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RESULTS & FEEDBACK: IWF's "King of the Mountain"


Jan 1, 2000
You can find the results to the show HERE.

Any random kind of feedback would be appreciated. In the meantime, I'll get a sign-up thread for the next show posted by tomorrow.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Very nice card!

Spoilers below ...

INTRO: The intro was short and perfect. The King of the Road song, I feel ... fits the promotion and the vibe of the season perfectly. I hope to see it become the theme of Season 2 rather than just the episode. The Doom/French Foreign Legion segment caught me surprise. Entertaining, but made me worry how it would effect Ocho's shot at Perfection. The Perfection segment did not disappoint as he stepped back in and solidified his heat with the front office for any new readers.

KK vs SD: Of course ... I enjoyed the opening bout where Scott went over like crazy even if (which goes well with his past performances) damn near lost. Kerry's farewell speech sold Scott and IWF well ... all the while leaving room for a possible return in the future. Good match, good flow. Not a blow off for what could have, or would have been a great feud but a good second place given the circumstances surrounding both characters and the promotion.

P vs LDO: Luckily, Ocho rocked the Limit Break gimmick and carried on. Alas, no big surprise; Perfection pulls some slick shit. Like every good heel would. To me, this opens this up to be the premier clash during season 2 with the FFL stepping in and out through out. Although, seems like Fear's no nonsense attitude and heat with Perfection, would compel him to give the crowd favorite a second and true shot. Possibly no DQ to keep Perfection from weazling out yet again.

BR: No huge surprise here. Especially in a match with numbers ... there will still be power in numbers. pain Grille and the FFL stand to be the biggest heels in IWF since Perfection right now. And ... as the history or professional wrestling has taught us, the only thing more hate-able than cocky smug bastards ... is of course Foreigners lol

OVERALL: Good card. Not too long ... not too short. Given a little more participation, I think, it could have used another segment between Perfection and/Ocho and the BR. But still a great return for the IWF!


The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008
Considering this was just posted and I've just read it and some of you mightn't have yet... SPOILER ALERT!

And the feedback ensues...

- the opening seg was VERY fun to work on with Ben and really sets up something we've wanted to do for some time now. I really loved the idea of teasing the return of He Who Shall Not be Named (Not Benoit) and it was a really fun seg to put pain GRILLE over as the villain. I've been running faces/neutrals for nearly a year now and it was great to get in the mindset of a heel again. I hope you enjoy the GRILLE character.

- Enjoyed the Perfection segment - that was really cool. I'm looking forward to getting to know that character a bit more. He seems very classical self-absorbed heel and there's not many of those about these days. Most of them have something else at play and he just seems to care about himself. I can see his challenging the management going to be an ongoing storyline as IWF progresses. Keep it up.

​[---to be continued---]

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