World's Greatest Gamer, has been working on the hardest game of them all - Wrestling. I've been putting moves together to belong with the likes of Alex Austin, who said I didn't deserve to hang even though I took him to a draw.

"I've been putting moves together so when I eventually come back, I can hang with the likes of the Final Boss and the 16-Bit Superstar."

Chameleon suddenly broke into a coughing fit, and the cameraman wondered whether he should bring this interview to a halt. Kid held his hand up apologetically and then spluttered: "Sorry, 16-BIT superstar? Saying it just made me sick."

Once Kid had regained his composure, he stared straight down the barrel: "I've got a bit of business to take care of down under. They say it's a long way to get to New Zealand, but when you've been to Dark Land in the Mushroom Kingdom and the Outer Realm to face Kintaro, a thirty-hour flight is a breeze, believe me," Chameleon reasoned.

A final call awaited Chameleon, who told the cameraman to cut too.

But did the Final Boss await him in his near future?

A new chapter was about to begin in New Zealand.

Would that culminate in a NEW Frontier Wrestling comeback?

Pause that thought.

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